Friday, November 11, 2011

Nighty Night

Is it a frock?
Is it a nightie?
Is it a disgrace?
Why yes it is!
I was a day out for Frock on a Friday, but I snapped these off as soon as I got home yesterday because I felt so awesome swanning about in this 1930s bias-cut satin nightie.
The seas parted, the queues shrank and the traffic stopped to let me cross the street.
Thank you strangers.

To compliment my gown (create subversion), I popped on my Norma Kamali leather vest that I bought on Etsy last year, Melissa mary janes ($20!), one of my DIY floral headbands, I double-bagged it and put on a shite-load of jewellery.

Ooooooh what have we here?
Hornbag Helga made me this AWESOME leopard-print bow tie **swoon** and I really, really, really believe it looks just as good as a bracelet.
The agate and feather necklace was handmade by Liv of Original Seed aka Wham, Bam Fuck You Man.
Liv is such a talented re-fashionista and sells her creations in her online shop - just go there.

Thanks to my awesome new nude granny knickers, it was a case of "nothing to see here folks"!

Sunnies from Melbourne.
Speaking of food/vintage paradise, thank you to all you beautiful creatures for your kind words about my family in my last post.
It was such a memorable holiday for all of us, well unforgettable really considering The Phoenix and I went there to get married!
And a special squishy arse-squeeze to my new followers - you're welcome!
The Phoenix and I will be having a weekend away in the mountains courtesy of the Haemophilia Foundation so I'll be back to say hello early next week.
Unless either of us gets treated by a therapist like Jill.
Warning: you may piss your pants.
Love Desiree xo


  1. *sighs* I love your style, lady. Bower-bird chic? *flashes cheeky grin*

  2. Fuck the domestic sluttery, this is all sounding like streetside sluttery to me!! LOL LOL LOL!!!!! Too, too, funny, nothing like shocking the suburbs to liven up our days, eh? Texting you now about our next parade, hope you can be in it.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  3. Nighty Night!!! TOO fabulously funny!
    As for YOU,tart features,you are just TOO DIVINELY HOT!!! Fecking hell you are fabulous!Great idea for the bow tie,too!That outfit is bloody sublime,I'd part more than the seas for you,love,and you KNOW IT!I sewar,there's a twinkle in your eye saying "coma and het it,Helga!"SUCH a tease!
    Hope you guys have a splendid weekend away,humping and carrying on like teenagers!
    LOVE and LUST!

  4. Lookin SEXAY baby! I love the nightie/dress. Your handbags are fab too :)

  5. Hope you have a fabulous weekend away with your hubby. My 10yo just looked over my shoulder and said "Wow" when you saw your pic :-)

  6. You look gorgeous!!
    I love your nighty and how you matched it with the biker vest. And your blue shoes are lovely!
    I came here through Sacramento's blog (Mis Papelicos) and i must say you are a great discovery, i really love your sense of style ;)

    love from Spain!

  7. Fabulous AS ALWAYS! Love the beautiful nightie and especially adore the leopard bow tie bracelet, ALL the bangles, the GORGEOUS necklace and the leopard bag. And HELL YES Nightie Night!

    Sarah xxx

  8. Oh Desiree! You kick so much ass. Your style and attitude is fantastic!
    Only you can pair a classy feminine silk nightie with a rocking black leather waistcoat! Gorgeous! xxx

  9. Melissa for $20?! Nice one!

    Love everything about this outfit! Classic feminine 'rock chicked' up with leather look, but you really make it your own. Gorgeous.

  10. Phwoar! That's a frock and a half!
    That leather waistcoat with the satin nightie is a match made in heaven, you look fricking two-bag fabulous!
    Have a brilliant weekend retreat. I've just been catching up on your divine Melbourne post and reckon The Phoenix and Martin Fry from ABC are long-lost brothers. Is there a connection, as they're both Sheffield lads? xxx

  11. It's quite TRICKY!!!! HAHAHA!!!! Desiree you have outdone yourself again, sexy nightie and leather I'm moist over here with envy at this FRIGGIN faboulous outfit. I love every lil thing about it but your facial expressions are always my favorite. Have a lovely weekend away from it all with your hubby!

  12. Wow no wonder the traffic etc stopped you look so hot and sexy in that. What a gorgeous frock and im loving that lime green bag and blue shoes what a great combo ;-) Have a lovely weekend away, dee xx

  13. You have restored my faith in the Blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you. xoxo Sasha

  14. WOW! Are you brave! and creative! and gorgeous! and inspirational!

  15. whouuu, so fabulous satin nightie-dress, really glamurous and pretty well fitting!, and love how you wear it with the leather vest and the perfect amount of bijouterie!, and also love your double-bagged attitude!!

  16. You look awesome! Kick the arse of those who say nighties or underwear can't be worn as daywear :D One just have to know how to do it, and you certainly do. Gorgeous dress, it is like a evening gown. I especially love the detailing on the bodice.
    And yay for granny knickers aswell ;D

    Rhia from

  17. Well, of course you were stopping the traffic, you look totally bloody amazing!
    Silk nightie and leather waistcoat? A perfectly Desiree combination.
    Big old nude granny knicks are wonderful, I have a few and they go so well under stuff where a VPL would be unforgivable. (Unless you do a Vix and don't bother with any at all!)
    Julia Davies (think that's her name) is just such a wicked comedy genius - I love her, and that clip is so brilliant, I may have pissed my pants a little... whoops!
    Have a great weekend away with your gorgeous husband - be gentle with him! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Desireesita,
    You divine criatura! love all your nighties amor and paired up with leather waiscoat so magical.Melissa blue heaven and millions of bags. My kind of elegante prosti.
    hope you two have a wondrous time together.
    besotes and nighties

  19. You look tres elegant. I just purchased a cherry red nightgown to wear as a holiday dress. Thanks for You Tube made me lmao during my lunch break! Anyway, it's still Friday in the U.S. -T

  20. You look tres elegant. I just purchased a cherry red nightgown to wear as a holiday dress. Thanks for You Tube made me lmao during my lunch break! Anyway, it's still Friday in the U.S. -T

  21. Gorgeous absolutely gorgeous!!

  22. That frock is far too good to be confined to being a nightgown - I love how you've toughened it up with the leather gilet!

  23. Why can't I be hot like you? I love how you have such fun with your look.

    Just seen a reproduction of that nightie when I was shopping today - and I thought of you! Mind you it was £120! xx

  24. I can see why the traffic stopped, with you in this spectacular outfit. Love vintage lingerie as outer wear, and the double bag is such a great idea!

  25. Fabulous! I love the champagne slip with the cobalt blue of your shoes :) And God I love Nighty Night :D

  26. I love your styling of the nightie, and wondered if you have felt a little cold - That's a woman too used to the English weather for you!

    Loved the therapy clip - ;) x

  27. Wow! You are simply fantastic. Visiting via @mispapelicos > I saw your feature there and am so impressed with your amazing "old Hollywood" glam. It seems to come to you so naturally. Love the leather vest with the nightie! My jaw hit the floor when your photos came up. The blue shoes are fabulous too!

  28. Because of you I'm now searching for slip dresses on Etsy. It's great to see others who embrace crazy clothing as much as I do.

  29. simply wonderful Desiree, you look like Jean Harlow darling with this delicious nighty- i do not know if i would dare wearing this here -

    You are one of the best Desiree!

    Ariane xxxxxx

  30. Great stuff, as usual. Aren't Melissa shoes great?
    Nighty Night is one of my favourite cringe humour series. Julia Davies is amazing. Have you seen that other series she did with Rob Bryden, Human Remains? If you don't know it you should definitely check it out :)

  31. As always you look amazing and you make me always feel that little bit braver about what to wear, have a lovely week end away with your lovely husband.

  32. Of course traffic stopped for you!

    I hope you had a beautiful weekend. The video cracked me up, I shared it on facebook.

  33. Desiree, you must bring as much joy to all those lucky passers by who get to see you sauntering fabulously across the street as you do to we slack-jawed blog-lookers who can only look on in sheer admiration.


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