Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Weeee It's Christmas Swap Time!!

I cannot believe I was able to wear this 1970s yellow nylon jumpsuit from soon-to-be-Aunty-again-Sarah Misfit, in the very humid 30 degrees we awoke to today.
I think it's because it's floaty and has gorgeously massive flares so it doesn't cling and create a sweat-fest.
You know, when you stand up after ten minutes of sitting and it looks like you've had a nasty accident down the backs of your legs?
Looks like I'll be able to squeeze several more wears out of this much-loved baby this summer after all:).  Yay!

Say hello to The Stylist's finger.

Hanging onto Penelope Pitstop for dear life because the driveway is at a 45-degree angle.
I've finally got my beloved little V6 coupe back on the road after two years of "it's a long story".
Also wearing:
DIY floral headband
Earrings: craft stall
Jewellery and brolly: thrifted
Stone & feather necklace: Original Seed
Bag: flea market
Sunnies: Melbourne
Shoes: eBay

 And THIS arrived in the mail today, my parcel from the amazing and creative Erica Louise of Recycled Fashion as part of Lakota's Christmas Charity Swap.
So excited!!

It's true!

 Everything including the gift wrap and lovely lace ribbon, was op-shopped (thrifted) except for the beautiful zipper hair clip which she made especially for me!!

 She found me this divine cotton kimono which I just HAD to wear immediately, so cool and I LOVE the colours!

A close-up of the hair clip, which has little leather leaves attached to it.  
Isn't she clever?

 I also got this beautiful paper fan which is going straight into my handbag, plus a pair of beautifully crafted and painted leather bangles.
I'm overjoyed at this point!

The fan is going into THIS fabulous 1970s shoulder bag (or around the neck bag) - so beautiful!

One more thing, Erica also made me this beautiful top from some thrifted tropical bird-print fabric - and made one for herself too - I love it!
It fits beautifully hon!!
Oh dear, I seem to have lost my pants.
Such a disgrace - weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

That's because this wicked swimsuit arrived from Black Milk today.
I'm not taking it off - ever - well, maybe tonight.

I put the jolly thing straight to work immediately - Docs are protection against bindhi's (nasty grass prickles) and are an aid to general housework-y fabulousness.

I wish I could have a cat - the neighbour's lovely wee slut will have to do for cuddles.
Remember how when we were kids we'd run around the house and garden all day in our swimsuits?
That's me today and probably for the next four months.
Let's see what the neighbours think about an overgrown child-mother dancing under the sprinkler with the kids this summer eh?  Hehe!
Happy days to you my lovelies:).
Love Desiree xo


  1. that swim suit ROCKS, I love it
    you should pain your face and wear it on te next Day Of The Dead

  2. Your outfits are positively the best, such a magnificent melange of pieces!! That jumpsuit is to die for, as is the kimono! Oh, and the swimsuit is incredible! I'm so envious of your balmy summer weather too.

  3. Dear Heavens Des!
    Look at you all dolled up in gold.

    WOW @ Your Christmas exchange gift. The gal that got your name sure knew the sorts of things you like. The kimono is absolutely gorgeous, perfect for a Chic like you.

    AND MY GOD that swimsuit!! I freaking LOVE IT! Heck I could only dream of having a body like yours!!! "SERIOUSLY"
    Now I feel sort of guilty for eating a few truffles. *hahaha*

  4. I nomintae you to be Black Milks ambassador.Serioulsy if they dont emply you they need their heads read.You rock their stuff.x

  5. Where do I start? I'm all off a fluster after admiring your arse in that swimsuit and can't think of anything sensible to say other than....cor!!!
    Love the jumpsuit on you and very jealous of your sunshine, the gifts Erica chose for you are perfection especially that glorious kimono and so happy you've finally got your wheels back. Can you drive over and rescue me from this grey, crap weather, please????

  6. Mrs, you have such an amazing figure! I'd be wearing swimsuits all summer long too if I were you. X

  7. I love you hanging the clothes in your swimming suit, heheheheh.
    You always make me smile and fill me with joy and inspiration.
    You area real Diva, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. If anyone can carry off the swim suit with Docs look, it's YOU, you hottie! Just look at that bod!
    Love love love it all - Sarah's jumpsuit, your gorgeous swap gifts, and the fact that you are YOU, no matter what.
    Just scrolling back up for another sneaky peak at your bum. Phoooaaarrrrr! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Everything is sooooo pretty! The jumpsuit, the swimsuit, those shoes, the kimono and the blouse!!! GORGEOUS....but I am kind of partial to that pretty kimono! Big hug to you my friend! ~Serene

  10. Hooray!! I'm so happy to see you wearing (and using) all of the goodies I sent your way. Big grin from ear-to-ear xx

  11. togs + docs = too freakin' funny!!! That kimono robe and fan so suit you, I don't know how you manage to look so cool and unsweaty!!

  12. Oh my i am grinning from ear to ear ;-)) You are just so dam gorgeous for your own good ;-)) You have the most amazing legs and you wear that costume like a dream. Top model here you come ;-) You should really sign yourself up somewhere. Loving the yellow jumpsuit and what a lovely parcel to. dee xx

  13. lovely yellow jumpsuit, it seems really fresh and comfy!!, and lovely head piece and accessories, so pretty orange umbrella!
    And that kimono is really a fabulous piece, delightful color and print!!, but I'm totally admiring your new gorgeous swimsuit (specially if you wear it with patent doc's!!)
    besos & booties

  14. What a killer parcel of awesomeness, WOW I love all of it, the Kimono is KILLER! Your car is the same color as mine, wanna race for pinks....ZOOM ZOOM!

    You have the most banging body in blogland that suit is hot on you! LOOK AT THAT FABULOUS ASS!!! I wish you were my neighbor :)

  15. God!! You are a dream.... Love everything!! Im so happy to be your another Swap parthner wohoooo.... I want that swimsuit now!! Is AMAZING!!...
    Well .. I could spent hours again browsing your blog..

  16. Aagh I don't know where to start! Well done Erica on the swap parcel - glad you liked everything, you rock it all. And that cossie is amazing! Also, thanks for the explanation of bindhis, been wondering what they were when Sarah M mentioned them - I think Indian forehead sparkles, was confused!

  17. that swimsuit is wicked, never seen anything like that, fantastic Desiree, i liked that you wore your Doc Martens with the swimsuit!

    You are too cool Lady!

    Ariane xxxxx

  18. Holy smoke - you look fabulous! Love your blog so much, I really don't feel its a normal day without reading your blog. Is it rude to say your legs are awesome and I think you should insure them?>

  19. You have a rockin bod, darlin! you go jumping through the sprinklers all summer long and those guy neighbors will love you!

  20. That swimsuit has been on my wishlist forever! SO jealous. Also, totally jealous of that divine kimono. Also, don't think I didn't notice you have those Lady Dragons in two colors! You lush. I have them in yellow with black hearts. To die.

  21. Where to begin with all this fabulousness...??? THE swimsuit I think. I rarely say in comments 'I want one too' - but this time I really, REALLY want one too! Particularly enjoying the idea of doing housework in swimming costume and DMs - oh for hot weather.
    Other two outfits looking stunning - glorious yellow jumpsuit.

  22. Every look rocks here. Love the yellow floaty onesie, AND that kimono is incredible- that blue is gorgeous. The swimsuit makes me have swimsuit envy and you without your pants, made my day! Kiss-kiss! -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud
    Enter my Karina Dress Give-Away!

  23. Desiresita,
    That the perfect gold outfit for hot weather but bones swimsuit takes the cake. Look at your perky little ass. You have such a gorgeous figure..Im jealous (good kind of jealous)
    I am eyeing your velvet green bangle and leopard ring.so many goodies to perv at. Kimono is my fave especially in your guys heat wave. I wish I was the cat I come and watch you do laundry all day. Where is the Italian when your doing all this scandalous shows for us?

    I like bindi's (the word) better than bidi bids!

  25. Well, I was loving you SICK in that jumpsuit and floral headpiece, and then I was gagging with PASSION for you in that kimono (and the bag! the bag!) and then I fucking FAINTED WITH INSANITY at you in that SWIMSUIT OF GLORY! Holy guacamole, darling, you just look spectacular - AMAZING! EXQUISITE!!!

    Love! Sarah xxx

  26. Wonderful gifts, and you wear them with your usual style. Your yellow jumpsuit is spectacular!

  27. outragoues haha! Looking good, I love the Mexicana vibes of your outfit, beautiful colours- if you wore the first garland with the swimsuit it would have a day of the dead vibe!

  28. Oh my God...you've just made my evening!xxxx

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  30. Ohh girl you look hot in that jumpsuit and I mean in A GOOD WAY! Thats one cool swimsuit! I love the kimono and your bag :) I was just thinking how odd it would feel to have Christmas in the summer! But I guess it's not odd at all for you!

  31. Oooh, all the stuff is so fabulous! But especially the swim suit!

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