Friday, November 18, 2011

Now That's What I Call a Frockin' Surprise!

Good things come in shiny pink paper with oodles of leopard-print ribbon.
And with a postcard of The Phoenix and I water skiing on our honeymoon in Florida of course!
Early this week I received this surprise parcel from my favourite trolley-bitch, Sarah Misfit.
What an absolute legend that woman is!

But what's inside?

A fecking amazing 1960s frock to out-frock all my frocks!
Perfect for Frock on a Friday:)

See?  Yellow and gold ... oh if only I had this for our honeymoon evenings of dancing to Tony Bennett after long languid days of water skiing and bonking!

That is one HELL of a bow!

Oh yes I know you spied the coconut bag I double-bagged with my velvet granny bag.
Isn't she a peach?
Enough of that, let's take another gander at that bow.

My, my I can't believe it stretches right across the front of this awesome frock!!
I wore this baby out with my blue VW Melissa's, the double bags and my orange brolly.
One woman stopped and joyfully cried "Why doesn't everyone dress up, why don't they just do it?".
Why indeed?
I was just taking my very exhausting handful of scalliwags to school and doing the grocery/medication pick-up.
It simply cannot be done in black capri pants (I counted eleven pairs today - blurgh!).

The green Barry M nail polish is from wet dream hostie, Vintage Vixen.
The white ring and Freida earrings are from Melbourne.

Now I have a confession to make.
The frock, which of course shall be known as Marti, arrived with a fabulous detachable hood for those cool pool-side evenings.
Due to family health issues, we've had an absolutely hellish week causing me to forget the fundamentals of being a normal human being.
I popped the hood in a "very safe place so I don't lose it" and promptly forgot where this mysterious safe place is.
I think I'm going around the bend!

Darling Sarah, your gift arrived at a time when I most needed cheering up.  
Thank you darling and I hope Mr Fiennes is still up to his old tricks!
I'm slowly getting back to all you lovely, beautiful creatures - but much sleep is needed for now.
Molti abbraccio e baci.
Desiree xoxo


  1. That dress is nothing short of spectacular! And you wear it so well with your little coconut bag.

    I hope things are better next week. A family in poor health does make life unhappy and mom exhausted.

    The Style Confessions

  2. That is one heavenly dress on you!!!! The BOW!!!!!! Happiness to you and the ones you love.

  3. I've been dying to see this frock and I'm not disappointed, it's frigging spectacular...that bow, the colour, the gold! You look stunning, my love!
    That little bag's such a cutie, too.
    Cropped pants? Why? It's like a uniform for Brits as soon as the weather gets warmer. Here though they seem to have a preference for beige, truly appalling with blue-grey skin.
    Keep looking fabulous and I hope you make it through to the weekend with your sanity intact. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, and GORGEOUS!! Like the old Osti ad Not sure if you know it) used to say, how does she do it for the price?! Ha! Hope things improve for you over the weekend, I'll be thinking of you, much love to you all.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  5. Fecking marvellous, you gorgeous creature! I have a bit of bow envy going on..
    Indeed why can't everyone dress up or at least make some bloody effort at displaying their individuality through the medium of shmutter. I have a theory that here in the UK lots people seem to be dealing with this recession by trying to disappear into beige padded coats, god help us. Colour is what we all need!
    Oh and I have bag envy too.
    Keep yer pecker up.xxxxxx

  6. Just delicious!
    Remember to take care of you too xx

  7. Such a wonderful dress, ahhhhhhhhhh Dear Sarah and you, what a pair.
    Loving the little handbag so much.
    You are always an inspiration, dear friend

  8. Here I was armed to note that you remind me of Frida and Anais.

    And voila you have Frida earrings on your ears. You are gorgeous!!! I LOVE your style. Absolutely inspiring.

  9. that dress make me happy, looks great on you - thanks for the post...

  10. Wow just wow Sarah is a gift giving Goddess and this yellow dress is over the top with it's awesomeness. The bow, LORDY, love it! It looks perfect with your lil coconut bag. Sending you lots of love and a slap on the ass!

  11. Fantastic 60's cocktail frock! When you find the hood (no doubt some place like in the fridge), please show a picture with the hood. How can anyone not look fantastic wearing this? -T

  12. Oh my word, you are a vision in yellow and gold, but that F-O bow steals the show! Well done, Sarah!

    I am with you on the dressing up, I was in a maxi dress for the school run this morning too. Like the lady said, "just do it!"
    Hope the health stuff is under control, and that you and all your lovelies are OK. Get some sleep, love - you'll find that hood after a good kip! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. ooh, fabulous golden dress, bright and elegant!!, and so cute little bag!, but I love specially your Frida earrings, so absolutely colorful and fridesque!
    besos & abrazos

  14. DEAR GOD! That dress is scrumptious. Like a soft silky lemon cake.
    With a (coconut) flake creamy icing. *mmmm*

    I hope stuff gets a little brighter on your end. And that the health problems are not too serious.

  15. Aye,Aye!!You look like my early gold Christmas present.Sarita done well.
    what a bow indeed,coconut bag is so beatiful as your blue Melissa heels.
    Frida earrings are so amazing.
    sending the Phoenix lots of *healing energies*

  16. Hi Desiree, i am so sorry to hear of the family health issues i hope that your lovely husband is well and that normal life resumes quickly for you. What a gorgeous package the dress is lovely and you look stunning as always. I adore that coconut bag WOW i have never seen anything like that before what a beauty. Take lots of care, dee xxx

  17. I hope your husband is better soon, must be exhausting for you all. But you are certainly a sight for sore eyes in your own version of colour therapy. Sarah is a love - and a great wrapper. I have serious coconut envy too! xx

  18. Oh YAY! SO glad you love that divine frock - and I just KNEW you would rock it like nobody's business! I adore it with the blue shoes and jewellery - and that GORGEOUS coconut bag. BIG hugs to you and your lovely loves. Sarah xxx

  19. Oh, what a dress! Yellow is a !great color for you. Also - love the pairing with blue Melissa's (also yellow and blue are the colors of our flag, so <3)))))

  20. You look glorious in yellow! And the big bow on the neckline is so cute!

  21. O,I DO love a bog bow and big nuts!
    What a super frock!Squee!I must get out my cocnut bag,dammit....o,poo,not sure where it is right now!When I fiond it we'll swing 'em together!GORGEOUSNESS!

  22. I'm so pleased that you often relate reactions to your outfits as I could practically see the scene playing out with the woman crying out, "Why doesn't everyone dress up...?"
    I know I've said many times how much I wish I could photograph you in your amazing arrays of finery - as you sashay out and about - but I'm beginning to wish I could film you instead!
    And then you just mention in passing your 'hellish week'. I hope very much that the health issues you refer to are improving. Sending healing thoughts halfway round the world in your/ your family's/the Phoenix's direction.

  23. Zoooh myyyy gaaaaaawd I love that dress. THAT bow.

    I hope your husband is well soon. x

  24. Desiree, that dress is fecking spectacular, i see them once in a while in one of my favorite thrift shop but never bought one, i think i will looking at you! The yellow compliments your faire skin it is simply gorgeous Lady!

    Ariane xxxxx

  25. Spectacular! Love the colour, the fabric is amazing ... hope you find the hood!

  26. The hood will come back to you when it's ready to; it's obviously time for it to explore its new surroundings!

    That coconut bag is a peach - Not sure if I can say that!

    You live to shine, ma belle.

    Hope the health issues bugger off shortly and stop holding you all back from being just as fine and dandy as you can be.

    Love and light,

    Fhina x


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