Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kiss kiss, nom nom, fun fun.

Melbourne was such a trippy trip that upon our return to Brisneyland, we were ready to turn around and fly back to explore some more.
Alas, the money tree shrivelled up in our absence and we'll have to coax it back to life once more.
Onwards and upwards we go to Melbourne!

Mmmmm ... pointy boobs got some VERY cheeky looks.
BTW, I've purchased some pointy inserts for this week's bullet bra problem ... jeez I'm a ditz when it comes to all this vintage booby stuff ... thanks eBay.

Galaxy leggings seemed very appropriate for flying high.

Look at my leather boys - aren't they cool?
The Phoenix had women chasing him around both airports admiring the Dali t-shirt I bought him from Etsy.

Those are the faces of "I've never been on a plane before, this is sooooooooooo awesome!!"

The three spawn got a special visit to the cockpit of the brand new 737 coz they were first-timers.
It occurred to me while planning this trip, how much westerners take travel, particularly air travel for granted.
For financial reasons, it's not something I've been able to offer my children and I'm glad they appreciated the significance of such an occasion and the fact many children don't even know what it is to explore a new town, city or country!
The kids were all eyes and ears during the whole trip so I hope we've managed to instil a longing to visit new places.

I know, I'm weird but I was really excited when I found out the apartment the children were staying in with Number One Son and Danni-Long-Legs, was just across the road from Melbourne Cemetery in Carlton.
The bedrooms had graveyard views!!!
As soon as we arrived and settled in we went for a walk as I just knew The Stylist and at least one of the boys would love exploring and discovering the incredibly old and crumbling graves.

The modern family graves mainly belong to European families, many who settled left their homelands such as Italy and Greece to escape the post-WWII hardships.
Melbourne is an incredibly diverse, cosmopolitan city as a result ... and a wonderful place to try nearly every type of cuisine on the planet.

"Gee thanks for bringing me to this old cemetery Mum, this is so much fun."

We had a lovely reunion at the best Italian restaurant I have ever eaten in - Il Cantuccio, on Lygon Street (careful, there's some super-cheesy music on their website).
I want to eat there every week, and resort to wearing just kaftans and muu-muus.

Danni-Long-Legs and Number One Son are the most loving couple I have ever seen.

Thank the lord, some real food instead of that shite Mum feeds me.

 "Look what it boils down to is that god really IS a DJ".

Very shortly after this pic, Number Three Son almost fell asleep on his plate.

"Mum, I'm going to be an actor and a teacher and I'm going to lots of poor countries and starting up new schools"
Oh jay-sus, what have I set loose on the world?
Bless her heart.

The next day was spent exploring Fitzroy.

I'm wearing the magnificent jacket gifted to me from my favourite zoo-keeper, Sarah Misfit.  The jacket caused quite a stir and there I was thinking I would just blend in with the crowd!
The top is covered in pin-up girls but sadly no boobies to be seen and the purple flares and scarf were thrifted/flea marketed.

The Stylist, much to the annoyance of her brothers, commandeered the camera - I love the sort of things to catch her eye.

At last a decent pic of the Sally Hanson leopard-print stick on nails - I had girls constantly asking me where I got them from - Brissy!

Spot the future ravers.

Who farted?

I'm still insulted they didn't have my size!

Yes, it has a knitted cover.


"If you're patient in this one last shop, I'll take you to the aquarium" - there's no harm in bribery.

The following day, I took a walk on my own and thought I'd better check out Zara since it's the only store in Oz and it's "really amazing" right?
Bored, bored, bored.
A couple of cool stripy jackets but other than that, niente.
I must say the Zara menswear range was pretty horny though and I bought The Phoenix a stack of t-shirts.
Other than that, I cannot understand why women were going crazy, snatching up boring beige pants and generic t-shirts ... sorry, I just don't get it.
Gimme a mucky boot sale or a stinky old, cramped vintage store any day.

The one great thing about Zara?
I was accosted by a sweet woman called Meredith who raced up to me and said "omg you're wearing the Cathedrals, they're so much better in real life!" 
She was also wearing Black Milk, the Pulp Sesame swimsuit, seen here too.
She was in Melbourne from Adelaide for a gig and we both thought it rather amusing that we'd travelled such long distances to spot one another.
Ain't that sweet?
I hope you're having a beautiful day.
Baci, Desiree xo


  1. Oh FINALLY a blogger that isn't all googoogaagaa over the Zara store. I"m with you on this one love - give me variety and vintage anyday (although they do have a rather rocking leather jacket that I want to get my hands on one day.)

    Ahka Vintage Blog
    Ahka Facebook
    Ahka Tweets

  2. Umm well I so live in vintage-only land that I don't even know about Zara...and I now know that I don't need to! Boo you couldn't buy those red sparkly shoes, eh?

  3. Zara? What's that?!
    I care onyl about seeing your fabulous hotness schmoozing it's way around the country.....YOU ARE SO HOT AND I WANT TO TOUCH YOU!
    You're all hot.Are you lot hogging the hot gene?! It's a bit rough really.I'm having a more beautiful day now I've been ogling you and your loved ones!

  4. You and the Phoenix looking sexy and debonair! What a POWER couple :)
    Looks like a fun trip, I love old cemeteries.

  5. You and the Phoenix looking sexy and debonair! What a POWER couple :)
    Looks like a fun trip, I love old cemeteries.

  6. Oh my Lord... Such amazing pictures. EAAAAKKK It looks like you had a total blast and I let out a little scream when I seen that Giant Kewpie doll. *WHY ON EARTH is it hovering in the air like that?? *lol*

    You look damned fine Des DAMNED FINE.

  7. A) Love the tights
    B) LOVE the floral headband
    C) I was looking at yoiur blog at work and a colleague walked past and asked "Who's that?" I ex-plained and they said "She has fabulous pins!!". I felt obligated to pass the compliment on. :)

  8. Opshops all the way baby none of those mass produced stores rubbish fir us wiser ones.I see little miss takes after her mummy so cute xx

  9. Wow what a fantastic trip ;-) I am with you on the flying experience for children. I took my boys on their first plane 3 years ago we went to Spain but it was a magical experience and being a single parent i hope its one they will never forget. I to wanted them to experience different lands and culture. But they didn't take it for granted like yours. I have to say all your children are gorgeous just like you. Loving your outfits you look very rock and roll. Those red shoes were gorgeous and that street art amazing. Those animals incredible. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx

  10. Your nail, leggins just a perfect!
    Childrens so beautiful and cute^^

  11. Oh I have had many excellent evenings in Il Cantuccio! All that fab street art and the great vintage shops... I miss Melbourne!

    You look FABULOUS in everything - and my old darling coat has made her made home for a visit - how delightful! Your nails are quite spectacular and what a shame about the red glittery shoes. So glad you had a wonderful time - and The Stylist is frickin BEAUTIFUL!

    Sarah xxx

  12. Wow! What a style! I love people that never afraid to be themselves! I'm one of you and your fan! Beautiful family!

    Xo from Florida

  13. so much to feast my eyes on!!!! I love that your kids appreciate travel and exploring what a killer thing to get them hot for while they are still young and impressionable. I love an old cemeteries and rooms with graveyard views to die for! You look FIERCE as always and so do your men clad in leather! The stylist is always looking ADORABLE!
    The coat Sarah sent you is so pretty it makes me wanna snuggle you! I love all your Black milk leggings too, hotness!
    Your family is so friggin sweet and I love the family meal all old school at a yummy Italian joint, I KNEW GOD WAS A DJ!!!!!!!
    Some really beautiful photos, my favorite is the Kewpie doll on the side of that abandoned building. Love it!

  14. Fabulous photos of gorgeous you and your lovely family. What a great trip.
    You always rock the leggings, love your leopard nails, and yay for Sarah's fur going for a visit back home!
    Your kids are so beautiful, just like their mama.
    I just KNEW Melanie Coconut would love that crazy giant Kewpie doll.
    No, I don't get Zara either, I don't do high street shops anymore, but when I last perused their wares, it didn't seem anything special to me. I think once you get into vintage/thrifting/Ebay/op-shopping, whatever your alternative to the high street/mall is, those stores just seem so overpriced and generic.
    It's always lovely when a total stranger appreciates your style - hurrah for compliments! xxxxxxxxxx

  15. Awesome that your kids got to see the cockpit of the plane. I took my first plane right when I was 20, by myself no less hah. Plane travel is so expensive though, sigh. Great photos!

  16. I love the galaxy leggings and photos of your gorgeous family. The "god really IS a DJ" quote cracked me up!

    Have a beautiful weekend with your lovelies.

  17. My dear friend ... I am having the worst day - I think the expression "worried and wild-eyed, looking at dark streets" completely fits my current state of mind ;- AND THEN I SAW YOU IN MY IN-BOX! You made me smile, you made me happy, and I thank you very, very muchly!!!!!!

  18. Hi Desiree, lovely lovely pics, i am crazy about your leggings! The only store i go to his H & M and i go straight for the sales rack, and sometimes i find something but give me a thrift shop anytime!

    Lovely family you have there, everybody is such good looking!

    Lots of friendship - Ariane xxxxx

  19. ZOMG! The universal leggings are amazing! Great photos and outfits, as usual...
    My husband went to the
    Zara shop when he was in Melbourne a couple of months ago and his impression was that having been to their shops in New York and in Spain and Portugal, it seems that the furthest it gets from Spain the snootier and more overpriced it gets.

  20. I'm totally with you on preferring the vintage stores or markets. I love the charity shops here in the uk and get all my clothes from them! I've loved cathcing up on your posts, and am totally loving your black 70's trouser suit. I have a bad case of the "wants" now and am off to see if I can find one anywhere on ebay!!!! Big hugs for being so fab! Em x

  21. You all look so happy and loved, so much to see.
    Sounds like you had a blast amor, what a beautiful place to wander around.
    I have never heard of that store, look at those viejas acting like it is jumble sale,lol
    Well you know i love exploring creepy places and cementary views.
    Bella is looking more bonita each time i see her.
    Tell her tia dora says "hola amorcito." i reckon she will be a journalist/nurse
    Im love with your cathedral leggings want some tights with
    virgin mary. Love the kewpie doll and the photo on the decorated bench/sofa.

  22. Oh my gosh your family is SO gorgeous! Thanks for taking us along on your trip! Your daughter's photos are wonderful - a real budding photographer there.

    Love your thoughts on Zara. I like the clothes but I have to say I've never gotten excited enough about anything to even try it on, let alone purchase anything. I know it's important to have basics, but I want to love love love my clothes, not feel they'd be a practical, responsible, wearable choice. If I don't feel the romance, it just doesn't happen!

  23. You guys must be the coolest family out there! LOVE these pics - have you got room in your suitcase for a small one next time you go away?

    Loving the star glasses on the kids, the street art, your nails and rings, the outfits...all makes me happy x

  24. So pleased you had a fab time in Melbourne, I must admit, I do feel rather smug that I live here. I'm with you on Zara. i.e. "WTF? You want to shop here? Because?? You queued to get in here?! No way!"

    Next time you visit I can give you a list of fab haunts that may yield a bounty of treasures.....


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