Saturday, June 25, 2011

Casual Saturday

Famous last words and all that, but at this rate I can't see myself bothering about denim jeans ever again.
Earlier in the winter I decided to challenge myself by avoiding jeans this season.
I declared I would ban the booty and stick to frocks, skirts and proper trousers.
I sought your suggestions for keeping warm and one piece of advice that stuck, was to try maxi skirts with layers of tights and long socks as the temperature dropped.
One reader even suggested a flannelette long half-slip to trap warm air in.

I can report I haven't cheated at all and have been piling on the layers to keep warm.
I'm not even tempted to wear my jeans!
Hmmm ... I wonder what the future bodes for my old denim friends.
The only pants I've worn are trousers or leggings, either on their own or under long skirts and dresses.

So, my quick-but-lazy uniform for knocking around in ie. flopping about the house, picking up kids, grocery or op-shopping, mainly consists of 1970s cotton maxis.
Like this patchwork dress I bought for $1 with a denim jacket I bought at a flea market, also for a buck.
I thrifted the bag this week for a whopping $5.  I just had to have it because it's 1970s green upholstery velvet!
It's been hanging off my arm all week.

The necklace is a gift from the scrumptious Vix, while the earrings are from Etsy and the rings and brooches are a mish-mash of old and new from all over the place.
As you can see, I haven't completely ditched denim.
I pinch myself every time I wear this Jag jacket.  
It's tailored to the waistline and has nice long sleeves for my orangutan arms.
It's the perfect jacket for cool-not-cold days - it's not too bulky, so I can wear a cardigan under it as well as a long-sleeved top, plus I can add a long furry coat when I need to rug up.


My latest "It" bag - come to mama!!

Shoes for knocking around in are these leather, metallic, silver lace-ups from ASOS.
I bought them because they weren't too shiny.
They looked like they'd been rubbed in the dirt and they're looking even better and grubbier with use.

Sometimes my casual uniform consists of 1930s nighties and fur capes, but this is what I've been rugging up in for the colder weather this week.
Do you have a casual "uniform"?


  1. Patchwork!! Patchwork!! OOOOhHH I luv ya to bits!!! AND THAT DRESS!
    I am obsessed with patchwork.. You just wait and see in my next blog post.

    I also adooooore that bag!

    I wore jeans today and I was uncomfortable =/

  2. I am so glad to know you are going to keep away from jeans a trousers, ahhhhhhhhhhhh What a delight to be able to see you in skirts and dresses.
    You are the most beautiful inside and out, my dear friend.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Sorry DD I am a jeans girl strangley enough I have only one pair at the momnet that have to be washed too often so I wear tights on those days.I have been looking out for eans at oppys bit havent found any yet and refuse to spend a fortune on one pair.
    I found a jacket like yours this last week and wore it today minus all the pretties yours is adorned with.
    You look wonderful again and how I wished I lived closer.You could teach me a thing or two.

  4. I love a jean jacket but I do like jeans a lot too. I applaud your challenge because jeans are always a little bit safe - trousers are so much cooler, not to mention amazing vintage dresses.
    Dig those shoes btw! xxx

  5. Thanks for your hilarious comment on my blog! Good that you have the kids on lipstick watch! p.s love those laces ups. Brogues are fab when heels just won't do. xx

  6. I am hopeless at casual!!
    I adore this frock,the new bag goes with it beautifully!!! Yummy fabric!
    All the lovely jewellery details,I'm all magpie-ish,my eyes dashing from one to the 'em ALL!
    Hurrah for no jeans!
    Hurrah for YOU!

  7. Well done on the jeans challenge - particularly in winter - you did excel yourself through with some amazing outfits!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Patchwork heaven, brilliant outfit, love it! oh & that bag is scrumptious!

  10. ahh I love it! So 70s! :D The shoes are great. I've never actually worn a pair of jeans. I'm sure they'd look awful on me.

  11. That skirt is glorious. I don't ever have a uniform, unless you count day-old trousers picked up from the floor ;) xx

  12. I love the delightfulness your pathwork skirt paired up with a jean jackt. added embellishments make it so pretty.
    your shoes as always are so divine.
    I am finding that I am wearing less jeans now and more frocks, the other day Buddy told me just wear jeans nice top to the pub and said "Nahhh, amor I will feel normal with jeans,lol

  13. Desiree,jeans are almost extinct in my closet. First of all, they look like crap on me most of the time and secondly, I just don't feel "Serene" in them. I think what you've got here is a great go to look that is actually so much cuter than plain old denim jeans. The fit of that jacket is PERFECTION!!!! Hugs to you sweet girly and thanks so much for those sweet comments on my blog! My feet are soooooo not delicate! LOL But thankfully, they look decent in shoes! Hugs Hugs Hugs! ~Serene

  14. That frock is a definite fave - and I frickin ADORE your new velvet vintage bag! As always, you have accessorised magnificently - the rings and brooches/badges are FABULOUS!

    My winter uniform for casual is vintage maxis with heaps of tights, boots, scarves, faux furs and woolly hats. But Canberra winter is very different from Brisbane winter - we need LOTS more layers!

    Sarah xxx

  15. That's such a fun outfit! Thank you for your bountiful compliments... I will be posting some more outfits during the "dressing my best" challenge, though it feels slightly awkward :)

  16. Im in love for you look´ so gorgeous.:D xxx

  17. Great look for winter. I just did this last winter here in Oregon, I tried to not wear jeans all the time. I actually put together some pretty unique combinations of dresses and tights and got lots of compliments for it.

  18. What a fabulous challenge! Id love to take on that challenge myself, as I hardly ever wear frocks. Good on you I say. I love your frock too! so colourful and cheerful.

  19. You Look marvelous!!!!
    I have a quilted dress much like this one that has become a staple in my winter wardrobe!

  20. Lets see if I can remember all I wanted to say:
    Aren't denim jackets just irreplaceable? lOVE yours.
    I Dont wear jeans much--very uncomfortable for me..if you want them to look good...
    Casual wear can be tough--I just did a post for this week~
    I remember those patchwork dresses, I hate to say! Love the cute little zig-zag down the front.
    Love ya!

  21. Love that purse, Nice find. Glad to see you are having an easy time of keeping warm in skirts! You know it's really difficult not to end all my phrases with exclamation marks because your outfits get me so excited haha...

  22. I love the fact that you are staying away from jeans, I too am doing the same thing, so we are partners in crime. I love the maxi dress, the pink stockings and the flat oxfords. It is a look I will wear in a heartbeat!!! Its super stylish and very modern!! I love it and you look gorgeous!

  23. Great outfit and I love the patchwork!

  24. Oh yes, you should definitely try pistachio and red! xxx

  25. check out this dress to match your universe tights

  26. this patchwork look is so cute. love it.

  27. oh I LOVE this dress. Love patchwork. And despise jeans. Really. I'm not a fan. I have a pair but they are for desperate days only. More power to you for frocking up. x


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