Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cocktail Hour in the Waiting Room

I'm sure the receptionists at my doctor's surgery half-expected me to hand out a tray of martinis when I rolled in late yesterday afternoon.   
Can't say I blame them, I guess not many people attend their appointments in a 1940s beaded cocktail dress.

I snapped these off quickly before I dashed out before dark, as I haven't shown you this little number before.

This black rayon frock has held it's colour well.  That's what I love about rayon fabrics made between the 1930s-50s.  They appear to be in the same condition as when they were made, unless of course, some fool hangs them in direct sunlight.  
Oh, but this one just wouldn't be the same without the blue and purple beads would it?
The outfit actually started with the purple tights and shoes ... then I looked about for a (un)suitable frock to pair with them.


The frock was bought years ago from eBay, I can recall that it was a steal at around $15.
The vintage silver, leather, dancing shoes were thrifted for $4, the feather earrings were something like a buck.
Tights - Sock Dreams.
1960s handbag - gift from Nelly.

The coat is part of a 1960s three-piece woollen suit I thrifted a few years ago for the grand price of $20.
I was standing at the shop counter waiting to pay for some earrings when someone walked in and donated the suit to the lovely volunteer.
I spotted the jet-black, bobble-design fabric and froze.
The vultures started swooping just as I managed to pop the question: "Would it be OK if I had a look at that please?" **Just frickin' hand it over lady, it's coming home with me before these bitches tear my hair out!**
There was much audible gnashing of teeth and baring of claws by the gathering audience as I slapped a crumpled 20 on the counter and got out of there before you could say "collectible early-60s vintage".
The suit is made up of a lined shift dress, a long waist coat with green lining and the coat, which I wear the most.
I didn't realise until later that I'd walked through a spider web and it stuck on the bottom of the coat - hope I gave the spider a thrill, not a scare;).

Back to the frock, it's beaded front and back and has self-covered buttons both on the sleeves and at the back, which I choose to leave open because I'm not double-jointed.

Nearly 70 years old and not a bead missing.  Ha!

A big arse-squeeze to all you bloggers out there who spend precious moments popping in and saying hello - so many kind people and new visitors too - you are my sunshine:). Mwahh!
Desiree xo


  1. So awesome! I was going to comment that I loved the tights and shoes with that dress before I even read that they were what you started out with. Wow for the good condition this is in!

  2. Was going to say the same as poet - love your purple/silver/black colour combination here, but your dress is a real beaut, and amazing condition.

  3. Lovely!

    You've got a cute blog, maybe you'd like to follow each other?


  4. Beady heaven, you look stunning, love the coat too

  5. A truly stunning dress and such amazing condition, i see so much 40s stuff in crap condition it makes my heart skip a beat when i see a great one. And look at that cheeky butt on you, PHWOAR!!!

  6. I love that dress! It looks amazing on you, and the beading is absolutely gorgeous.

  7. oh the dress is great, but I cant wait to see the other pieces of that 3 piece. The COAT I LOVE!♥

  8. Dear Desiree,
    that frock is to die for, you lucky gal getting it as such a bargainous price too :)
    Yup, in the vintage hunting pursuit there is no room for being nicey nicey...you just have to swoop in there & grab the prize with both hands and not letting go!
    You look fabulous as ever my lovely.

  9. Gorgeous! You have such an eye for accessorizing, too. Love it!

  10. That coat is to die for, so sweet!

  11. Oooh the beadwork is LOVELY. Why don't we use rayon crepe anymore? It is such a gorgeous fabric. It is all bloody viscose jersey nowadays, looks so cheap xx

  12. Beautiful! That coat is awesome, well done for swooping! I love the shoes! I think I need more silver shoes :)

  13. that dress is gorgeous! and the coat...what a find! you look amazing, as usual.

  14. Killer dress! And so impressive that all the beads are still there. You buy any garment at a mall today and odds are there are beads missing before you even bought it.

  15. I can just see why so many women wanted that coat, its great and looks good for you.

  16. I love the beading on the dress, amazing. I see the red lips are back, you really do look fabulous in red lipstick. Color me jealous because I have tried some reds on at the Chanel counter and they just don't work on me. Oh well.

  17. Gorgeous, gorgeous dress and it looks fabulous on you.

  18. I love your outfit and your stockings are such a beautiful colour! I didn't even think the outfit could get any better, and then I saw you with the coat over it ;) Beautifully put-together out fit and that part about you not being double-jointed was hilarious :D I had to read it another time 'cause I was so confused as to why you put that and then I got it ;) Love this post and the beading of the dress is magnifique!
    -Kelli <3

  19. You are soooo gorgeous.
    That frock fits like it was made for you and it's perfection itself with those purple tights, I love it!
    How amazing that those beads are intact. I'd love to know what that fabulous dress has been doing for 70 years to remin so pristine. x

  20. Oh that black coat is sooooo lovely. I just complimented Helga on hers and then... you have to be struttin a beautiful one yourself!
    Your whole outfit is delightful Des!

  21. Ooh love this outfit, the tights are awesome and the coat is just gorgeous - love that its a suit, I'd feel v posh in that! :)

  22. aww so vintagy! you look like a star! adore every item in this outfit


  23. So chic,love this coat and the shoes,you ar so sweet

  24. Those shoes! Love those shoes!
    and with the purple stocking? genius!

  25. What a beautiful dress--I love that the beading is such a subtly different color than the fabric. I've had similar moments as you describe in the thrifts...thanks for the arse grab.

  26. I love this blog! I just found you and now I am following. I love your style and your writing. You got a great deal on ALL of your pieces... cheers!

  27. Wonderful, wonderful dress and outfit, my dear Desiree.

  28. Love those shoes - great outfit overall!

  29. I love your style my dear. The tights make the outfit.


  30. Love the outfit & the coat. Everything goes together perfectly :). Haha, your story of the store is so funny! I feel the same way when I find something WAY TOO CHEAP to be in existence. It's so exciting! My heart starts racing, and I picture every single person in the store suddenly wanting it too, lol.

  31. I admire and adore many types of styles and people for their styles and style expression... but you inspire me Desiree. You are truly spectacular.

  32. Oh that frock is KILLER. I love how you have styled it (that coat! that coat!) - the tights and shoes are perfection! You are gorgeous, as always!

    Sarah xxx

  33. Arse squeeze to YOU!
    LOVE that frock.I have very similar shoes!


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