Friday, June 3, 2011

Miss Marple Does Miami

If Miss Marple retired to a condo in sunny Florida, I'm sure she'd take my advice and try sporting something like this.

What's not for her to love?  
Tweed skirt.  Check.
Silk blouse.  Check.
Mumsy hat.  Check.
Sensible flesh-coloured tights.  Check.
Handbag.  Check.
Brooch.  Check.
It's all there!

Margaret Rutherford is my favourite Miss Marple.
She likes to play dress-ups and jumps at the opportunity to don a disguise.

Dame Joan Hickson is classic Marple and knitting is her game.
Swap knitting baby booties for knitting a white swimsuit, and it's Hello Miami!

Can't go wrong with nude fishnets, or a 1970s silk blouse with giant dots.

I even think Miss Marple would approve of my Laura Palmer brooch. 
But maybe not the false eyelashes and rings.

She may even concede to a pair of Vivienne Westwood Melissa 3-Straps.
Dame VW herself would approve I'm sure.

Black-seamed fishnets are just the thing for throwing a batch of pumpkin scones in the oven.

I snapped up the blouse ($20), skirt ($15) and hat ($30) at the Gold Coast Vintage Fashion Fair a couple of weeks ago.
I'm happy with the prices I paid ... so much cheaper than Brisbane op shops that's for sure.
Tomorrow I'm off to the West End Vintage and Designer Fair for hopefully more bargain goodies.
I hope you've had a marvellous week:).
Desiree xo


  1. My dear Desiree, you always fill my life with joy and beauty.
    I adore that blouse touched by laura Palmer(I love Tween Peaks) and the animal print clutch, ahhhhhhhhh (sigh)
    You are a fantastic inspiration, my friend.

  2. You look ever so glam DD xx

  3. Joan is my fave Marple. But where are your GLOVES my dear!? *scandalised*

  4. oh I don't think any Miss M. looked as divine as you do today. well done♥

  5. Desiree, this is really fresky. Last night I had a dream that you came to England and tried to murder me with a pair of knitting needles and there you are all resplendent in a Miss Marple outfit mentioning knitting!
    I love that spotty blouse, you look demure but rather naughty. xxx

  6. Bloody FABULOUS! I do love it all - especially the blouse! and the stockings! and the hat! And the eyelashes!!!

    Sarah xxx

  7. I love that blouse on you! I'm jealous, I wish there were more vintage events here.

  8. green shoes, green hat and Black-seamed fishnets are the best. I think those are the only kind of phose they should sale!
    and lucky you, you have two ovens to cook in?
    that would make my life easier during turkey day here.

  9. damn, I love Miss Marple (and your outfit too for that matter)! I think we should totally have an Agatha Christie character week every year and run around in tweed and fake moustaches cunningly unriddling mysterious murders and whatnot...

  10. I love that blouse - actually it reminds me of Carmen Amaya the flamenco dancer in this video:

  11. Definitely not Miss Marple - more like the vixen who was having it off with the butler (racking my brain here for the right Agatha Christie character given that I spent my early teenage years reading through her entire opus - but that was waay too long ago. alas).
    Never mind - it's a particularly gorgeous outfit: well scored at the vintage fair!

  12. That spotted blouse, fantastique! No Miss Marple though, definitely more of a saucy minx!
    PS the Punk Glam Princess wore my gold VW 3-straps today... she's getting too big, I want my cuddly little baby back!

  13. ooo I LOVE the seam up the back of your tights!

  14. Ahh! I love this post! When I was young I was obsessed with the Ms. Marple books and would read one right after another. This totally made my day. :)

  15. Oh, I dearly love the HUGE polka dots!

  16. Perfect outfit! I love the bright yellow and polka dots!

  17. Stunning as always, I'm particularly loving the shirt.x.

  18. You are true Femme Vitale, Desiree! A heroine in a Film Noir full of lovely light. I love your outfit- and that blouse is made of sheer happiness. The way you knock it out of the sartorial ballpark EVERYTIME amazes and delights me!

  19. i want this blouse! it's perfect... good buy.

  20. Desiree, Love the modern Miss Marple look! Debbie

  21. Oh Desiree!! I love EVERYTHING about this look. You look absolutely beautiful and it's wonderfully put together. The yellow blouse is a triumph. Viv would definitely approve!

    I love Margaret Rutherford but she hammed up the role a bit too much. Joan Hickson is my favourite Marple, her acting is brilliantly understated xx

  22. Laura palmer!!!! Wrapped in plastic!!! Oh Miss Marple (the Desiree version)... you would have been a wonderful match with Agent Dale Cooper!!

    You are splendid!

  23. I love your version of Miss Marple,amor
    adorar your yellow spotty blouse and that green hat and skirt is gorgeous. what a stylist Mama you are.


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