Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dressing Room Dramas

I amaze myself sometimes.
There must be a scientific law for the process, but somehow I manage to pull together daily outfits that defy the illogical way they're stored.

This outfit was put together from pieces stored in four rooms, hanging from door handles, curtain rails and kitchen shelves.
Cue: Mad woman in tights and blouse races out of bedroom to snatch up a skirt from the "office", bursts in on Number Two Son to raid his closet for a cape, casts eye over ironing board for recent favourite trinkets on display, then scrabbles around under a bed for shoe boxes.

Don't I look amazingly cool, calm and collected after all that rummaging?
So what did I scrabble together for this overcast, chilly day?
Both the 1960s gold and green brocade blouse ($12) and black brocade pencil skirt ($13) were Etsy bargains; 1930s Persian lamb cape from eBay (around $30); fishnet t-shirt ($7); 1960s bag thrifted for $1;  lace-top hold-ups (raoww!) from Sock Dreams and VW Melissa Temptations from Amazon (on sale!!!!).

 The fur collar gives a bit of extra warmth - bargain from Dandelion Vintage for a buck.

 Close-up of this lovely soft fabric - I really like the flat mandarin collar and bound buttons.
So back to the wardrobe problem.
I think it's simply the accumulation a vintage collection with triffid-like tendencies.
One day it will grow to suffocate everyone who enters the house and my collection will be banished to the garage, where I will erect a camp bed and spend long hours talking to my clothes.
First sign of madness?  Talking to shoes and vintage evening gowns.
Well, pop me in a strait-jacket coz I'm already there.

 I talk to my tops.

 I have deep and meaningful chats with the wee lovelies I'm currently coveting as they hang about my bedroom or clutter the floor.

 Suits and dresses have their place - barely.  They're surrounded by storage boxes belonging to all and sundry.

Coats, jackets and capes have a loving home - shame the home is called my son's bedroom closet.
Clearly I need to address this problem of clothing storage.
At least I do have some sort of storage order in the chaos:  tops and blouses - bedroom closet; skirts, dresses and suits - dodgy portable racks in the "office"; coats, jackets and capes - son's room.
It just means I have to race from one room to the next to put an outfit together.

 I'll bet this baby doesn't get into a tizz over dressing. 

Sigh ... oh for a dressing room of one's own.
How do you organise your wardrobe chaos?


  1. awe, now sweetface, organization is NO FUN! TIZZY! that's fun!! and makes for much better blogging. I die over your shoes <3

  2. Wonderful outfit I need you to help me dress so well.My organisation?You have seen enough of my posts to know what my house is like lol

  3. Oh Desiree!!!! I'm salivating over your lovlies! I have no organization to my closet and hence, have had to cull the unruly herd. I wish I had a dressing room like the girl you showed! In fact, I would love one of those art deco dressing rooms with the mirrored vanity and chaise lounge. I NEED TO BE PAMPERED!!!!! LOL Big hug to my friend and now FACEBOOK friend! So excited! ~Serene

  4. I'd die to get a chance to rummage through your rails! What a glorious selection of sparkle and prints.
    I'd love a pretty little dressing room like that, I'd never leave the house.
    You look divine, that brocade jacket, the tights, the shoes, the bangles...wah! Love it all. xxx

  5. Dear Desiree,
    Fabulously quirky ensemble my dear!
    Don’t worry I speak to my clothes too…if prince Charles can talk to plants and not be taken away by men in white coats then we should bleeding well be free to talk to our fabulous frockery me thinks ;)
    I know what you mean about the triffid-like tendencies…my home is inundated albeit a little less now that before my epic life laundry.
    I don’t need a dressing room; I need dressing house ;)
    You look amazing as ever!
    Lot’s of love,

  6. Love those purple shoes, girl. And don't worry- I'm not organized either. Especially since I'm constantly re-doing clothes- almost everything migrates from the sewing room to the closet and back to the sewing room at least three times in it's lifetime.

  7. You look gorgeous as always, I wish my clothes were this organised! x

  8. Loving his outfit and especially those do look very calm and collected after such a mad raid ;)
    The rest of the pictures reminds me I need to organise my clothes better... but my teeny-weeny flat makes it hard for me... and that's my excuse :) xxx

  9. I kinda have the same setup, with less rooms involved hah. I have a 1 bedroom apartment, but since I'm using the bedroom as an animal room for all my pets, safely behind a closed door and away from my cat, this means I have clothing in the closet in that room, but my dressers and things in the other room. So I do a lot of back and forthing hah.

  10. I am boringly neat, and have the house to myself, but still have stuff in wardrobes in different rooms. 2 wardrobes and 3 dressing tables in my bedroom just isn't enough!

  11. I love your shoes collection you have two pairs I want so BAD!!!! You look amazing overtime you post, how u do that??

    I am currently turning a spare bedroom into a guest/dressing room. Once it's done I'll post some pictures!

  12. Oh, your outfit looks great, so unlike you ran around your house and grabbed the ifrst items you saw ;) Oh, I try to organize my stuff too, I really am a bit of neatfreak. All my blouses and dresses in a closet on one side of the room, my skirts and pants in one dresser on the other side of the room, tights and stockings in a bag o the other, you can tell I'm still constantly running back and forth to put an outfit together. By the end of any given week, I generally have my papasan chair covered in clothes 'cause I'm constantly changing my mind on what I want to wear (generally 10 minutes before I have to go ;) And I wish I kept my shoes more organized like yours. I have mine thrown in 2 big crates by my door and they're are so many pairs that they still spill out onto the floor *sigh* I would love to go through your wardrobe though *salivates with a dreamy look on her face* You have so many amazing things! And I so wish I had a vanity like that picture, except maybe in black...;) xoxoxoxo Kisses from the U.S. east coast!!
    -Kelli <3

  13. You do look very calm and collected! My wardrobe is a total mess at the moment, I can't find a thing all the shelves contents are piled all over the floor and my desk and office chair buried under a mountain of mess. I am usually really tidy but this week I feel a bit ill so it has all gone to pot. Especially with the changing weather one day its boiling the nest bloody freezing!

  14. I have just found your blog today and I must say it is my new favourite, you are just so cool!! Can't wait to see more :D xxx

  15. aw all your outfits always get my mood up! always vintagy and chic!
    as for my organization, I always feel lack of space..

  16. Oh my it looks like you have SOOOO MANY lovely things!! I would probably happy just looking through your closets for days on end.. with a bit of food and water of course. heheh

  17. you managed to pull of a gorgeous outfit amor. love the way you combine the fishet top with stripey tights.
    I have my stuff all over the place, some clothes I forget I own.
    love to rummage through your frocks mi lovley.

  18. Well you look totally cool, calm and collected, despite your dressing frenzy! The outfit is fabulous, of course, we expect nothing less!

    Your rails of clothes look so wonderfully inviting, and I too have clothes hanging all over the place, prompting the occasional growl from the other half that he appears to be living in a bloody dress shop... Oh well, there are worse places to live!

    And OF COURSE you talk to your clothes, how else would one get any decent conversation?

  19. I love your outfit and your amazing shoes :))

    LOVE minnja

  20. I know about the triffids--I've seen the movie....
    LOve the shoes--you could frame a picture with those buckles! So freaking cool....
    and you still look totally put together--and didnt even break a sweat I bet!

  21. Must have a fishnet tee...

    As for closets, I am operating out of four, although things are roughly organized this year by color, by month. Have run out of room for shoes...

  22. I LOVE the Leggins!
    I got on the website and will order something from them at some point

  23. oh D, I have clothes all over the house. Probably in 5 rooms......and I don't ever look as fabulous as you. Gorgeous outfit. Believe it or not, I wore a vintage dress today - a bargain from Vinnies on Bay Terrace (bought on the night of Wynnum Up Late). Gorgeous goldy dress - with black boots, skivvy and tights. Not as fancy as you, but bold for me. peace and love xxxx

  24. Heehee, I love the image of you running back & forth to gather up the needed items for your outfit! I agree with Psycho Sue - organisation is overrated! P.S. BIG LOVE for your gorgeous shoes.

  25. I don't know what I love most in your outfit - the CAPE! the SHOES! the stripy TIGHTHS! You look FABULOUS, as always, and I am especially loving your hair today also.

    I have VERY limited space, so I rent a SECOND bedroom for clothes! RiDICulous!

    Have you noticed that I have worn your faux fur collar EVERY SINGLE DAY this week? If it were a man I would MARRY it.

    Sarah xxx

  26. Man alive... new favorite blog! Your outfits are KNOCK. OUTS. Thanks for sharing your style, look forward to future posts!!

  27. That jacket is unbelievable, and I can't believe what a steal it was. You are the master of thrifting, Desiree! If you'd ever like to do a guest post for me on how to thrift/buy vintage, I'd love to have you. I'm a total failure at it. I usually find some cool accessories, but that's about it.

  28. Love the outfit, particularly the tights with those shoes! And I'm so jealous of your wardrobe, I see so many beautiful patterns and colours! I'm terrible, at the moment I'm implementing a 'floordrobe' :P

  29. Dear Desiree, I've missed your blog and your fabulousness! A few days away and I'm woefully behind. I will catch up with you properly tomorrow as it's 2am here but I wanted to stop by and say hello and that I haven't forgotten about the DVD's, I'm trying to work out which friend has them.

    I LOVE your outfit, you put things together wonderfully. You look bloody gorgeous. AND those SHOES!!!!!! Amazing.

    I promise I'll be back tomorrow to read the rest of your posts. Thank you for your lovely comments. Much love, C xx

  30. Oh honey.... talking to ones wardrobe helps it grow...:)

    Have I ever mentioned how riotously hilarious you are?? And stunning? And just completely and utterly marvelous?

  31. i love these wardrobe pictures... when my summer holidays starts i should take some pictures of my door-less wardrobe.
    my clothes are just every where... this is one of the few good things about being single (...after all these years).

  32. What an absolute RIOT!! I LOVE IT! It's a very early morning/late night for me and your blog has put a huge smile on my face! I love your sense of style, envy your array of (un)arranged clothing, covet your hair and aim to be equally good at growing old disgracefully. Now following and looking forward to all the more antics to come! xx
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage

  33. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I wanna rummage in your goodies!! O YES!
    Such delights.I'd be happy to hang out on your camp bed in the garage,we'll talk soothingly to your clothes together.Hell,I'll ship over some of my mine.We'll be happy,and your children can keep us fed and top up our cocktails.
    You are GLORIOUS!


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