Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Time Flies ...

It's been quite a surprising experience, this style blogging bizzo.
Since the first and only comment on my Lucky Star post a year ago, I've been inspired by so many women to simply be ME.
Encouragement within the blogging community is rife.
Women of all ages are applauded for exploring their personal style, which appears to have ongoing impacts in their personal lives.
I've witnessed an enormous worldwide support network at work where friendships blossom and creativity thrives.
Watching women aged 40+ ditch the chinos and embrace life through their sartorial, artistic and lifestyle choices is such an exciting experience for me.
There's a blog for every taste out there, yet there's always room for more.
For those considering the idea of starting a blog, please do it, someone will read it.
Promise ... but be warned, it's addictive;).

I'm in the pale today, look no red lippy!!
I feel naked!
The Phoenix told me I LOOK naked wearing a slip to slope off to the shops - hehe.

I'm wearing a 1950s faux fur coat I thrifted for $15 - it's so warm!!
Also, a 1940s rayon slip - eBay
Nude seamed fishnets - Kmart
Two-tone black and nude leather shoes - Gold Coast Vintage Fashion Fair
Leather bag - Saba (won in a competition)
Beaded mesh capelet - gift from the vivacious Vix (thank you darling!)

I'm hooked on vintage bias cut slips.  
The trick is not buying them to fit your body measurements - allow another two inches at the bust, waist and hip and they'll skim your curves.
I love the flippy hems on these slips.

This outfit got me my first comment.
Altogether now ... awwwwwwww. 
If you're reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I'm amazed you've chosen to visit me:)).
Happy birthday Pull Your Socks Up!


  1. you are addicting!
    I am always so excited when you post!
    Happy Blog Birthday.
    those shoes!
    I like them more than the green ones I think.
    The nylons with the stripes on the back, I think thats the only kind that should ever be made, none of the others.

  2. I love this gorgeous slip and may have to find one myself. I have never before seen this "first" photo of you, but you came on my Chictopia radar early on. Happy blogiversary.

  3. Happy Blog Birthday! You look amazing, once again. The coat is gorgeous and I love the bag. You are inspiring me once again to put on a dress every once in awhile (I am so very badly addicted to pants).

  4. Happy Blogging Birthday to you! I haven't visited lately so it's been fun catching up with your posts. Is that really a slip? I'd love to have one just like it!

    xoxo, Bonnie

  5. We must have started blogging at almost exactly the same time, I'm one year old this week too! What a superb coat, I love the colour and neckline, it looks like real fur from the pic. That beaded cape is fabulous on you.xx.

  6. Happy Birthday Pull Your Sox Up! Congrats Desiree - I agree, it's a wonderful, supportive community and TOTALLY addictive!

    You look gorgeous as ever - I adore that coat on you and those shoes, slip and capelet are pretty fabulous!

    Sarah xxx

  7. You are truly one gorgeous and stylish blogger. Happy blog-a-versary. LOVE those shoes, btw!

  8. Happy blog birthday! =D I feel naked without red lipstick, too. Hehe. I'd love to see my mum feel more encouraged with her sartorial choices but I don't really know what to do. I've sent her links to blogs and things before but I don't think she has the confidence (and she doesn't know what to wear). Oops. Sorry - ignore that and just listen to me say how fabulous you look. ;]
    -Andi x

  9. You gorgeous,sexy beastess!!! Happy Blog Birthday!!!! I'm SO happy you started blogging,you are so inspirational to me!!! No one works it like you!
    that slip is divine,and you're still channelling carny,esp with that amazing capelet!!!! EEEK!
    Looking forward to many more years of your fabulousness!

  10. I got into blogging b/c where I lived no one cared about clothes really and most of my friends at the time were straight men who REALLY didn't care about clothes... it's nice when you know that someone else gives a s*** also.
    anyways, totally adore those shoes, I've always wanted to find two toned t-straps like that, no luck so far. the galaxy tights are great, too. I think it's a huge shame that our society tries to teach us that style is only for the 25 and under crowd, what BS.

  11. Happy Blogaversary DD you look gorgeous as usual That coat is divine just like you

  12. Happy Blogversary, Desiree! You are a constant source of inspiration and a wonderfully supportive friend, too.
    That faux fur is gorgeous and that capelet id just perfect on you.
    Here's to the next year, may it be as fabulous as the first one. xxx

  13. Happy Blog Birthday! You look fabulous in all your pictures! And yes blogging is addictive, i get a cold sweat if im away from my laptop for more than a day ;o) Scarlett x

  14. Well done on your first year in blogging! I love that slip, I've never seen a pattern like it xx

  15. happy blog birthday.. you look great every day, but today's was TOPS! and I just love the shoes.. need those shoes... covet your beautiful shoes....

  16. Desiree, your style is uniquely beautiful - who else pops to the shops in a faux fur, petticoat and seamed stockings? You could wear anything and rock it, you look just fabulous!
    Well done on the milestone of your first year, you and all the vintage blogging ladies are an inspiration, and have certainly encouraged this old bird to frock up!
    Love Curtise xx
    PS. Thanks for that handy tip on wearing bias cut dresses/slips - I always feel huge in them, but will try with a bigger size. Clever you!

  17. Wow. So beautiful. Love the coat.

  18. Happy Bloggin Birthday!! Found you through Sarah and so glad I did. You embody freedom, grace and self expression! I look forward to seeing and reading more!!


  19. Keep Pulling Your Socks Up!!
    You are fantastic D - love your attitude and glammazon wardrobe


  20. Yayness, happy birthday P.Y.S.U. !! And long live the fantastic blogger too!!!! If I had a nickel for every time I was facing an outfit dilemma and asked myself "what would Desiree do?"...

  21. Wowza you look absolutely stunning! x

  22. congrats on you blog bd!

    this outfit is stunning! i love every single piece of it. so classy.


  23. Wow you look stunning just like a hollywood movie star from times past you suit and carry your clothes with such beauty, elegance and grace its lovely. Happy birthday ;-)) dee x

  24. Holy hell that coat is gorgeous! And I absolutely adore that flower in your hair!!
    You are one hot woman!

  25. HAPPY BLOGGERVERSARY TO PULL UP YOUR SOCKS! I am so happy you started blogging Desiree. You inspire and set me on fire! I love your style, your spirit and visiting your page is always a wonderful treat. Here's to many more good times between us! xo. Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  26. Happy Blog Birthday hon! Long may you be fabulous! You look stunning today! This outfit is amazing (and looks toasty warm to boot) - you must be the most glamourous moll in the suburb!

  27. Yay! And yes, blogging is totally addicting. I love all the bloggy ladies out there that I've come to know over time.

    I actually really love vintage slips and was wondering how to go about buying one without the opportunity to try them on first. I'll remember the 2 extra inches thing.

    That capelet is super cute too, just love this outfit.

  28. I have been away from internet, visiting my daughter, for 5 days and I had missed your fabulous post.
    You are always such an inspiration, and you are growing inside my heart more and more every day.
    Mil besos.

  29. Happy Birthday Pull Your Socks Up! You are such an inspiration, Desirée, and such a fabulous lady! I am LOVING your leggings from the very first blog outfit and today's coat and capelet and slip - EVERYTHING! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  30. Happy Blog Birthday, I have one year blogging too mine was last month.
    I am so love with your fur coat amor, you are such a beauty glad, you starting blogging amor. those wonderful leggings are so mesmerizing.

  31. Awww bloggy birthday!!! Doesn't time fly! Fabulous outfit as always, the little beaded thingy looks perfect with the slip x

  32. Happy Blog Birthday Socks!!! I remember the first post of yours that I ever read! You transformed something in your wardrobe, I think it was a really big dress or cape and I have to tell you, I was HOOKED!! I was brand new to blogging and you just seemed so nice and yet so mysterious...who is this woman who dresses so dramatically and HOW does she get away with it?! Well, it encouraged me to spread my wings and dress to express and not impress. I love you girly! Keep doin' ya thing! ~ Serene

  33. This is crazy... I swear I commented on this post :(

    "The trick is not buying them to fit your body measurements - allow another two inches at the bust, waist and hip and they'll skim your curves"

    AHA! Thank you!

    Now you... everything you say and everything you do and everything you are... yes, yes, YES! A total moregasm!

    Happy Blogversary darling Desiree! You are simply awesome. And your look here is so art deco divine!...and the Lucky Star look... Madonna eat your heart out! grrr! I love it!

  34. Happy Bloggy Birthday! I totally missed mine this year, it's the anniversary of Alexander McQueen's death so I tend to get a bit morose ):

  35. Happy blogiversary. This is my first visit here and I'll definitely be back! I found you through Sarah (misfits Vintage) and I'm glad I did. You look fabulous! I love a lady who dresses up! x

  36. Wow Desiree, I love this outfit! And your absolutely fabulous sense of style. I blogged about you recently as I really do think you inspire women to just be themselves. Keep up the amazing work xo
    Vics @ thriftersoftheworldunite.com


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