Monday, June 27, 2011

What Would Wilma Wear?

If Wilma Flintstone were around today, I'm sure she'd be a shoe queen.
In fact, the prehistoric glamour puss might even approve of a bit of animal print worn with clashing colours.
Like these naughty VW Melissa Temptations.

I'm wearing a late 1940s rayon dress I bought off eBay many years ago for about $20.
The 1960s wool and leopard-print fabric cardigan is so cozy, also from eBay.
I'm developing an addiction to old cardigans.  I have a couple of 1950s beaded ones and could do with about 10 more.  How can I justify that living in Brisbane?  I can't.  Ha!

The leopard-print pony skin belt was thrifted, as well as the layered tights, bangles and eel skin clutch.

 I really like the panel feature on the front of the skirt.  It swishes and swings about when I walk.

 I gave myself a haircut last night.  There are a couple of bits that need tidying up but I like how my Mona Lisa earrings get to show off again.

 Now you can see where Wilma Flintstone comes in.  This leopard-print vintage half-slip always reminds me of her.  See the scalloped hem?

 The cardi has two faux-fur panels - super warm!!

 These shoes have been screaming at me since they arrived a week ago - "Goddamn it, just wear me!"
Have you tried any daring colour or texture combinations lately?


  1. Such a gorgeous outfit! I have a dress in the same color, and if I had any leopard print I'd be immensely inspired to pair the two!

  2. I love this! You look wonderful as usual - I love the leopard and the blue together and those shoes are fabulous!

  3. Who would have thunk all that would go so well together cept DD xx LOVE those shoes!!!

  4. That is a truly stunning dress!! I freaking LOVE it!!! And the shoes!!!! totally fabulous! At this rate I'll have to invite myself over and raid your wardrobe young lady.xx.

  5. Oh wow this is fabulous! I looove those shoes, I really want the red ones but I have some others from that brand and find them really uncomfotablt. Also I'm poor :P Your dress is beautiful and the blue goes so well with the leopard print accessories. And the slip is just amazing! I'd totally wear it as a skirt :P

  6. I just want, want your shoes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  7. Wow, those shoes are AMAZING! You look so cool! Lovethe dress with the hidden leopard print.

  8. Dear Desiree,
    I'm not really a shoe person but hell'yeah those shoes are AWESOMELY AWESOME with a cherry on top!
    As a matter of fact the whole outfit is smashing, I love the navy, teal & lilac together...inspired my dear!
    Thanks a million for your sweet comment, you deserve the accolade of 'legendary frocker' for so many different reasons ;)
    Lot's of love,

  9. OH my goodness! I really MUST start looking for vintage on ebay! That dress is GORGEOUS! and you add your own style to it with the tights and heels! You never do anything half way, do you girly! I love that about you!!! Big hug! ~Serene

  10. Oh my, this outfit is amazing!! I think it's jut so funky and fun :) And I absolutely love your shoes, they are gorgeous! I love that shade of purple. Your whole look is beautiful.
    -Kelli <3

  11. Where in the world did you find those shoes? they are as awesome as you are! Great outfit and I love the cardi.

  12. You look stunning in that dress, it's gorgeous. I always approve of leopard print, love the shoe and tights colour combo and your rings are great. Win!

  13. I have been eyeing those shoes, they look so beautiful with those tights! My favorite has gotta be that slip, I would just feel sexy knowing that was underneath :)

  14. The dress is fabulous - and made for posing! Love it with all the leopard.

  15. The shoes are absolutely gorgeous! Love the leopard print details too..


  16. Oh God, I'm not sure I could possibly love an outfit more if I tried. I LOVE it. Frickin' love it.

  17. AWESOME shoes! I LOVE how you styled this oufti! Love the addition of the animal print and the bright tights!! Following!

  18. thw purple and blue is making my mouth water..droooool.

  19. I love that cardigan. You are a lady after my own heart with your love of leopard. And you have some of the wildest shoes! Love these!

  20. You got the Temptations!!!!! I took so long trying to decide between white, grey, red or black they had sold out already, hoping I might find a pair in London this weekend. I didnt even know they came in purple! x

  21. The shoes and stockings made my eyes pop, but it is the slip that pleases me most about this ensemble.

  22. I love those shoes so much I would wear them around naked (giggle)
    Im in love with the dress
    and yours so naughty showing us your flinstone slip.

  23. Desiree,
    Willa will be asking you for tips on fashion amor.
    I love all your dresses and as I am a leopard addict shoes are sexy Mama heels. I love loud colors.

  24. freakin' ferkin' dribble and drool!
    So many fabulous things about this outfit!!! EEK!
    I adore everything! You look super vixenish!!

  25. Um-yum - animal print mixing .... and those delish shoes and colour mixing in those fab fab tights - a triumph!!

  26. Meow meow, love the cardigan and slip! I never get tired of leopard. I also love the surprise of the blue dress, turquoise tights and lavender shoes. Divine!

  27. You're just too amazing for words, I love this outfit, it's crazy, yet perfect, it works like a dream and you, sweet lady, look like a million bucks. How amazing are the leopard print pieces with the bold colors and the shoes?!!!
    I've added you in my blogrol, I'm a new follower and I'm generally obsessed with your blog and style - thank you vintage vixen (talking about lovely ladies) for the link. Now I gonna spend the next two hours looking over your past posts and outfits. Kisses:)

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic


  28. That slip and those shoes are so cool :)! God, if I had to choose, I would say my fave color combo is blue & red.

  29. Oh, that dress is lovely! I adore the panels too, I imagine they're a lot of fun. :) And your shoes are to die for! What a vibrant color!


  30. GAWD!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE this!!


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