Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Behold the Beauty

At age 91, Ilona Smithkin says she's still learning to accept ageing, but believes she's got the right attitude: "experience is the realisation ... of what I've accomplished and I'm amazed with the things I've done".
The portrait artist and wearer of two-inch false eyelashes made from her own hair, is interviewed on Style Like U.
Brave, beautiful and wise, she shares her thoughts on body image and making the most of life.
"I like to combine colours, because they compliment each other.  It's like a friendship between two people."
"I've a very good relationship with my body and my hair ... we talk to each other."
"If you have three more wrinkles, it doesn't matter."
If I can live life with Ilona's words of acceptance ringing in my ears, I'm sure it will be a life well-lived.

Ilona Royce Smithkin for from StyleLikeU on Vimeo.


  1. Isnt she a card?Love her!! I have only watched half as my PC keeps stopping but she has made me smile a few times so tell me are you going to make your own falsies too? Bet you do xxx

  2. Ps I just googled her b4 the lashes and also
    another video I cant watch just yet but you may want to xxx

  3. What an inspirational woman, just like yourself! She is fabulous Xx

  4. What an amazing lady! Women like her and Iris Apfel dispel any fears I have about growing old and grey. :)

  5. I am in absolute awe. What a treasure. THIS is my kind of role model. WOW

  6. She is inspirational! I have been following (mentioned by Nelly) and she has been featured there a number of times. I think that women often become more beautiful as they age because they become more confident and less concerned with what others think and are more willing to express themselves in unique ways when it comes to fashion and dressing.

  7. She is adorable and I love that looking at her I can see a bit of me. I often wonder what kind of old lady I will be, she makes me not so afraid of the road ahead. I wish my Grandma knew how free she could have been, maybe my Mom will figure that out.

    Thanks for sharing this, made my morning!!


  8. How fantastic of you my dear Desiree to bring us this interview. She is so fabulous.

  9. Very inspiring, I also loved seeing her bookshelf of books that she has read. what a neat woman.

  10. How about the room in which she was filmed? The colors were just fantastic! I love her--I've seen her before on Advanced style--so cute.

  11. Hilarious! But she makes ense too. Thanks for sharing.xx.

  12. such inspiration and she has a great sense of humor too.

  13. Hi! Added you to my "blogs I haunt" scroll on my new blog! Check it out :)

  14. Desiree, I absolutely love your blog and am surprised that I have not visited it more often. You are beautiful and write very thoughtful posts. I fell in love with Ilona, she is a true embodiment of self confidence and being comfortable in your own skin!

  15. to be honest, i didn't knew her before but i feel totally inspired by her words and style. thanks for sharing.

  16. Oy my god, thank you for sharing this! This lady is truly incredible and very inspirational. I had never heard of her before, but she is quite a character, in the best of ways!
    - Emily

  17. This is just awesome. There's really nothing else to say! What an awesome attitude!!

    I've been blogging MIA for quite a while now, but I'm so glad to be back and catch up on your blog. Hope things are going well with you!!


  18. This woman doesn't surprise me me or make me gasp in astonishment. Simply because HELL YEAH! why shouldn't she be who she is and the way she is?! Gosh I hope you understand where I'm going with this!

    Ilona is beautiful, fabulous, nurturing, awe inspiring and a role model and what every woman should aspire to be... thine own self be true.

    Like you.

  19. I've wanted a pair of Melissa Viv West shoes for agaes and you outfit looks great with them. Check you out!

  20. How fantastic, I hope I'm as fab when I'm her age! And now I'm totally jonesing for those red lashes...


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