Monday, June 6, 2011

Hey, How You Doing?

I think the cheongsam should be renamed, the Happy Dress.
I don't recall ever feeling so frisky on a Monday morning, wearing this little darling I bought at yesterday's flea market for $3.
It fits ... everywhere;).

I thrifted the shoes a couple of years ago for about $4.
So lucky to find a pair of 1960s evening shoes in my size - with rhinestones intact!
The navy, vintage bag was a gift from the delicious Nelly, who is desperately trying to avoid being squashed by her vast vintage collection and is now frantically selling much of it off.
Help a friend in need and have a gander at her eBay store and Facebook page.

I've been inspired to do something more with my eyebrows since Vix got her's tattooed last month.
So I got mine waxed and tinted by my Hungarian lady at yesterday's flea market.
I usually just get them shaped with wax, but my brows are naturally pale and boring (unlike my hair which is naturally mousey and boring).
Can anyone recommend permanent brow solutions?
I don't want to be bothered with waxing and tinting.

I went to a pop-up vintage fashion market in West End on Saturday and bought these massive 1970s sunnies for $3.
I had a lovely day out with The Stylist - she'd saved her pocket money and proudly presented her bargains to the checkout lady outside.
I have a vintage shopping buddy at last - sheer bliss indeed!

The Stylist snapped this pic of me at the pop-up market before we had brunch and headed down to the West End market next to the river.
It was an absolutely gorgeous day; about 24 degrees, clear skies and the whole city was buzzing with people enjoying their weekend.

I spotted this caravan that does the market rounds - it's called The Best Little Vintage Van in Vegas.
The owner hitches her tiny red caravan to her car and sets up her vintage treasures at the other end.
Isn't it gorgeous?
What a life!

Sorry about my lily-white legs here. 
I was so excited about this 1970s, intensely bright, cotton frock that I bought at the pop-up market for $5, I just had to slip it on and snap off some shots as soon as I got home.

The purple and pink colours are psychedelic!
I only wish I was going to Glastonbury or Creamfields in the UK:).
While we were out, I also bought a new pair of patent leather Doc Martens ... from a real shop!
My first IRL retail purchase since ... I can't remember.
Number Two Son is hanging out the washing ... thanks son, good lad:)).

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend my lovelies.
Desiree xo


  1. I'm most curious about this eyebrow process...since as I age my eyebrows grow curiouser and curioser.

    What a lovely way to make a living--pulling around a shop in a little bit of a trailer.

    You look fantastic in your new cheongsam!

  2. Love the violet tights in the first look and the patchwork skirt in the shopping photo. It sounds lovely to have a thrifting weekend. About the brows, I use a stencil, eyeshadow brush and eyeshadow every day to fill them in. Of course, it's an everyday thing but it's pretty quick and easy. Debbie

  3. You are just so freakin' cute, GF in all the above outfits!!! How do you do it?????
    anyway, there is eyebrow tattooing. (sp?) I worked for one; just make sure your aesthetic is the same as theirs. Don't have to worry about swimming....

  4. THAT BLUE makes your eyes really stand out, so pretty.

  5. Hi Desiree!

    Was that you at the Chandler markets yesterday?

    Best regards,


  6. Wow looks like you had a great time! That blue chinese dress is gawj and I love it with those tights.The market looks fabulous x

  7. Your eyes looked so lovely the eyebrow tint made them pop.I used to do all that stuff once even the semi tattooing threw it all away silly me!! I could have done yours.
    Love that purple outfit too and I will have to share all my cheongsams very soon.Dunno if any will fit tho.Did you see my wedding dress bs post?And I have a giveaway you must join in.
    PS thanks for mentioning me xx

  8. So beautiful :)))

    LOVE minnja

  9. Fantastic buys darl, wait til you see the buy-up (clothing) I did today, the best I've ever done, almost beyond belief. I'm keeping a black 20s dress for myself, can't wait to show it off.xx.

  10. Dear Desiree, you look fabulous as always. I love your pink tights and your bargains are amazing. The sixties shoes, the sunglasses! The dress!

    I've never had a tattoo but I've considered having my eyebrows done. Mine are fair like yours. I had them threaded and tinted a while ago and that was good but it fades quickly so I'm back to pencilling them in. The best pencils for our colouring are Laura Mercier in blonde or Chanel in blonde.

    Hope you had a fantastic weekend xx

  11. I want to steel everything you are wearing, my dear Desiree.

  12. Get those eyebrows tattooed like mine, you'll never regret it, worth every penny!
    Love the Chinese frock but the psychedelic dress is to die for. It really would be perfect for festivals, you wouldn't get lost in the crowds. xxx

  13. Desiree... I cannot say this enough... you are SO gorgeous and my style icon. YOU are someone to be inspired by, not these beige celebrities with their millions of dollars and stylists.

    The cheongsam ensemble is to die for!

  14. Oooh I've never done anything ever to my brows - I feel like I've been robbed of a lifechanging experience. No one cares about my brows as they are too transfixed my hair and they're usually hidden by fringe.

    What fabberoo outfits - I'm particularly loving the cotton frock and the patchwork ensemble.
    And the sunglasses.
    And the shoes.

    What a lovely Monday treat!

  15. Gah - I meant transfixed BY my hair (it looks like a shocking pink rats nest mostly).

  16. Oh my hot tamale!
    Is there anything you dont look good in? love the colors in your Chinese dress amor.
    the 60's dress suits you so well, you remind me of Twiggy. gold shoes are divine.that little caravan is the cutest.yeah, you should get your eyebrows tattoed like Vixcita. I love the shape.

  17. I love Cheongsams and your candy pink legs. Your eyes look wonderful lined with black kohl!

  18. loving the bright shirt dress, the pink tights with gold shoes and the pop up shop!!

  19. Desiree you look fabulous as always, what amazing finds. I agree with Vix, why don't you get your eyebrows tatooed.

  20. I love that patchwork skirt. And the 60's bright short dress! Omg! Love that sort of thing, you lucky duck.

  21. love the way the exotic blue dress looks with the hot pink tights! =)

  22. Hi Desiree, long time no see, I've been neglecting your amazing posts lately yet I want U to know how much I love them: gorgeous outfits and exquisite colors. Ciao Bella!

  23. SO fabulous - you seriously fantastic in EVERYTHING!

    I love the colour combos and accessories, as always, and mostly, I love the twinkle in your eye!

    Sarah xxx


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