Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where Did You Get That Hat?

Don't you just love a bit of a vintage hat?
Even if it's quaint, a bit ludicrous, or just plain ridiculous, as long as I love it, I'll find a way to wear it. 
I adore hats, head pieces, veils and hair bands, particularly little cocktail numbers of the period from the late 1920s to the early 1950s.
So I thought I'd  show you my humble collection harvested over the years from eBay, thrift stores and flea markets.
Here are my cocktail hats, which have made the coffee table their semi-permanent home.
Wearing one of these babies always brings a smile to my dial.

The darling yet troublesome Peaches, who is constantly getting legless, is on the right and wearing my 1960s, vinyl, snake-print, belted trench.

Felt hats (L-R): 1930s red with grosgrain ribbon and 1920s burnt orange cloche, 1940s black with feathers (just seen).
Second row: 1950s black and white straw bucket hat, 1940s purple felt with grosgrain ribbon.
I don't wear these much as I have such a fat head:(.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. xo


  1. How wonderful they all are. I never wear hats, although I love them. Spanish people don´t wear them, not even in the heat or the cold.
    Now a days they seen at wedding, which is a hopeful beginning.
    I am off to a wedding soon ( no hat though ). It will be my first time out after the op. so I am quite looking forward to it. See if i can take a few photos.
    Have a super weekend beautiful.

  2. What a precious collection ! I'm happy you answered my comment, because I do love your style and your blog, that inspires me so much !

  3. Beautiful hat collection are really incredible to peek at:)

    Love it!!!

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  4. I adore your hat collection, particularly the mustard plush and purple plush ones at the bottom. Sadly I have a humungous head so all the vintage hats I come across end up on ebay as they balance atop my head in a most unseemly fashion.

  5. great collection! thanks for the lovely comment and follow. i've followed you back :)

  6. Thanks for sharing! I love it!


  7. What a fine collection! What a dressing up box you have! (Spying that fab snake print trench in the background) I wore hats religiously as a young(er) woman in Oz. I all but stopped when I moved to the UK and eventually gave all my collection bar two or three away as I kept moving and there was nowhere to store them. Now I wish I'd kept them!

  8. Woahh vintage hats :D
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  9. i love hats!! these are fantastic <3

  10. You have a lovely collection of hats! I used to wear hats as a kid to church but sadly they seem to have fallen out of fashion and no one really wears them here. I love your cloche hats, they are lovely.


  11. Divine collection,darling!! I'm huge headed too!!I have a few hats,I enjoy them but am not a big fan.Some of yours make me a little envious,though!

  12. the burnt orange hat is a killer! I wonder if you've discovered The Whimsical Nerd. She uses a lot of "fascinators" in her styling.

  13. Hi girl, I love all your hats. I love hats too but it's the rarest pieces in my closet.

    You must love Anya. She's one of those atelier that I so adore when it comes to hats.

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  15. Love your hat collection. I also have a hefty head and have trouble getting cloche hats to fit. Still love them, though. They are sooo cute!

  16. hats are like can't have only one :)

  17. WOW! Sucha lovely hat/headpiece collection. I am going to do a millinery course next year at TAFE. I can't wait to make hats and awesome fascinators!

  18. I've been thinking about building up a hat collection, but so far no luck in finding anything suitable... these are great!


  19. I love a good vintage hat, and your collection has me green with envy!


  20. this is an inspirational collection of headpieces. .

    if my own collection suddenly develops, I know who i have to blame for it ;)

  21. oh wow!!! I`m admiring you! amazing collection!

  22. Loving your hat collection- I love hats and the kookier, the better!


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