Sunday, October 24, 2010

Meet Zelda, my 94-year-old role model.

Yes, I have found a role model.  
It's Zelda Kaplan, who says:
"So many young people are so afraid of becoming old.  I would like them to know that from someone who is 94 years young, it is fun to be old".

The gorgeous New Yorker has been featured on Style Like U and I've added her brief, yet inspirational style-video for your viewing pleasure.
I wish she was my big sister.

Zelda from from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.


  1. What a fascinating woman! I was just telling my daughter yesterday that what is really nice about getting older is that I worry less and less about what people think. Sweet liberty!

  2. Wonderful video and what a fascinating lady. Her outfits here remind me very much of the vibrant forms of national dress I see some African ladies in London wearing when they get dressed up to go to church.

  3. How wonderful she is. Do you think we will be having a blog and posting at 95 years young???. Really something to look forward to.

  4. wow! She's super cool. I love the really really tall stripey hat.

  5. I adore you and your blog and I'm thrilled I found it! I too hope to grow old disgracefully (if it means doing what you are!)



    November Grey
    Stop by for a gorgeous art giveaway!

  6. Brilliant lady, great style. I can't wait to get old if it possible to stay that cool at 95.
    Have you checked out the Advanced Style blog? It's full of fabulous older people. xxx

  7. Amazing! I really hope I can be like this when I'm that old.

  8. OMG, what a worthwhile video clip this is,
    amazing yet moving: she's so good-looking
    and showing a fantastic taste for color:
    she's definitely 94 ys. young!!!
    Thanks for sharing, dear, all the best.

  9. Marvelous role model! Such a love of life. I hope to be that grand when get to be her age (I have to live forever for my daughter, as I don't want to miss any part of her life.) I think you're well on your way to that fabulousness!

  10. PS I agree with the other poster that mentioned the Advanced Style blog. It's filled with wonderful people, who prove youth means nothing when it comes tom style!

  11. very cool and inspirational woman!

    I laughed when she talked about her mother being a seastress and checking the inside of the clothes--I do the same thing!

  12. True inspiration!!! I'm pretty sure we'll all be just as sublime,and blogging wildly about wilst pumped with all kinds of old people drugs!Yeah!

  13. Socks--thanks for pointing this out! Looks like I may be spending some time at Styleliku.

  14. My english is to bad to understand everything, but this lady in her african art forest is so touching !

  15. wow she's such a sweetheart! thanks for sharing :)

    love, M

  16. Aww she's adorable! Great advice!

    <3 Kelly

  17. she is absolutely fantastic! my gradmothers and grandgrandmothers were chic too, but n not to such extend. brilliant!

  18. i'm following you as well. you've such incredible style. love it!

  19. Respect. Indeed. I love how you touch on the subject of 'growing old' so fearlessly-- even your 'growing old disgracefully' tagline! So many people are afraid of growing older and into 'the unknown' but I think all of life must be lived and embraced, and if today is well-lived, then you set an awesome bedrock for tomorrow!

    And in a well-dressed fashion too!


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