Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lady of Bacongo

I'm living proof that real people actually win stuff here on the interwebz.
I threw my name into the hat when one of my favourite magazines, the Toronto-based, Worn Fashion Journal, invited web-subscribers to win some fash-pash books and I leapt at the chance when I spied a copy of Daniele Tamagni's Gentlemen of Bacongo up for grabs.
And win it I did!
So what has this outfit to do with the book?

When it was released a year ago I saw these images and was desperate to buy the book, but it was not to be.
Nicknamed "Dandy Lions" in some of the press subsequent to the book's release, these chaps are irresistible.

I'm melting.

So the gods must be smiling on me because the same day I won the book, I stopped in my tracks at my local Aid for the Blind thrift store when I spotted this baby.

After sleeping on it, I realised the book was an inspiration for my next outfit and I decided I wanted to style one starting with my new gorgeous, African, fluorescent-yellow necklace.
I don't remember starting an outfit with a necklace, probably because I've never had one that's so loud.
It seemed destined for these shoes.

Africa and the chaps of Bacongo call.
I'm heeding it.

The dress is a 1950s duchess satin in my favourite shades of green and when I thrifted it for $3 it was already showing lots of wear and tear.
It had evidence of having been stored on a wire hanger and the right shoulder seam was going to blow.
It was only a matter of time.
Most of my refashioning ideas come to me at night and after many spent mulling over my dilemma, I schemed to remove the offending shoulder completely.
I waited and wore the dress until the inevitable happened.
Then I marked out where I wanted to cut in tailors chalk, held my breath, cut, then made a bias binding facing.
I think it's worked.
I hope the dress has retained its vintage charm, but it's now a little more modern to me.
Here with 1950s purple, veiled fascinator; 1960s purple, satin gloves/1950s cream, sheer gloves; fence-net tights; 1960s red, vinyl bag and white, faux-fur wrap.

Accessory close-ups.

Thanks for bearing with me with the pics.
I love to see people's outfit details, so I've done likewise as there were lots of accessories.
Hope you're all having a wonderful week. xo


  1. you put together the best outfits! I've posted about this book before, you're lucky to have a copy!

  2. You have done a wonderful job with the dress. I do not know how it looked before, but it is stunning now. Love the print, the colour and the way you have mix and match textures.
    The necklace was made for that dress.
    Love the shoes, too.
    Well, everything...

  3. What a fabulous idea with that dress, you've turned it into something so current and totaly unique. The yellow necklace is something I'd have snapped up in a heartbeat, what a beauty.
    Great win with that book, I remember watching a documentary about those dapper gents, they are an inspiration. xxx

  4. That is a great necklace. I mean, as usual I love the whole outfit, but the yellow necklace was an awesome find!

  5. I saw you on Wardrobe Refashion and I said outloud, "OH MY GOD. This woman is fabulous. I love her." So naturally I came to your blog and could not be more excited about this discovery! You really are fabulous :)

  6. That book looks awesome! Almost as awesome as your outfit. ;)

  7. Ooooo I love your dress! Looking great as always. x

  8. Wow! You have just hit the jackpot! The necklace is just fabulous!! I cannot believe it was thrifted....and what you did with that cutie pie dress? BRILLIANT! A definite SCORE!! You should open an accessory shop, you certainly know how to use them! ~Serene

  9. Socks--you need to try this with more dresses. I think I like the style.

  10. You look insane! I love your head piece :) Congrats on winning!!

    style activist

  11. OMG I am sooo in love with every detail fo this outfit!!! And,shit,I must track down that book,G would go mad for it!!
    What a treat to win that necklace!!!And what a wonder it inspired!!I love what you did to give a tired frock new life-it just HAS to be done at times!!
    EEEEEEKKK,you rock!!
    (between you & Vix & Jem I just can't breathe!!!You're all so FAB!)

  12. Just stumbled upon your blog via Idee Fixe and what a great find! I love all your inspiration pics on the right and you look amazing!

  13. fabulous! now that's what i call true style. . quirky, original with a dash of eccentricity thrown in. spirited!

    and those shoes. . i am speechless.

    anyway, i am beginning a series of shoe posts & have always loved your shoes (well, your style in general). . i'm inviting bloggers to tell their own shoe story evolution in a narrative of their own style. i've posed some questions that i'm curious about as well, at the top of the post.

    here's mine

    and i am looking forward to seeing yours if you have the time!

  14. Waw, it's fireworks of ideas, colors and beauty that you gave us !
    I love the "sapeurs" (that's how we say in french, in english I don't know) I had already seen these photos in a magazine and loved them so much, thanks for reminds them to me !

  15. I want to trade you your yellow necklace for mine--which is all different colored beads. Tis true! We have the same necklace in different colors on different sides of the world! I want your because Yellow is my favorite color!

    Look is SOOOOO cute!

  16. When I grow up I want to be just like you babe!! You rock!!

    xo Steph

  17. Yay! So cool that you won! And I would have to say, that was pretty awesome inspiration. I love the hairpiece and that fab necklace. You put it together so well! I've missed you on the blogosphere. I've been so out of things. It's been too long since I've last visited. Your outfit post was a breath of fresh thank you!!!


  18. Just an amazing outfit, really like th ewhole a idea girl!!!! wowwww

  19. Lady you look stunning and vicious with your style!

  20. Ah yes I've seen this book too! Love the accessories especialy those leopard print wedges! I love the headpiece too. Great job on the dress - very clever idea and the new one-shoulder style looks great on you.

  21. Another great combination! I love how you style all those prints together!


  22. Hey lovely,
    What a fabulous book, I LOVE the pic of them wearing full Scottish garb, AWESOME!
    I have a weakness for African fabrics & warrior masks.
    I'd love to travel around in Africa one day.
    You've done a great job revamping that dress, it's not unusual to come across vintage dresses with badly worn armholes & this is a great way of breathing new life into them.
    I have a few 50s frocks where the armholes are actually too small for my arms & I've been pondering what best to do with them revamping wise?!
    Your idea certainly offers up a potential design.
    I love your outfit in this post, it’s Très Magnifique!
    Lot’s of love,

  23. Congratulations on your happily-fated win!

    I'm not normally a fan of yellow, much less fluorescent yellow, but this fabulous intricate necklace has changed my mind -- at least, in this very special case. I also love it layered with your other necklaces.

    That's a wonderful shapely dress, and I love the modern edge you've given it with the asymmetrical shoulder line. A successful experiment.

    I look forward to more Dandy Lion-inspired posts!

  24. Absolutely FABULOUS, again! Love the yellow and purple accessories!

  25. You make me dizzy with your style. LOVE you outfit and the fact that streetstyle inspired it.

    You are now on my blogroll. Cuz I like doing my readers a favor. xo. -Bella Q

  26. your accessories are so dementing!!i love tht yellow necklace!!your stockings and the leopard shoes are wild!!tht's my love!wildness!

  27. oh gosh! you1re sooo unique, I just can`t describe how well you can putt all that stuff together to get a fantastic look! bright colours, prints and it doesn`t all look like you overdo, if you see what I mean, it looks like it`s all complete creation!


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