Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Forces

Shop assistants are starting to ask me, "What are you going to dress up as this Halloween?"
Well I'm not sure if I'll actually be doing anything, but my repeated and truthful answer is, "Probably myself".
It's true.
But then I guess when they see this get-up, maybe they think some people are starting early this year.

This is an everyday look for me.
I snaffled some Black Milk Bones seconds leggings that are going for just $30!
They arrived yesterday, the same day this 1960s red, wool cape reached out and slapped me in a thrift store.
It's alive!!!!!
I've yearned for a vintage, red cape for about ... well, forever.

As for Halloween, if the ghouls intend to drag me into their depths this weekend, they're going to have to haul me away as I am.
I have to admit that I'm seeing Halloween as an opportunity for some dubious craziness this year, probably because I have kids that want to do the same.
Oh well, I'll either spend the whole weekend making costumes only to fall into a sobbing heap come nightfall, or make rude faces at my neighbours.
Meanwhile, here's what I wore this evening.
Bones leggings; thrifted wool cape; 1930s peach silk top; Forever 21 booties; 1950s ostrich-skin bag; 1950s thrifted, cotton collar.

A few more details:
The cape needs a press, but I just couldn't wait to show you, I was so excited!

Is Halloween just another day for you, or do you really go for it?


  1. You look awesome! That red cape is fab and those leggings are amazing! Apt for halloween. Your boys must be so excited about going trick or treating with you - sure they have the coolest Mum in the suburb!!

  2. I adore your cape! And those leggings are so seasonally appropriate! (I'm partial to bats!) I admit we go all out. This year on Halloween we will be celebrating our 20th year of marriage -- yes we were married on Halloween after knowing each other less than 5 months YIPES, crazy! We usually do a massive outdoor display combining my neighbour & our house and setting up in our driveway which brings people from all over. But this year I want to enjoy our anniversary So we'll have brunch at the inn where we got married & had our reception, then later we'll dress up and take the Punk Glam Princess trick or treating (I finished making her costume last week thank goodness). I'm still figuring what to dress up as, but we all always do spooky so you can bet it'll be very creepy!

  3. I must admit that I find bone prints on clothes a bit scary... also, any idea why the label is called "Black Milk"? ('cos that's scary too!) The red cape is very cool, though. I'm thinking of sewing a red cape for myself later this fall.


  4. oooooo!!! I love the leggings and the oxfords! So super cute!!!

  5. Awesome outfit! I imagine if this were a halloween costume, you could say you were Red Riding Hood on the day that she didn't outsmart the wolf! Haha!

    Loooove your blog!

    xx Claire

  6. Halloween is just a children thing in Spain, influenced by American films I suppose...Here is more about taking flowers to the dead...Not my cup of tea, so I keep away from it all.
    Love, Your cape. I am sure you will delight us with many more options of wear, being such a nice and versatile colour. I am speechless about the leggins: magnificent. wowwwwwwwwwww

  7. LOVE your red cape look fabulous!

    Stop By and Say Hello♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  8. Love the cape, it's just delicious. Maybe you, Helga, Jem and I should form a band of caped crusaders and go trick or treating together.
    Those leggings are insane, perfect for Hallowe'en.
    Veshoevious is right, you are the coolest Mum on the block. xxx

  9. Ho legging it amazing, I love prints of bones and skulls, although it is not Halloween! I was also slapped on a coat in a thrift store today when we see certain parts have to get them in time if not come and do another! Hugs

    Sorry for my english translate on google and it never gets really good!

  10. cape, leggings, awesome.

    i like to wear costumes, which of course i put together myself. this year, i'm a bit skint, so not so much a big party but a mellow thing: i might haunt the streets to take photos.

  11. You go girl. You should be a fashion model.

  12. hi!!!my gad, may i ask how old are u?no, im serious!!im loving the way you are, the outfits, the beauty and confidence! thts why i followed!i found u at Seamstress Stories, hope we can be friends?i love your cape, if you wanna sell it, let me know!my halloween, i decided not to go costume this time, im spending my money for the biggest flea market in the state the day before the halloween party!

  13. Amazing! I've seen sweatshirts that match these leggings - perfect for a skeleton costume! The boy and I are going as spaghetti and meatballs this year. Silly, I know, but it was all that was left at Target.

  14. i am in love withthis outfit! absolutelu unique, and i am in love with your brilliant leggins!!!

  15. LOVE your cape...and those leggings? TOO AWESOME!!! I had no idea they made those sort of things. You look great. Halloween? I'm not really into it. Fun for kids, but it's kinda lost its luster to me for whatever reason...


  16. Fecking hell,you ARE the coolest Mum on the block!! Aaarrgh,what an awesome look!! The red cape is to die for,dammit.
    Halloween,schmalloween,I couldn't care less,really,but this year I am a little excited,as so many blogging lovelies have fun sounding plans.....I might just get pissed,stuff my face with sweets and endeavour to look fabulous!!!

  17. Oh, wonderful ! How can you invent outfit so stylish, chic and also funny and creative ? Perfect balance !
    Halloween, well, I've bought candy's for the neighbourhood's children because I don't want to be tormented by little ghosts, vampires, zombies and witches !

  18. I LOVE those tights!
    You have such imagination and creativity with clothes (:

  19. I LOVE this PHOTOS)))
    Very BEAUTIFUL)))
    Lovely, SUPER STYLE!!!

  20. Very cool outfit ... :0)

    Shirl x

  21. your blog is fantastic! i love your voice, very quirky and funny, a joy to read. i think your personal style is great. definitely unique and all your own, you look comfortable and confident in this outfit. i love it! that cape is fantastic. i do hope you'll post something more on halloween and let us know what you ended up doing. i hope there is less sobbing and more rude faces in store for you. =P

    p.s. thank you for your comment on my blog!
    Vogue Gone Rogue

  22. such lovely bones!

  23. I love it that the butt is actually there as well!
    Too cute :)
    Loving your widget collection, too :)
    I have since altered mine, as per a few suggestions and really miss the "Cirque de Reva" ;)

  24. Your blouse and collar are PERFECTION together! BRAVO on your scary chic look. You absolutely NEVER disappoint! Serene

  25. I love that amazing red cape paired with those super fun leggings! :)

  26. Your outfit is flawless! You've inspired me to wear my red cape again, took me so long to make and I've only worn it twice because I hated the red riding hood reference. Those legginsg are a cool halloween-y touch


  27. Ahhh, I love your leggings! They're amazing.

  28. OMG, those leggings are killing me and your little red riding hood cape may be in need of a press but it's simply gorgeous. Have a blissful Halloween weekend!!!

  29. I am absolutely MAD about your cape and leggings!! They look fabulous - this is such a bold outfit and you look a-mazing. Happy Halloween!! Sharon xx

  30. i've been yearning for a red cape forever too and i love yours. . halloween come early? you look chic and amazing doing that anyway :)

  31. This is such a fun outfit. The red cape is very stylish :)

  32. I`ve never seen something like this before, it`s such a vintagy and stylish Halloween outfit!!:) and what a bag!!! marvelous!!!

  33. Fantastic blog!
    LOVE your style!


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