Monday, October 11, 2010

God is a DJ

Well it was spring here.
But the heavens have opened and there've been gales and floods for several days now.
The gods have decreed the people of Brisbane shall have leaky roofs, trees over roads and lines, washed-out festivals, wet feet and bad hair.
Ah but it means I can wear this glorious little red 1950s coat I bought on eBay last year. 
I love the cut, bracelet-length sleeves, big buttons and pockets and lovely wide neckline and collar.
And it's warm.
I had hoped it would be worn more often but I wore my kimonos and furs to the max this winter.
The green kilt is still on rotation and I decided on a cheeky combination by pairing it with a blue, 1960s, wool, sequinned and beaded shell top, fence-net tights and anti-weather Docs.
The coat screams for armloads of bangles but I slipped arse-over-tit in the wet today and landed on my right knuckles, so they're a bit tender.
Oh and do you like my 1950s white, ostrich-skin handbag?  I bought it at a Melbourne flea market for ten bucks. It's big enough to carry all my crap in style.

Look no black clothing!

Shimmy, shimmy.

I took a couple of cms off the bottom of what was turning into a hideous Camilla Parker-Bowles hair-don't and gave it a razor-cut before taking these shots - I'm happy with how it turned out.
And I love how these 1960s whites baubles scream for attention.

I hope you're well-rested and stepping into the new week looking utterly gorgeous. xo


  1. It's really a gorgeous coat to wear and always, very impressive!

  2. Oh I love this outfit! That coat is awesome, but as a mermaid lover I gotta say I love that top. SO MUCH.

  3. I just gasped when I saw that bag! That is the best flea market find I've ever seen for sure!

  4. Fabulous outfit!
    I love the cool mint green & hot chilli red combo.
    Have a fabulous week my dear.

  5. Love your outfit. very classy.

  6. I'm liking the sequined shell with the kilt. I always like BRIGHT colors on rainy days.

    Who has been complaining about your black?

    And the ostrich purse--too good!

  7. That minty green looks utterly divine on you and that red coat is amazing, too.
    Camilla Parker-Bowles? Good god, I don't think so.

  8. Nothing like a fire engine red coat in a feminine cut to lift the spirits in bad weather. That shell top is very pretty too. Sounds like Brisbane is taking a battering!

  9. LOVE your outfit...that coat is gorgeous!!!

    Stop by and say Hello♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  10. I love your hair better now. Love that glorious coat and the white bag.
    You made me laugh about the weather, he, he.
    Un puñado de besos.

  11. That's an awesome top! Love it xxx

  12. How horrible is this weather? I'm in NSW so we're not getting as bad weather as QLD. I wish Spring would hurry back. I love your red coat! And I especially love the bag you got for $10! Awesome bargain. Xx

  13. Love your blog! Please visit/join mine:)

  14. Ha - loved the Camilla Parker Bowles comment. I don't think so, your hair looks great.

    Looking FAB in the red coat and beautiful green blouse.

    Hope it has stopped raining, nobody likes a flood. Trust you and your family are safe from harm.

    ~Bonnie xxx

  15. You look great !!!
    Your eclectic mixes are so inspiring , loving the beaded top. I notice you're getting quite the fan base :) Well deserved !!!!!!! And a great bag, too! I'm glad blogger is being nicer to you as well :)

  16. Awesome bag, and awesome coat! I never understood that the short-ish sleeves are for showing off bangles, thanks for explaining that! (I couldn't do it - I prefer my cold hands wrapped up to their knuckles in sleeves in the winter...) The top and skirt combination is also very cool.



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