Tuesday, October 12, 2010

House Rent Boogie

I think the shoes came first in choosing this outfit.
How impractical for soggy, wet grass - but it just had to be done.
I haven't worn these wedges for ages.
I bought them about five years ago and thought they were going to be an expensive, regrettable, trendy item that would date after one or two seasons.
I still love them as much as the day I floated out of the shop with them.
It was a good lesson to learn - who gives a crap about whether they're the latest thing or not?
When it comes to shoes, if they make you feel like a horny toad, then work them.
I really wanted to get these shots done outdoors between the torrential downpours we're having - so I chose something happy to wear to perk me up after a tough day juggling the pennies around.
This is a 1970s old-stock dress I thrifted last year, with its original tag still attached.

I love wearing it - I feel like I should be strolling the streets of New Orleans in this get-up, with some crusty, old busker crooning passersby:).
I've added a 1940s fox collar, fishnets and bangles - of which my collection is s-l-o-w-l-y growing.
I want armloads like Nancy Cunard.

I've added my favourite Mona Lisa earrings which are starting to look a bit worse for wear, 1960s black mesh gloves and a 1960s gold plastic hair clip.

Butter wouldn't melt while wearing my Mary Janes;P.

Shoe porn shot (don't look at my nails - I said don't!)


Cheeky tip of the day:  Dive into the back of your closet and style something, anything that you find there.  After all, if it's in your closet, why aren't you wearing it? xoxo


  1. LOVE the polka dots and fishnets.....fabulous look on you!!!

    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  2. The dress reminds me of the one my sister made ( I have shorten it now), love it... The shoes look confotable as well as beautiful. How interesting the Mona Lisa earrings.
    Gorgeous ensemble to keep away the rain.

  3. You look absolutely lovely in this dress! Those Mona Lisa earrings are inspired!

  4. I love everything about this outfit!


  5. Where's your umbrella? I love that dress and did not once look at your toes in that shoe porn shot! I did however, spy those Mona Lisa earrings and am covered green with jealousy. I love them! Love all the photos on your sidebar. Hope the weather clears up soon!

    ~Bonnie xxx

  6. Gorgeous of course! I love it :)))))



  7. Oh you just get more and more fabulous! How I love stacks of bangles, I thought I was the bangle queen until I spotted that beauty in your side bar!
    Loving your challenge, but if I rifled to the back of my wardrobe I may disappear for good.
    Your toes look pretty good to me and I adore those earrings! xxx

  8. I love this outfit, very different from your usual!

    I've given you an award over on my blog!

  9. THE EARRINGS. omgomgomg love them so bad. I need 6 pairs, yesterday (6 because I would lose/break most)
    Love the polka dot dress with the mesh gloves and fishnets. TEXTURE.

    x x x

  10. Gorgeous outfit! The shoes are my favourite bit of your outfit. I have to invest in some wedges. x

  11. I love the fur with the dots. You've inspired me in how to style my childhood garage sale fur stole plus a little dotted blouse I love but have never worn. Stay tuned! Fur scarves are such the thing again over here, for fall/winter. How does yours fasten in front? I haven't been able to figure that from my fashion magazine photos, and I'd like to know how to convert my stole to a crossover scarf.

  12. the shoes ARE keepers, but I'm thinking I have fox collar and Mona Lisa earring envy.

  13. Feck you look awesome today!!! LOVE that frock,and your accessorising is spot on..........lol...hmmmm
    Yes,I think you may rival Vix as bangle queen one day,but right now I think she kicks everyones ass!!!I smell competition!!

  14. this is a wow look! you`ve made me laugh when saying "don`t look at my shoes porn":) for me what makes this outfit is a faux fur colar! stunning dress of course but this colar adds something unique!


  15. Super look ! you look absolutely cute in it...i also like you in the blond fur vest below...chicissimo ! :-)

  16. Beautiful dress, will always be in use at any time!

  17. great shoes and love the fur collar, the bangles are growing :)

  18. I am quite envious of your dress. I love polka dots there is something very elegant and classy about them. I liked how you mixed things up with the unexpected fishnets & bangles, it a good look :)

  19. The dress is so gorgeous. It looks very well made and fits you like a glove. And I love the addition of the little collar. Very chic. :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada


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