Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Walk the Line

Isn't it interesting how an item of clothing can be utterly naff in one part of the world, yet oh-so-cool in another?
I'm certain that if I wore this London Underground "Official Merchandise" t-shirt in London, someone would trip me up on the Tube platform.
Yet here in Brisbane, I constantly get comments like "omg your t-shirt's so cool!", whenever I wear the darn thing, which I thrifted for four bucks.
I once wore it to a music festival and constantly got comments.
It actually embarrasses me as I feel it's the cultural equivalent of wearing a shirt emblazoned with a bouncing kangaroo on it, here in Oz.
But I wear this t-shirt as I've always loved the graphic element of the London Tube map.
Practically every second station holds a memory for me.

Still pretty chilly here so out came another cape.
This time another vintage Scottish tartan cape, but this one is crafted from mohair and wool. 
Oh so soft:).
It was thrifted for the, once again, magic figure of $4.
I'm also wearing Bitching and Junkfood leather shorts, thrifted (new) tights and thrifted silver, leather granny shoes.

But I needed to junk it up a bit more so I've added DIY pink arm-warmers, 1960s white earrings and fists full of rings.

You can see a bit more of the shirt here, but if you're British or live in London I can understand if you're thinking "Why?" ;P.

I thought I'd show you the arm-warmers as many of you delicious lovelies are going into fall and they're a great way to extend the use of t-shirts as you drift into cooler weather.
Adding a cape is another great way of adding an extra layer for warmth without the claustrophobic nature of a coat.
Moving from the spare layers of summer into heavy winter layers can have it's psychological barriers, so hopefully I've given you a couple of ideas to play with.

Accessories close-up:

Yes the arm-warmers are tights. 
I just cut the legs off at crotch level.
Then at the toe, snip a tiny slice for your thumb and a bigger slice off the "toe" for the rest of your fingers to pop through.

Do tell:  Which type of clothing gives you cultural-cringe?


  1. This t-shirt IS so cool! And it goes nicely with this, in case you don't know it yet:

    I have yet to learn to pull off the shorts-with-tights look the way you do.

    My cultural cringe: certain kinds of sports clothing worn outside of sports activities, and for t-shirts, those with pictures or slogans that reflect attitudes I disagree with (sexist stuff, yay-i've-got-a-BEER-belly stuff - i.e. celebrating a culture of deliberate laziness and uncultured-ness; I have absolutely no objections to body diversity-positive stuff! - , "I'm with stupid" etc. If there's a slogan you'd better make it really witty :) I also used to have serious problems with Barbie pink clothing, but that's on the mend.


  2. Crkey love,you're blowing me away again!! Funky stuff,this.I love the London Tube Map tee,great memories for me there too! I don't get cutural cringe from much,nothing I can actually think of!! Oddly,I just opshopped a fab old Aussie t-towel that I have great plans for!Tackier the better,really!!!
    I have very similar shoes to yours!!I hope that makes me cool,haha!

  3. Ultra Cool outfit!!! the shirts is pretty awesome. My cultural cringe are footy shorts...YUCK! There are some girls that where them in my home town.. yuck yuck yucky!!!

  4. It's true that things taken out of their cultural context seem suddenly exotic and more interesting.
    I personally don't like seeing flags emblazoned and worn on things in a non-ironic way unless there is some kind of sporting event on. To me it reeks of divisive nationalism.
    The exception is that I do like seeing the union jack reworked into clothing and it's been done many times by British designers (eg McQueen for David Bowie), something about the symmetry of the union jack lends it to being reinterpreted into garments that end up looking really cool.

  5. I must copy the arm warmers, great a idea!!!!.
    If I had to choose one item it would be the wonderful cape. I think it is glorious!!!.
    Have you tryed wearing it with a knee length skirt or trousers???? Your long, slim legs are the star of the picks...jealous, jealous he, he.

  6. I love that tee! I actually really want one for NYC's subway, too, which they sell in tourist shops there but I haven't been to NYC in a while. This outfit rocks. I love your leather shorts with the tights, too.

    I hate college tees. Honestly, because I work for a college store, it really bothers me when someone calls up and wants to paper their house in everything front their college. I know, it's job security, but these people can be really mean over something as small as a tee shirt.

  7. Love, Love, Love the mohair cape! And the tights into arm warmers is ingenious!

  8. YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Loving the cape!! Should you ever tire of it, we'll have to do a swap. I also adore the hose color and the shoes. Absolutely brilliant! Your style is far more daring than mine, but I always get ideas and inspiration from you. And for that, I sincerely thank you!


  9. the cape & granny shoes are daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarling!!!

  10. That cape is UNNNBELIEVABLE! Love the brown and blue combo...reminds me a lil of 3.1 Phillip Lim's Fall 2010 collection..that plaid...OBBSESSIVE! Lookin' hott babe with all those rings..I need some of those pronto!

  11. that's a gorgeous outfit! you have a lovely blog, would you like to follow each other?

    Love, M

  12. wow wow wow. . however do you make a tube shirt look so cool!

    yes i agree it's absolutely bonkers that a piece that can look so ludicrous in A can hanker wows in B.

    i think. . cultural cringe or brand cringe, though, would be stuff like 'hard rock cafe' or 'planet hollywood' kinda tees. oh god, no! it's university t-shirts! when i was studying in cambridge, i nearly died when people asked me, 'Why aren't you buying the uni t-shirts?'. £20++ for a monstrosity in design? no way!

  13. I love it all! The rock chick shorts with the ballroom dancing shoes is just total perfection.
    I'm proud of our iconic underground map and also our flag. I used to wear my Union Jack bikini with pride! xxx

  14. Whoa, nice legs! Also cute jewelry box :D

    And sadly no, I wish the ring in the picture was mine but I had seen it on a website and underneath the photo said it was an engagement ring- so I thought what a cute (and unique) ring for a wedding! hehe.

  15. Love this! It's so playful and fun. I do not think you should have "growing old disgracefully"... should be more like "gracefully" :)

    Thank you for the sweet comments! My boy is sweet and I am very lucky to have him help me with my blog.

    style activist

  16. amazing fashion sense!

    thanku so much for commenting on my blog! means a lot :)

    feel free to follow me on google friends and bloglovin!

    keep in touch.xx

  17. Oh, the cape!!

    and the arm warmers, too easy!

  18. thanks for the arm warmer tip. gonna make some asap :)
    I so love your terrific outfits and the way you are so comfy being you !!!
    You are one of my newest idols and a regular inspiration booster :)
    Thanks ,
    Reva xxxxx

  19. I love your style, it's very original and creative !

  20. I couldn't agree more with this statement:

    Isn't it interesting how an item of clothing can be utterly naff in one part of the world, yet oh-so-cool in another?

    its so true

  21. you have an incredibly fit body! And you still look very young, despite what you say of "growing old disgracefully"-barely!

    I love how you are so unique with your style!keep it up!

    much love,
    f ashioncont a gious


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