Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm No Angel

First of all I want to say thank you to all you bloggers who have commented here on my blog.  Your words of encouragement always make me smile and give me a right ol' giggle.  I admire all of you - it's not always easy to keep up with the frantic pace of life, be creative AND blog about your creativity.  You are amazing for hanging in there. xxxx

After a lone, five-hour round-trip by train to collect a wheelchair today, I'm feeling surprisingly perky and have a little energy left for my outfit du jour.
I think it's fitting to do a little tribute to my new Black Milk wet-look catsuit that the Phoenix bought me following much secret and silent coveting on my part.
I couldn't afford it and he surprised me by buying it for me on the last day before the collection was taken offline in readiness for BM's upcoming range, which I understand will include swimsuits (torture!).
BM made one especially for me coz I needed just a teeny more length in the leg - and it arrived yesterday!
The Phoenix is a keeper and a darling.
This is the first new item of clothing I've had for countless months.
No complaints as I love thrifting and making my own gear, but it's such a delicious treat to have something brand new!
Shiny, black parcel arrives ...

Containing a shiny, stretchy, cheeky little number ...

The raw product: one catsuit.

Now for the styling part.
We all know how tricky an all-in-one can be to manage especially when a bathroom stop on the run is called for.
Soooooo, the secret is to keep the layers reeeeaaaaly simple.
Forget layering using skirts with a waistband unless you want your skirt falling in a puddle in some dingy pub loo.
Think elastic, elastic, elastic.
'Course if you're game to wear the catsuit on its own, then by all means do so with pride and confidence:) (and show us pix please!).
But I'm new to this naked-without-being-naked piece so I'm covering up a bit.
A loose tunic is fine as you can whip it off quickly then wriggle out of the catsuit.
I've chosen to wear it with my Storets cotton, ruffle shorts and my bronze bustle skirt seen at right of each pic.
Unfortunately though, the skirt elastic is baggy and needs replacing so I'll post pix once I've done that job.
Do you remember my kilt that I shortened here?
You should recognise this same fabric here then.
Yes folks the kilt is part of a suit - a cape suit!
Perfect for catsuit-wearing, vintage, superhero antics!

Worn with 1950s hairpiece I call "the birds nest", Storets ruffle shorts, jet beads and velvet platforms.

See what I mean about being easy to get on and off?  Think about it.
Another styling idea.  Different vintage headpiece and a cotton scarf.

Silk flower hair clip, rings and bangles galore.

I'm sure there are more ways to style a catsuit.
Here I've created a bit of a tuxedo version, the catsuit is worn on its own with an Etro blazer, 1950s lace collar, chunky bangles and sky-high heels.

The collar fastens up at the back with a pearl button.  Ladies used to wear these collars to decorate plain sweaters.

The ruffle shorts are back on and I've added pearl ropes, plus a purple glass and pearly bead vintage necklace.

A blond fur cape for all you readers heading into autumn.

I hope you're all having a fantastic Friday and looking forward to sparkling weekend xo.


  1. Oh my! You look utterly fabulous! What an amazing gift. You and the Phoenix are both gonna have some fun with that beauty. I'm rather envious. xxx

  2. Good for you, you have the body, so you do very well in flainting it he, he. My favourite option is the one with the white collar and also the fur cape.

  3. you have the most amazing collection of headpieces! i epecially love the second one. you don't have a white or red version of that by any chance that you could lend/sell to me?

  4. Your style is outrageous and I LOVE that about you! This looks fabulous with the fur shrug. I can tell you feel great in this! Good Job!

  5. So sexy! I wish my fella wanted to help me invest in something like that. ;-) I love the creamy beige fur cape and pearls ensemble. Also love it with the Etro blazer and pearls for a fabulous 80s feel.

  6. lovinnnn' that white ruffled collar! nice job with the styling ;)

  7. Huzzah to the Phoenix! Each styling option is FAB but my particular favorite is with the plaid cape. Love your hats too!

  8. I've never given much thought to styling a cat suit but you did a fabulous job!! I think the last look is my favorite.

  9. That CATsuit is FEROCIOUS! You look HOTTTTT! I love how you put it with so many outfits..such great styling....we should call you STYLING CATGIRL!!! MEOW!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  10. Woweee!! You styled it so well - I'd be looking for a sheer top (a lovely sequinned wafty kaftan-y thing or kimono) to layer over - I love sheers over solids. Love the last look best - you could go SO 30s decadent with this - bravo!!

  11. Aha, this is how to do it. I'm skeptical of catsuits exactly because of their one-piecey-ness, but this should work :)


  12. WOW! that cat suit is awesome! I just checked out Black Milk site and there is some seriously awesome stuff on there.

  13. OOOhhh,I wish I had that sexy number this weekend!
    I'd love to see you pair it with an oversized shirt/tunic as well, or a sheer dress :)
    I am still on the prowl for one, and it must be similar to the vintage green one you have ;)

  14. every single one of those outfits is just amazing!! I especially love the first one!

  15. Do you get a warm fuzzy feeling inside when you buy something new? I do haha
    Your cape and collar are a-mazing


  16. Oh, this has so many possibilities! Once again, I especially like the collar, but the cape and fur jacket are especially nice too.

  17. I love how you transform so many looks with one piece...amazing. You are the best, darling :)


  18. I love all these stylings!


  19. Okay I would not have the balls ever to wear a catsuit so hats off to you my dear for not only rocking one but showing a myriad of amazing outfits in which you can style one. I love those ruffle shorts and the tartan cape!

  20. Wow! You look great. It's amazing how many looks you've styled with your fabulous catsuit. I'll bet this is just a small sample of what you can put together.

  21. Woah! Love the catsuit, looks fantastic. The tartan cape is absolutely gorgeous. Soooo many beautiful outfits!


  22. Finally I have been able to answer the question of your tag. Thank you very much for tagging me. Such an honor!!!
    You are so lovely.
    looking forward to your next post.

  23. Feck me!!You're a STAR!!! Looking hot,and each and every style idea is astounding!! Yay Phoenix,for buying you that winner!Woof!!!

  24. Yowza woman!
    What a versatile piece, James Lillis is a genius!
    You've styled it to perfection.
    I love your tartan cape, stunning!

  25. I love your blog !


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