Friday, October 1, 2010

Little Fluffy Clouds

My favourite hobby is kissing the Phoenix who unfortunately will never appear here as he's a bit shy.
So I can't show you pictures of me engaging in my favourite pastime but I can share my second favourite thing with you and that's playing IRL dress-ups.
Since my pledge, I've started to look at clothes in a different light.
I'll grab a random piece and tell it: "Your turn - now go find some mates you can play with today".
Like these gloves.

These rich purple, satin, super-long, 1960s gloves were given to me by my first boyfriend's mother when I was 18 - altogether now, aaawwwww.
She wore them to a British Army dinner and ball in the early 60s and she told me what a nerve-wracking experience it was as she wanted to make a good impression on her boyfriend and display her good manners and breeding;).
Ladies did not remove their long evening gloves during formal dinners, instead it was the done thing to tuck the "hands" back into the wrist on the top of the glove.
Except she tucked them in the wrong way around and didn't realise until the soup course was cleared that her gloves had been swimming in the stuff.
Never mind, she ended up marrying the bloke and as far as I know they're still happy today.
She never had a daughter and my reckless swanning about their country home in a black tutu didn't deter her from sharing many stories and more gloves.
Something as simple as a pair of gloves can have a story.
Isn't that the magical thing about collecting?

I've been a bit lazy and not fastened the pearly buttons on the wrists, but the gloves are seen here worn with Black Milk Great Wave leggings, green silk blouse and my trusty Docs.


  1. This is a funny story! The gloves look good, though - I guess they were washable.

  2. LOVE the glove story....they really are beautiful:)

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  3. I love the way lots of your clothes have a story. It makes them all so special :) I suppose I should start to keep all my stuff so I can pass it down (I'll have to makeup up a few stories though. My life is not that interesting :) )

  4. I love them. i have a very similar pair in pink given to me by my mother in law as well. Small world, same stories.
    You look soooooooooooooooo good in blues and greens. Well, in everything!!!

  5. Are you doing a Mr. Miyagi pose in that last photo! I love when articles of clothing or accessories have a story behind them. In the case of your gloves, it's priceless. I never knew that's why long gloves usually had those buttons. I just assumed it somehow made it easier to put on or take off. I am now all the wiser after reading your blog!

    ~Bonnie xxx

  6. I knew those leggings had to be Black Milk when I first saw them. They're fantastic!

    xo Marissa
    (The Well-Appointed Catwalk)

  7. Can't get The Orb out of my head now!
    What a lovely story, beautiful gloves and stupendous outfit, as ever.
    You are such a beauty. We need to meet the Phoenix, he mustn't be shy, we're all mates here!
    Have a great weekend. xxx

  8. So freakin' awesome! I love the outfit and the story!

  9. oooh, I'm lovin' the silk blouse. And I never knew this above gloves, so I learned something new today!

  10. hello darling, just want to say that you have the most amazing collection of leggings!! :)


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