Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oh Betsey!

I guess this is pretty a tame outfit, not a lot of rules being broken here.
Maybe the snakeskin clutch and shoe earrings kind of bring a bit of interest though.
I'm wearing this get-up to emphasise that we are still well and truly experiencing winter here.
But that's fine coz even though I live in a humid climate, I have more winter clothes than summer.
Go figure.  Clearly living in the wrong country.
The dress is Betsey Johnson bought on eBay.  I love the mesh bodice and sleeves - the mesh is incredibly firm like a bandage and feels so good.
The leather Normal Kamali vest gets another outing, plus tights and velvet platforms.
The Phoenix says it's time I tried some different shoes to these and my Docs;).
But don't you find yourself wearing a fave pair over and over until the next pair come along?

I've had these red, wooden platform earrings for 20 years - ga!

Experimenting with black eye-makeup.  Lots more practise needed but I love the effect.
Apparently at my age, I'm supposed to be toning EVERYTHING down a bit. 

OK so enough about me, let's talk about me;).
The delicious Oranges and Apples has very kindly awarded me:

Plus that crafty artist Sewing Pixie has bestowed another:

Thank you both for thinking of me:).
I've had the latter on the back-burner for a wee while probably because I can't imagine why anyone on the interwebz would want to know anything about me.
Maybe I'm just over-thinking it.
I'm supposed to share seven things about me:

1.  I mix up my children's names, sometimes on purpose, or ask "What's your name again?" just so to see them laugh.
2.  Secretly I think they're insane, as is evident here:

    3.  I'm addicted to tea.

    4.  The film, The World's Fastest Indian, is the story of my grandfather (mum's father), Burt Munro.  He's my inspiration to grow old disgracefully.  
    If any of you gorgeous creatures are worried about whether people will laugh at you in THAT hat or THOSE shoes, watch this and you will never doubt yourself again.

    5. I was born in New Zealand, grew up in Fiji and have lived in Oz for the past 20 years.

    6. I want to be Nancy Drew but I think I would get arrested.

    7.  I don't have TV access, but instead immerse myself in series marathons.

    So this is where I pass the baton on.
    * Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
    * Share 7 things about yourself.
    * Pass the award along to 15 other bloggers who you've recently discovered and think are  fabulous.
    * Contact the bloggers you chose and let them know about the award.

    I hate choosing between bloggers because I love everyone!
    I think five will do since it's Sunday and I'm nursing a houseful of people with flu.
    OK gotta go, I'm holding DD's head over a bucket:(. xo


    1. It is so extrange, we a are so far apart and so many things in comon: addicted to tea, love the same series on tv, mix my children names up all the time.
      Love your outfit, but I adore those earrings, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    2. And I love your eye shadow, it brings out your wonderful eyes. What do they know???? he, he, he

    3. Toned down looks wonderful on you too! I'll have to rent that movie about your grandfather.....sounds anything that helps drive away self doubt is great, right? Betsy Johnson, I so see how you should be her muse! PERFECT! ~Serene

    4. Firstly love your outfit! Secondly I love the way you shared about yourself, with photos too! You seem very fun and quirky :D And lastly thanks so much for the tag and for your lovely comments on my blog :) I hope your flu-family will get better soon!

      Love, M

    5. I love your outfit- the earrings are amazing! I had a similar pair that I made out of a pair of barbie shoes. I love the facts you shared- I prefer watching series all at once like a really long movie, too.

    6. Tame? You crazy chick! With legs and looks like your, nothing could ever look ordinary! I adore those earrings, too.
      Your family are gorgeous. xxx

    7. Oh wow - those are certainly some interesting facts about you! I can't believe that movie was about your grandfather. So interesting! And you grew up in Fiji? I spent a semester in New Zealand and managed to travel around the Yasawas for a couple of weeks. I also got to OZ. I just love that part of the world. :)

    8. Bugger being tame!!!
      Ha,I wonder if G's mama mixes up the boys nam,es on purpose...I always thought she was getting a bit forgetful in her old age...hmmmm
      Bert Munro was your Grandpappy?! Good movie that,what a character!
      Looking foxy as EVER!!!

    9. SEXY look fabulous...LOVE the earrings!!!

      Stop by and say Hello ♥
      Statements in Fashion Blog

    10. cool dress. I've added the film to my film queue. And so many boys!

    11. OMG, what a gorgeous post full of things I do love too (tea, Nancy Drew, motorcycle legends...).
      Love your 'tamed' outfit as well the way you blog: you deserve daily attention.
      Have fun, ciao from winter-coming Italy :(

    12. A lovely fall/winter ensemble. I love Betsey Johnson clothing too but alas I own nothing by her... YET!

      @ # 6 & 7, me too!

    13. It's cool to learn more about you! It's amazing that you're related to a person in a movie :) I'll definitely put it on my to-watch list.

      I might make more of those polaroid earrings towards the end of this week and actually host a giveaway. Can't promise exactly when, but I'll get there eventually. I'm just really, really busy right now.


    14. I definitely want to see this movie based on your grandfather..sounds so interesting !
      and that's a cool the earrings! :-)

    15. love tea, adore Nancy Drew, sometimes I called my kids my dog's name (yup) and can't wait to see the movie!

      Oh, and great outfit~LOVE THE EARRINGS!

    16. I'm swooning over the leather vest, too...esp. over such a cool dress and thigh-to-toe black. You don't have to break rules to make us smile...just be your striking, fun self.

      Your kids look striking -- so much character in their faces. I love kids that can still laugh and be goofy with each other; that're not too absorbed in their Iphones or WIIs or TV.

    17. HHAHAH mixing up your childrens names! That's a funny one, I love those orange in your mouth photos.
      Those earrings are TDF as are those shoes and yeah I always have a favourite pair that I always wear until I find one that tops it.


    18. "Apparently at my age, I'm supposed to be toning EVERYTHING down a bit.

      Just what I like to hear - looking hot there lady! Love the biker vest.

      I too do not have a television and do series marathons!

    19. Oops! I totally missed that you passed the award on to me until I got your comment. Thank you so much! It means so much coming from you! xoxo

    20. smiling as I read your post. . but before I forget (and before I head on to comment on your other posts. . ) GREAT EARRINGS!

      am writhing in earring jealousy!


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