Monday, September 13, 2010

Sweet Time - DAY 28

I'm taking a day out today.
I know it's a bit early in the week to go on strike, but I figure Monday's as good a day as any to scoff down lots of lovely fruit 'n nut chocolate, drink copious cups of tea and enjoy the spring sunshine:).
Oh and play dress ups of course.
I can't quite decide on this skirt from Bitching and Junkfood.
It's really short, but I like its proportions with the draped back, plus I'm a big fan of pockets and this baby has two.
I think worn with leggings or super-thick tights, it's fine.
I've worn it here with both Forever 21 granny booties and my Docs, hopefully to tone it down a bit.
I've had this 1950s lined, lace corset for a while so decided to bring it out to play and to top things off I added a thrifted 1970s velvet jacket which has lots of tiny buttons and loops, plus a peplum.  I adore the colour!
Forever 21 cream and pink floral tights, vintage and modern pearls, plus my "headpiece of the moment", a1950s veiled headband, also have their first meeting here.
Waddaya reckon?  
Heels or Docs?

Hope you're easing into the week at a nice easy pace:).


  1. FABULOUS blazer.....I prefer the heels:)

    Enjoy your day!!

    Statements in Fashion

  2. Hey chick,
    I love that is GORGEOUS!
    I got a black lace vintage 50s bralet from the car boot sale yesterday for 30p & the lady gave me a white one for free cause she reckoned it was too grubby to sell (but it washed out fine). I'm not an "undie" person i.e. I generally go for comfort rather than apperance when it comes to my smalls but I do like the underwear as outerwear look, especially when incoroprating gorgeous vintage pieces like your corset.
    I'm in a boot mood today so I'll root for the Docs ;)
    Take care honey!

  3. Love the jacket - velvet is always so nice to wear - I feel like you can't be in a bad mood while wearing it :) And I agree, the color is fantastic.
    As for shoes - I say Doc's. Can't put my finger on why but I think they make the outfit that much better

  4. hi there, I'd definitely say the boots, don't like what the heels do to the whole outfit here:)

  5. You can pull it off, many couldn´t...Love the jacket

  6. Heels! You're like a modern day Marie Antoinette!

  7. You look totally amazing! I prefer the heels...

  8. Oh definitely heels. I love your docs in your outfits but the heels are perfect for dressing down this cute little skirt. I love how you match up vintage and modern :) You do it so well.

  9. You look HOT! Prefer the heels. I've never had a pair of docs...WHY???

  10. Gorgeous jacket! I would say heels but you know - I'd probably end up wearing flats (at least for some part of my journey!). Unless you are being taxied to your destination and don't have to move around too much once you get there I can totally understand the appeal of a comfortable workboot!

  11. Ooh is that velvet (jacket)? I am IN LOVE with your style. Repeat; IN LOVE.
    Just found your blog on Vix's -Vintage Vixen-.

    Also, I prefer the docs.

    x x x x

  12. ur just like jean harlow :D and yes I think its really painted on. and thats just one part of munich :D


  13. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments - yeah, the jury's still out but I think that if I listen to my instincts I'd go for the Docs. Although I LOVE those heels (any heels!) I always like a twist to a look to avoid looking to serious. Docs are always, always fun:). I'll paying each of you a visit xoxo


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