Monday, September 6, 2010

Apply Kiwi Ingenuity Now - DAY 22

I always feel homesick when tragedy strikes my tiny nation of birth. 
I'm relieved that no lives were lost in New Zealand's Christchurch earthquake, but my heart goes out to the families of the nine killed in a plane crash at Fox Glacier, who were up until Saturday, probably having what would have been a memorable holiday in the beautiful South Island.
God bless each of them.
I've wrapped myself in nostalgia today by wearing the kind of outfit my sisters would have worn when we toured the South Island and visited those same locations in 1973.
I'm wearing original, early 70s cotton flares (flea market); thrifted t-shirt; Forever 21 black mesh top; green 70s leather jacket from a Melbourne flea market; sneakers and a DIY bag I made from a pair of jeans.
What do you wear when your mood needs lifting?


  1. Isn't it awful that the poor Kiwis get hit by a double disaster in the same day? I can't believe there were no lives lost in the earthquake.
    On a lighter note I absolutely love those flares, what a marvellously high waist. xxx

  2. Love the trousers, that high waist suits you beautifully. Keep them coming.

  3. you really have to make some photos of the old cameras :D I´d love to see them

    those trousers are so cool :D
    i also wanted to say that the dress is the other post is great because its so old you must try to wear a skirt as a dress with a belt it looks great, I took the ones from my grandmother they have lovely prints

    and thanks a lot for following <3 XX

  4. Wow your legs look sooooo long. The flares are amazing and the Micky Mouse tee is so cute too :)

  5. You look the layered look on the shirt too....thanks for stopping by my blog and for yours too!!!

    I wear polka dots when I need to perk up my mood....something about them always makes me smile:)

  6. I love this outfit!


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