Saturday, September 11, 2010

Smells Like Teen Spirit - DAY 26

The Phoenix and I watched very little TV during the 90s so The X-Files kind of flew over our collective radar.
Although we were living on opposite sides of the planet at the time, neither of us were interested in the hype, new series' anticipation and subsequent lame "water cooler" chit-chat about the wildly popular program.
So we are watching it now, 16 years after it first aired and completely hooked with marathon X-File sessions, followed by much stumbling about like saggy-eyed zombies during the day.
Of course it must only be watched at night.
It was in Season One's Episode Two (Deep Throat) - you can tell I'm hooked can't you - I spotted a couple of teens in head-to-toe grunge kit.  The girl was wearing a black leather jacket covered in pins, a saggy black skirt and Docs.
You kind of get the idea here.

The skirt I'm wearing in today's post, I made from a piece of cotton fabric I've had lying about for a couple of years, so decided on an A-line mini using a 70s pattern.
It's super comfy, but that's coz the waistband is too big, so I'll have to unpick the waistband, take the side seams in and put the band back on.
Or not.
The skirt is part of my TAH-DAH Wardrobe Refashion pledge, you guessed it, not to shop for two more months!
Arrgghhh it's going to kill me in terms of wanting to buy a stack of Black Milk gear from my earlier post, but when the wallet is E-M-P-T-Y, needs must.
I'm wearing the skirt with an AA bodysuit (which I hate); Norma Kamali OMO leather vest (which I love); Docs; assorted rings and Fendi cotton scarf.


  1. Hey there sweet lady....I really do love this skirt.....and your scarf is adorable too...have a super Saturday.....:)

    Statements in Fashion

  2. Like the 1990's only so much better! Particularly liking the vintage scarf, gives the whole look a ladylike twist! Enjoy the weekend, Gorgeous! xxx

  3. I love your outfit today!!

    I still don't really like the X-Files but I love the grungy clothes in that still.

  4. You look fab and hooray for discovering the X-files! I'd love to discover a show I missed. Buffy the Vampire Slayer dvd's are getting see-through :)

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  6. Hello! I have a thing for plaid and a thing for school uniforms having been the product of Catholic school. I like your skirt and the way you've paired it. Loved X-Files, didn't realize it's been 16 years!


  7. Love the skirt and the body suit actually. I was suspicious of bodies but they've solved so many issues of tucking for me (like the button down shirt body suit from VS) that I'm a convert now. Except going out outfits - being drunk and having to pee is something that is body-suit incompatible unfortunately.

  8. Is that blue I'm picking up in the plaid? Nicely done.

  9. wow! plaid and leather . you look fantastic!

  10. I love your blog!!! I'm a follower now!!! Love your twist on the 90's!!1

  11. Love this whole look! From the leather vest to the skirt to the Docs! Oh, and your rings :)


  12. you are rocking this look ! this is something we would totally try!

    cheers, B & Liv
    B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥


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