Sunday, September 12, 2010

When is a Dame a Dame? - DAY 27

Just take five seconds here ... c'mon give it up for Jean Harlow.

Wasn't she a doll?  A dame? A broad?
Do people still say those things about women?  How do people describe feisty, little ladies these days?
Well I certainly felt a little feisty today so reached all the waaaaaaaaay to the back of my closet and pulled out two 1950s vintage slips that have caused much head-scratching over the past couple of years.
I just didn't know how to style them.  I knew some kind of layering was going to be involved but I nothing worked.  
Then I spied the AA "dress" that despite being very comfortable and pulls all the right bits in, is VERY short.  And rides up.  So I haven't worn it.
"You're coming along with me," I said and the dress was slipped kicking and screaming over the two slips.
The navy blue slip is a bit longer than the sky blue one so they layered well.
I added metallic suede wedges, lots of bangles, my favourite 40s leopard-print beret and 80s snakeskin clutch.
Once I got the three garments together they behaved themselves and decided they'd like to do it again.
Yay - another "brand new" outfit from my closet:). Whew!


corpulent said...

I love this! It looks like a beautiful gown.

Frances x

Collette Osuna said...

Thats the way to do it dollie....good for you with your challenge..Im right there with you....I wont stop buying, lol....but I WILL make it a point to try to use pieces that are older incorporated with my outfits....I think you are doing fabulous....and you look fab in this outfit!!!

Happy Sunday!!!

Statements in Fashion

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I don't know why I haven't seen your blog's fabulous! LOVE your style, your tone, your panache! Your layered slips business is inspiring. I've add A slip to show before but never thought to layer in plural. Fantastic!

Bonnie said...

Another great look and you seem to be channeling Miss Harlow as well! I think it was a fabulous idea pairing all three items and you look fabulous too!

Have a good one, Bonnie

Vintage Vixen said...

What a brilliant idea! You look sophisticated yet feisty and what have you done differently make-up wise? You look incredibly hot. xxx

fashiondevotion said...

Those shoes are just too cute xxx

Terri said...


Trishna said...

I love how daring you are in terms of mixing pieces and accessorizing. :)

Following you now, looking forward to more daring posts. :)

Sunbeam said...

you look so beautiful on those pictures and your legs are very pretty :D

I´ve seen the donut one I love it ^^

and it´s not my hair colour :D I´ve got dark brown hair.

But you can win the necklace on her Blog :D

who makes your pictures ?

Love <3

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Corpulent - Thanks Frances, it felt a bit more elegant to wear than when the AA dress was riding up my arse!!!
CO - thanks sweetie, I'll be watchin' your restylin'!!
Citizen Rosebud - thanks so much - looks like I'll be paying you a visit too:).
Bonnie - Gotta love Jean - thanks honey:)!
Vix - Aha! You noticed the makeup! I just went nuts with the black kohl pencil and switched to a champagne gloss. Thanks so much!! xo
Fashion Devotion - thank you, they're new but thrifted if you know what I mean. $10 for Italian suede wedges? Yes!
Terri - hehehe! It took some work, but I'm happy - thanks hun xo
Sunbeam - I'm blushing - thanks:). I do my own with a tripod - I really love learning about the photography as much as I love the styling:).

sacramento said...

Wow, this is really wonderful. What a brilliant idea.I usually layer tops, but this skirt layering is something else.
Thanks for such a great inspiration...
Who hasn´t go a skirt too short????

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Hehe! I agree Sacramento, we all have a very short skirt hanging in the closet, but it seems such a waste not to find a way to wear them:).

Veshoevius said...


Cloud of Secrets said...

Great idea to layer the pale blue slip -- the color glows against the darker blue, and the lace pattern is accentuated. Oh, and I covet the clutch! It looks classy, rich, and usefully neutral -- one could use it so often, by day or evening.

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