Sunday, September 12, 2010

When is a Dame a Dame? - DAY 27

Just take five seconds here ... c'mon give it up for Jean Harlow.

Wasn't she a doll?  A dame? A broad?
Do people still say those things about women?  How do people describe feisty, little ladies these days?
Well I certainly felt a little feisty today so reached all the waaaaaaaaay to the back of my closet and pulled out two 1950s vintage slips that have caused much head-scratching over the past couple of years.
I just didn't know how to style them.  I knew some kind of layering was going to be involved but I nothing worked.  
Then I spied the AA "dress" that despite being very comfortable and pulls all the right bits in, is VERY short.  And rides up.  So I haven't worn it.
"You're coming along with me," I said and the dress was slipped kicking and screaming over the two slips.
The navy blue slip is a bit longer than the sky blue one so they layered well.
I added metallic suede wedges, lots of bangles, my favourite 40s leopard-print beret and 80s snakeskin clutch.
Once I got the three garments together they behaved themselves and decided they'd like to do it again.
Yay - another "brand new" outfit from my closet:). Whew!


  1. I love this! It looks like a beautiful gown.

    Frances x

  2. Thats the way to do it dollie....good for you with your challenge..Im right there with you....I wont stop buying, lol....but I WILL make it a point to try to use pieces that are older incorporated with my outfits....I think you are doing fabulous....and you look fab in this outfit!!!

    Happy Sunday!!!

    Statements in Fashion

  3. I don't know why I haven't seen your blog's fabulous! LOVE your style, your tone, your panache! Your layered slips business is inspiring. I've add A slip to show before but never thought to layer in plural. Fantastic!

  4. Another great look and you seem to be channeling Miss Harlow as well! I think it was a fabulous idea pairing all three items and you look fabulous too!

    Have a good one, Bonnie

  5. What a brilliant idea! You look sophisticated yet feisty and what have you done differently make-up wise? You look incredibly hot. xxx

  6. Those shoes are just too cute xxx

  7. I love how daring you are in terms of mixing pieces and accessorizing. :)

    Following you now, looking forward to more daring posts. :)

  8. you look so beautiful on those pictures and your legs are very pretty :D

    I´ve seen the donut one I love it ^^

    and it´s not my hair colour :D I´ve got dark brown hair.

    But you can win the necklace on her Blog :D

    who makes your pictures ?

    Love <3

  9. Corpulent - Thanks Frances, it felt a bit more elegant to wear than when the AA dress was riding up my arse!!!
    CO - thanks sweetie, I'll be watchin' your restylin'!!
    Citizen Rosebud - thanks so much - looks like I'll be paying you a visit too:).
    Bonnie - Gotta love Jean - thanks honey:)!
    Vix - Aha! You noticed the makeup! I just went nuts with the black kohl pencil and switched to a champagne gloss. Thanks so much!! xo
    Fashion Devotion - thank you, they're new but thrifted if you know what I mean. $10 for Italian suede wedges? Yes!
    Terri - hehehe! It took some work, but I'm happy - thanks hun xo
    Sunbeam - I'm blushing - thanks:). I do my own with a tripod - I really love learning about the photography as much as I love the styling:).

  10. Wow, this is really wonderful. What a brilliant idea.I usually layer tops, but this skirt layering is something else.
    Thanks for such a great inspiration...
    Who hasn´t go a skirt too short????

  11. Hehe! I agree Sacramento, we all have a very short skirt hanging in the closet, but it seems such a waste not to find a way to wear them:).

  12. Great idea to layer the pale blue slip -- the color glows against the darker blue, and the lace pattern is accentuated. Oh, and I covet the clutch! It looks classy, rich, and usefully neutral -- one could use it so often, by day or evening.


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