Thursday, September 23, 2010

Surfing on a Rocket

I'm still in a spacey mood in a non-hallucenogenic kind of way, thanks to my boys.
It's all happening here in Space HQ - Lego monsters and robots are taking over the floor, they're making more silly robot films to upload onto YouTube and eating everything in sight.
Which leads me to believe they are harbouring alien babies in their bellies.
I know you peeps and anyone that knows me IRL would probably snort with suppressed laughter at this revelation as I'm clearly a frustrated female drag queen in my get-ups.
But I like my kids to know that taking pride in what they wear is really important - more for the way it can make them feel inside, rather than what people think.
I always know when they've spent too long with their dad, when they start wearing crocs and tracksuit pants - aaaarrggggghhhhh!!
So I lead by example - OK you can start laughing out loud now - and dress in what I know will make me feel good at that moment.  
No compromises.
I took a look at my boys today while we were out getting groceries and going to the library and I smiled.
They get it.
They were happy in their own skin.
They looked comfortable, colourful and awesome to me.
Here's a shot of my nine-year-old wearing what he wants to express, just minutes before stepping out the door.
I bought that cute t-shirt from a small boutique in the Valley here in Brisbane.
I made the little messenger bag and it's a permanent fixture on my little guy.
Covered in badges, it carries all sorts of goodies like change, gum, Tamagotchi, book, whatever.  
See what I mean?  

Anyway, my Black Milk Galaxy leggings got an airing today and I added a 1930s silk blouse (which I'm finding incredibly versatile) bought from Etsy; green 1970s leather jacket from a Melbourne flea market, Docs and assorted jewellery plus 1960s sunnies (no scratches!).

A close up of the Galaxy print.

And the accessories shot - 1950s Egyptian-style necklace from Etsy; multi-chained necklace and crucifix earrings are thrifted and the assortment of rings (including my fave 70s rainbow-coloured rings) were found in markets and thrift stores.
It's getting hard to pick up vintage rings at giveaway prices now - they used to be EVERYWHERE.  
But people are paying good money for them now so I'm glad I started collecting rings a few years ago.

Slap on some red lippy for the mid-week slump and get out there gals!


  1. Love your cute boy, so handsome!!!
    About your outfit, I adore the leggins and the layering of clothes. brilliant.
    have a super day.

  2. Sacramento's right, your boy is cute (obviously gets his good looks from his beautiful Mummy) and kids can just about get away with Crocs.
    That leather jacket is gorgeous, I have a full length one in the same shade of green. Loving the close up of your jewellery xxx

  3. LOVE your blouse.....and of course all the jewelry!! Cute little guy you have there:)

    Statements in Fashion Blog

  4. Thanks so much for your comment!really!!
    Is not fit, bur I love yout outfit! The leggins are amazing, moreover, these glasses are incredible!!
    I also like your accessories


  5. Great outfit: your leggings are superb. Little man looks great in his outfit too! ... :0)

    Fab collection of jewellery: I'm quite envious!

    Shirl x

  6. Your cute little guy is so handsome.

    I love your tights. They have to me the most amazing thing I have seen in a long time. :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  7. I always love finding out that some super fashionable lady is a mom! :) Love those leggings, and I'm following you now too.

    (The Well-Appointed Catwalk)

  8. Your son is so cute! I love that you are teaching them to express themselves and be individuals. You made his messenger bag? Cute, did you make yours as well?

    Would you believe while the police were doing their thing, I was on the phone with my sister giving her a blow by blow! I didn't think it was a good idea for me to go outside. All in all it was a very exciting morning!

    BTW, you look GREAT!


  9. I have a crush on your son! Because he gets it!

  10. Love anything with a galax print! Cute blog!


  11. Lovely leggings! And beautiful necklace in the last photo!
    pass to my blog and follow if it likes you!
    kisses francesca :D

  12. you've got to be the most experimental mom i've ever came across! love it, though!

    p/s: mini giveaway at my page for the last 5 days!

  13. what an amazing outfit! i really love it. especially the galaxy pants :D xx

  14. Nice to meet your little boy.
    Love those leggings! That galaxy print is great. And that large Egyptian necklace is beautiful.

  15. Loooove it :))))

  16. I've also recently bought an Egyptian-style necklace!!! :) I should post it on my blog.. it's really amazing, just like yours!
    The Galaxy print is really cool.
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!!

  17. really LOVE the galaxy print need to get one like that (:
    and its so nice that people like you have a blog
    because your style is just so different and lovely wish there where more people like you
    I also asked my mom if she´d like to blog would be great ^^

    Lot of Love

  18. Well hello there,foxy lady!!!
    Thanks for popping by my blog!! As soon as I saw the "ageing disgracefully"bit and that fab aheder pic,I knew I'd met my kinda gal!! I'm floowing YOU too!!!
    Wowza!And you're a fellow countrywoman too,only I long ago deserted those shores for Kiwiland!
    You've got some fab outfits happening here! I likey!

  19. I don't want to repeat myself and write the same stuff under each of your posts, but I love how you play with clothes, all your recent outfits are great, so laid-back and chic at the same time!


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