Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saving the World, Leg by Leg

You've probably realised by now I'm a bit of a fan of Black Milk Clothing.
Before my self-imposed shopping embargo I snapped up a couple of pairs to see me through the Brisbane winter and love them so much I'm considering moving to a cooler climate so I can wear them year-round ;D.
Black Milk Clothing, is headed by the brilliant, self-taught Brisbane lad, James Lillis, who released his latest collection this week.
And my oh my, the temptation to just pile everything into a cart and let PayPal do the rest is utterly overwhelming.
James released his collection at a special "try and buy" event in Brissy last Sunday.
And judging by the absolute mayhem his collections create with international buyers clamouring for his gear, there were surely more than a few of his fans biting their nails to the quick in anticipation of the worldwide release.
They're so comfortable and the prints have such fabulously saturated colours that once worn, it's hard to go back to cheap, scratchy, wrinkly leggings.
His Spartan leggings are legendary and he has added red stretch pvc and tiger prints to the collection, in addition to a twist on his bandage leggings which now come in gold, silver and sheer.
And then there's the *gasp* velvet bellbottoms.
Damn I'll let the pictures do the talking.


  1. Hello there sweetie.....hope you are having a nice peaceful night.....these are soooooo cool....seriously....I NEEEEEDDD the bellbottoms, like yesterday:)

    Hugs to you!!

    Statements in Fashion

  2. Thanks to you I've visited Black Milk now. I think the peacocks would be my favorite, though I see the galaxy stylings showing up on American and Canadian bloggers.

  3. CO - aaarrrrggghhhh I KNOW! I would live in them!! xoxo
    Terri - BM is hard resist - I have a very early post wearing the Galaxy leggings - they get such funny reactions coz they look so real! Oh I love the peacocks too, you're a woman after my own heart!

  4. Whoa those tights are pretty amazing. It's interesting, you think an item of clothing is just fine, and then you try it in a higher quality material and suddenly it's not so fine anymore :)


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