Tuesday, September 7, 2010


For someone living in the fashion Twilight Zone, I'm pretty much immune to any sartorial shock tactics you want to throw my way.
I've grown up in a generation where anything goes and that's how I like it.
Case in point, the late Mr Leigh Bowery was seen as some kind of paranormal phenomena of the 20th century.

From suburban Melbourne boy to the poster child of the London alternative club scene, he pushed the envelope all the way until his death at age 34.
His lifetime encompassed a period widely acknowledged as a social revolution when art, film, music and fashion merged and anarchy reigned arm-in-arm with personal freedom of expression.
People like Bowery, Izzy Blow and Lee McQueen were the punks of their generation, who sadly met with tragically early deaths.
We still have art.  We still have music.  We still have fashion.  We still have talented creatives who are embraced for their genius.
So why are we still wearing chinos?
It's 2010.
Why are we still travelling through life like a goddamn herd of sheep?  
Ever seen a herd of sheep?  I have.  One flinches and the whole herd of 50 are scattering in the same direction even if they end up falling in a creek or over a cliff.
Take today's outfit.
It's very, very tame as far as I'm concerned.  Something comfy enough for the doctor's surgery or school assembly;).
Yet to find other people who like to say "hmmmm I'm feeling a little Jean Harlow and New Wave mix coming on today", then go with it, I have to get on the net and check out all you gorgeous, fearless and spunky creatures.
Never mind, I know I'm not alone.
Oh well, that's my rant of the day.  So how are you travelling?  Are you going with the flow today or feeling a little questionable?
Oh, if you see me in an eye patch here one day, you'll know it's because I've seen someone in another pair of denim cutoffs and poked my eye out.
Wearing today: Black Milk Liquids, black tank, 1950s jacket with rhinestone buttons (part of a suit), men's bow tie, pearls and blue suede and snakeskin cut-out wedges.


  1. Very cool leggings....love love the wedges too:)

    You look fabulous!!!

    Statements in Fashion

  2. Those leggings rock - and I love the bow tie! I hear you on the chinos - refuse to buy a pair. I have to toe the conservative line enough with work wear to want to torture myself further in handing over my hard earned cash for something so interminably dull and unimaginative. Great rant!

  3. I'm with you! I awake up wanting to be an extra in a Pulp video, a refugee from Woodstock or a Studio 54 wannabe everyday. A day without dressing up's a waste!
    Love the bow tie and the shoes and love everything all together. xxx

  4. Coveting, coveting the teal coat -- one of my favorite shades to see and wear,and it's so special in its vintageness, rhinestones, and ladylike rose. And my garsh, I wish I had the pins to carry off shiny shiny leggings like you can!

  5. oh God, I wore denim cut-off's today and just posted about it :O But don't poke your eye out because I was a rebel kind of. I wore them to my interview for my new school :)

    I think you would really like the leggings in my giveaway.


  6. I hear you, sister. I wear brightly coloured tights to work and I get seriously stared at. For wearing a black dress with orange tights - that's me toned down.

    I think Australians, though we're more casual, we are really conservative when it comes to fashion. I noticed in western Europe people are a lot less afraid of colour and experimentation than we are. It's a bit disappointing.

    Thank god for the internet. If it weren't for all the wonderful fashion blogs out there (special shout out to What Katie Wore), I might actually be affected by everyone else's addiction to bland.

    Frances x


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