Thursday, September 16, 2010

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Just as autumn saunters elegantly into the subconscious of those of you living in the northern hemisphere, so too each year here in Oz I drag myself kicking and screaming into summer.
It's not a pretty picture.
Spring in Brisbane lasts about a week before we're into a five-month long season of humidity, bathing in sweat and gasping for cool dips in the ocean.
This is how I imagine I'd like to look this summer.

You know, cool, calm and demure like this stylish, Italian lovely.
(This 1950s photo sits on my dressing table and always draws a wry smile - the poor girl is positively running the gauntlet through that hive of men standing in her path to get her attention!!)
Or this, like Martha Vickers in The Big Sleep.

But *sigh* I'll probably end up cooking in my own sweat as usual and throw on something that touches the least amount of skin.
Like this - a hot, sweaty mess - actually come to think of it, that WAS a great gig!

Ever since my four-year sojourn in the UK many years ago, I can't shake off my love of layering and fall/winter dressing.
I get so envious of those dresser-uppers excitedly anticipating the discovery of scrumptious winter coats, boots and layers.
But the reality for me is, I'm scrambling through my closet to find something vintage-y, fun, light and summery to wear.
And pretending to be super-happy about it;).
It's nigh impossible to find vintage clothing here in cool natural fibres for summer and I'm stumped.
So for a start I've decided to go on a hunt for some crappy, thrifted, men's t-shirts and set to work cutting, hacking, chopping, pinning and tie-dying to introduce some originality into my summer gear.
That's how I'll start and things will progress (or go down) from there ;P.
I would love some help from you delicious creatures.
What did you REALLY wear this summer?
What did you imagine yourself wearing compared to what you really ended up wearing to get you through the most stinking hot days and nights?
Did you end up in heels or flats?  Cut-offs or skirts? Maxis or minis?
What worked for you?


  1. You'll look amazing in your summer gear. I know it :) I've started to buy for Autumn and yeah it's fun. For the two summer days we had in Ireland, I think I wore shorts and a wife beater and moaned about the heat non stop. It was like 18 degrees :)

  2. Hey there good looking:) I bet youll do great!!

    I wore tons of dresses and skirts, mostly heels.

    Have a fabulous day!
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  3. Funnily enough I love summer and always feel its not long enough especially when you live in the UK and summer here is like an Australian winter. The most heat I got this year was in Spain and I got to wear cute shorts, little tops, floaty dresses and skirts, summer whites, sandals and lots of flowing boho hippy gear which is really more me!

  4. I adore summer, I hate cold weather dressing and the rubbish skin and hair that goes with having to wear hats and having the heating on all the time. I'd swap your humidity any day of the week.
    My summer style is floor length skirts and maxi dresses or silk hareems I buy in India for a song, leather flip flops or killer wedges, floppy vintage straw hats and tonnes of jewellery. xxx

  5. You probably know this but the top photo is an American girl, friend of the photographer, who is a woman as well. They did a series of these across Europe. I believe the focus was the experience of women.

  6. I hate summers: hot, sweaty, sticky... jukkkkkkkkkk. Love, love love Autumn, when everything calms down, the sun gets milder and one can breath at last!!!

  7. I don't do sweaty well at all. I am an air-conditioned addict. So, what you see is what u get. I really wear scarves all summer, but must have on a hat ;) I wear leggings, but try to keep the top half breezy. I am usually covered with sweat and have a continuous red face all summer. I love the beach, however, and when there, I am a sarong, hat and bikini top gal with flippies :)
    Maxi's, too. Thank god for them. I can avoid the summer shave-fest for days that way ;)

  8. Thanks guys - maxis for stubbly-leg days? Ingenious!! Vix - silk harems? Now you've got me thinking. xo

  9. the harems are really inexpensive on e-Bay.


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