Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kicking Bishop Brennan Up the Arse

Our faith in humankind is always being tested.
My trust in getting through last week without going completely and utterly insane was doubtful.
But it helps to just say "BOLLOCKS" and pop something on like, oh I don't know, a nightie, then seize the day.
Even when you're so fecking tired you just want to close your eyes and sleeeeeeeeeeeep.

The sunnies are NOT coming off!

1970s velvet jacket and tights - thrifted
1930s pink nightie, suede shoes, beauty case - flea markets
Socks - ballet shop
Floral headband - you can find more at Sassy Vamps!
Arm warmers - Sock Dreams
1940s slip - eBay
Jewellery - everywhere
Today I kicked the lethargy right up the arse, thanks to the arrival of these scrummy pink and silver velvet knicker-shorts from BOODWAH:).

Aaaaaaand BOUNCE!
I'm baaaaaaaaaack!
Thank you BOODWAH, you made my day:).

I bet I feel just as good as Ted when he kicked Len up the arse.

Put your trust in you my darlings!
Desiree xo


  1. good to hear you're feeling better- seems like it's been a tough couple of weeks for more than one of us around here. Not helped by all the overcast weather we've had, I swear it's affected me lately.

    I'm inspired by the stripey wrist warmers and the socks, totally swooning on the socks actually!!

    Mwah, mwah to you my darling.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  2. You SMASHED it, amor! So sorry you've been having a crappy time - sometimes life tries to kick us in the goolies huh!? You look absolutely amazing - the velvet jacket is FRICKIN BEAUTIFUL and I love the shoes so much - and the second outfit is just wonderful - those Beetlejice leggings are ALWAYS PERFECT! BIGGEST HUGS Sarah xxx

  3. Don't call me Len you little shit!

    Have you been after feeling ill? Hopefully you're better and you'll be wanting a nice cup of tea so. Ah! you will

    Obviously as you can see I'm a Father ted obsessive. I'm also obsessed with your ankle socks! I love them! And your sexy shorts! I love the colour of your cape too.
    All round gorgeous.

    Are you sure you wouldn't like a little cup of tea? GO on GO On GO on GO ON GO on Go on....

  4. Oooh, loving the nightie. Simply delish. Love Father Ted too and if I had a memory I would probaly quote Father Ted lines ad finitum and bore you to death. Lucky for you I don't have a memory apart from my two favourites: "Drink, Feck, Arse, Girls" and "that would be an ecumencial matter" (both of which I try to use as often as I can). xx

  5. Love the blue shoes and velvet jacket. You always look so pretty. And you can rock a pair of hot pant like no-one else. Have a lovely weekend

  6. That velvet jacket is scrumptious!

    I'm sorry things have been a bit rotten for you lately, but I hope they keep getting better.

  7. You rock it baby!
    Sorry to hear things have been crapulent...hope it carries on picking up for yer.
    Bloody LOVE Father Ted. My idea of a good night in is back to back Ted showings and lot's of cups of tea. Y'will, y'will, y'will.

  8. I love your blue shoes! Hope you are feeling better and the weather picks up. Love to have a cup of tea with you.

    xo, Bonnie

  9. Glad you are back! I love your new hot pants lady! Woop woop! And your adorable lacy socks are amazing too!

  10. Sorry things have been a bit shitty, love, Consider yourself suitably arse-slapped and lets hope it's all fun and frolics from now on. That nightie is even more gorgeous now I can see your hot bod rocking it.
    I've only ever seen one episode of Father Ted, it was always on on a Friday night & I never had a video recorder, most bloody inconsiderate. xxxxxxxxxxx

  11. You are yummy as ever in a nightie in some hot pants I just think both of these looks are delicious!

  12. Hope things are better soon. It sure hasn't negatively affected your style awesomeness. I am drooling all over the suede shoes and lace socks....oops, sorry for that bit of saliva on your shoe there....

  13. You look freakin' fantasmic even if you do want to crawl back in to bed. But I bet you look great when you go to bed too. ;)
    I love what you did with your feet! The little socks with those shoes is so you. Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. "You address me by my proper title, you little bollocks"

    Ha ha, this post made me smile! I love that first outfit, the bag, the lacy socks, your nails. You're looking mighty fine and it's good to see you fighting fire with fire. Or bollocks with even more bollocks!!:) xxx

  15. you are lovely! these outfits are incredible.i love the arm warmers.

  16. You are so fabulous! Both these outfits are incredible but my favourite is the kimono/ stripy leggings combo. Amazing! xx

  17. Sorry to hear about the lethargy--love the gauntlets and the anklets anyway! And those shorts!!!

  18. I'm sorry to hear you've been having a lousy time. Big bunny cuddles fro, chomby! Glad to see the sunnies off and new glittery hot pants on! Heeeeeya! Xxxxxx

  19. Hope you are feeling better doll - you look wonderful in that pink nightie - it's utterly transformed into some kind of 30s starlet fantasy gown on you with your pearls and cardigan and floral headband!

  20. Ooh, pearls... and heels with lacey socks! Two of my favourites.
    Hope you're feeling better, it is Fabulous Friday now after all! Happy weekend to you xx

  21. Sorry you've been having a crappy time - but Father Ted and short shorts makes everything look better! Hope you have a lovely weekend, so I do.

  22. Boodwah always make us happy :D !! The print on your shorts is fantastic, Im jealous now...
    Im craving your lace socks <3 muuuuuwwwwwwwa my lovely Desiree.. hugs for your little angels.

  23. I am sending a HUGE big old arse squeeze your way, my darling, surely you can feel it?
    Life can be tiring and testing at times.
    No one would ever guess to look at you that you have struggles, just like us mere mortals, because LOOK at you, you are magnificent! Love the nightie and that gorgeous little velvet jacket.
    And your fabulous arse was MADE for pink and silver short shorts! And for squeezing, of course.
    Now blues and troubles - feck the feck off! xxxxxx

  24. Hi gorgeous!

    You look beautiful no matter what!
    Sometimes life doesn't go as plan but it gets better
    Love tha ankle socks with the stunning shoes
    The blue jacket is marcelous

    Take care and get that sleep lovely Desiree!

    Ariane sxx

  25. That tee brings out the violet in your eyes, and because of you, I keep looking for the perfect vintage nightgown to wear as a dress, or as a romantic blouse as I've seen another style blogger do. I vow to one day wear real pjs to the office :)

  26. I love how you can mix it up and just make it work! You are the loveliest of blossoms. I'm glad your back up and running. Wishing you lots of happiness and sunshine! xoxoxox.

  27. I'm glad that things are better this week than last! I think I need to op-shop myself a few nighty-dresses because all I want to do is sleep right now!

    Those hotpants are kick arse! You are seriously the Queen of all Hotpants!

  28. Love it all. I want to get lost in your wardrobe and never found. Eff humanity. Ok, only sometimes. Clothes and bloggers make better friends.

  29. Amor,
    I'm glad things are better for you.
    What a luxuriant pink negligee lace socks and teal shoes are just too plush mi sweet.
    eyeing your dusty pink chonis shorts with circus stripey tights.

  30. Bwahahaha _ I adore Father Ted, nothing like a bit of irreverence, cute shoes and a cheeky outfit to help put things right again.

  31. I love your big purple wreath and lace socks! =)

  32. the first outfit is a total stunner ... over it.


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