Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Boy That Scratchin' is Makin' Me Itch!

No, I don't have hives, lice or scabies and I'm not housing any other unwanted parasites.
I just have a song running through my brain today and it just won't quit!

I look nothing like one of Malcolm Mclaren's Buffalo Gals, but I still just wanna doe-si-doe like a hobo.
I probably have to do a bit better on the hobo front, but today's outfit is literally a bit of everything.
It made me happy and I felt like dancing and leaping over slushy puddles, so I did.

A bit of circus, some lady-like, a spot of goth and a dash of hippy ... yep, it's all there.

You just have to look harder ... but don't burn your retinas, I'm just showing you the wee bow on my circus bloomers.
Gawd I'm so in love with carni-style pantalones.
Aminta's been rocking them in the searing Spanish heat this summer ... gorgeous!

1960s leopard-print hat - gifted by glorious Nelly
Brooch - gifted by Helga-Come-Home!
1950s wool coat - eBay
Bloomers - BOODWAH
1960s wool jersey and gloves, earrings, locket necklace - thrifted
Demonia shoes, 1960s beauty case, granny necklace - markets
Tights - Black Milk

Oh, and consider yourselves well and truly arse-squeezed ... you, darling reader, make me want to sing, dance and hang up-side-down.
Thank you so much for following and reading my blog.
Time is precious and I appreciate your friendship:).
Desiree xo


  1. I love this outfit!!! Usually mixing our favorite things makes us feel so comfortable and the result is fabulous!!! I didn't watch 'Buffalo girls' for years...brilliant inspiration and Malcom McLaren was a real genius! Your new shoes are amazing and I love the leopard pill box hat (great animalier print mix!) I really don't believe in 'LESS IS MORE' motto and this great combination is the proof YAY!

  2. You are always so fun my lovely DesireƩ !! Thank you for the mention dear....We should swap our wardrobes !!!

  3. Ooh, I haven't heard that song for ages, it's fab!
    As are you, my dear, in your little-bit-of-everything outfit. From the top of your leopard-print-behatted head to the tips of your zebra-print-clad toes, you look gorgeous! Sometimes you just have to throw it all on and see if it works - and it really does work!
    You are glowing in these pics, Desiree, you've got a cheeky twinkle in your eye, AND you can hang upside down without your boobs giving you black eyes - someone give that woman a job in a circus, at once! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. You're like the best combo plate ever! Dress your age? No thank you! Love the shoes. I can't walk in heels like that....anymore. :(

  5. I totally love this outfit!!
    You look spunky, fun and stylish all in one!

  6. Love the bloomers! I just had a look on that etsy shop you got them from and I want everything :o

  7. You look gorgeous - I love the little hat and those endless legs! Arse squeeze right back at'cha! XXXXX

  8. Okay, I am now more certain than ever that your existence alone is what fuels the world with awesome. YOU ARE AMAZING. THAT LAST PHOTO. I DON'T EVEN. You are so amazing <3

  9. I just came from Curtise's place where she was getting her groove on with the sun. And here you are! Absolutely stunning. I should have brought over some iced tea and olives and gherkins and... mini hot dogs... for this visit. You're wearing my favourite shoes! I wish I could clone you and sprinkle you all over this city!!!

  10. GAH! Those shoes are tres fabuloso!! Love all the bits and pieces you've got going on. I was always afraid to try hanging upside down when I was a kid for fear I'd fall and crack my head open. I'd probably try it now, if I could look as adorable as you.

  11. I just love this mix! You find such great things on ebay. I must check there more often. I think my search word is stuck on 70's polyester. I recently bought a three strand vintage beaded necklace in honor of you. Can't wait to style it!
    Love the fabric in you top here too.
    Let's play on a playground together some time. ;)

  12. No one rocks the pantaloons like you sweet thang! I love how you mix up all these different styles, colors eras, textures, you are an explosion of contradiction of the very best kind! The shoes excite me ;P as do you always!

  13. Gah! If I hung upside down like this, I'd see stars and I wouldn't be right for a week! I'm amazed as always!

  14. I LOVE that hat so so much, I mean your whole outfit is divine, but everytime I see that hat I drool! Gorgeous! Xx

  15. You ARE my fashion champagne without the hangover. I betcha your ears were ringing yesterday- because there was a whole of chatting about you- with words like gorgeous, and sizzling and precious being bandied about willy-nilly. xo. -Bella Q

  16. That little leopard hat is just too cute!

  17. Always wonderful and fun, my dear Desiree.

  18. Consider that delicious arse of yours squeezed right back! I love your cheeky grin on the climbing frame and those shoes are just a-mazing! What a find! xxxx

  19. What is wrong with me? I giggled at the word "scabies". Delighted you don't have 'em :)

    Oh, man, a girl could search her whole life and never find a coat that amazing. WOW.

  20. Ha your absolutely gorgeous! You need to come visit me and dig into my closet and show me how to put all my crap together...I have such a hard time pairing stuff up I keep hoping I will gleam something off of you and Vix ~ And oh dear I hope I am not the reason you are singing songs about being itchy hehehe sorry if I passed that on :P its not easy having allergic contact dermatitis Gosh thats a big word at least its not scabies hehe :) love Heather

  21. Man, you posted a Malcolm McLaren video. How cool are you? And those shoes are totally "Paris is Jazz". I'm sure Malcolm would agree!

    I love how you and Krista are bringing bloomers back!

    Annie x

  22. LOOOOOOOVE this fab outfit - the NEW SHOES!!! the fab red jacket and brooch and groovy top and leopard hat - I just love it all, as always. I never understood that song but it's been on high rotation in my head for DECADES! Sarah xxx

  23. Those zebra crazed shoes with your red hot coat and the green Mexi-circus bloomers. I so better get my hands on some for the heat when I go back home.


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