Sunday, July 8, 2012

Could We Add a Bit More Colour Please?

Despite missing out on a vendor's spot at the West End market yesterday, I decided to pop in to check out the merch.
It was so wonderful to be out in the glorious winter sunshine, which of course required a celebration-of-life outfit with extra zap.
So I wore this enormous silver crinoline I picked up a while ago from the Garterbelts and Gasoline Festival, plus my Love Frida headband with free extra height for fabulousness!

"Love Frida" headband - from my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Leather jacket - retail sale
Miss Camel Toe t-shirt - Ms Mink
Crinoline, earrings - thrifted
Pink skull bracelet - gifted by lovely Krista
Coloured bead bracelets - gifted by cutie Em
UJ ring - gifted by the beautiful Miss Dani-Long-Legs
Other rings - thrifted, craft shops and Etsy
Tights - Sock Dreams
VW Melissa Mary Jane's - shopped by the divine Suzanne
1960s beauty case - flea market
Blue granny beads - eBay
Nails - Sally Hansen Nail Effects Polish Strips

Well will you look at that?
There are some extra legs in the frame ... I wonder who they belong to?

Yes, I bumped into the divooooooooooooon Kitty and her darling precious, VB, who is clearly  checking out Miss Camel Toe's super-power qualities:).

The Stylist got busy rummaging through a box of badges to decorate her bag and she bought herself a new wee toy.
She brought along a lovely friend she's known since infancy and they both dressed up to the nines and wore headbands handmade by The Stylist's fair hands.
The three of us together brought smiles to faces and lovely comments from complete strangers ... "It happens all the time," The Stylist told her bewildered but delighted buddy:).

Who can you see wearing this?  Hmmmmmm?

Who does my cheek-licking move remind you of?

C'mon, you must have guessed by now that I'm going completely nuts without Helga von Trollop as she storms the USA on her triumphant "Don't Be Shy, Be Fabulous!" tour!
We miss you Helga!
Surely she must be headed for home soon with delicious tales of glory and glamour?
VB: (thinks) "What the hell are you doing to my mum's leg?"

Table for six where we all broke bread together ... such a treat to see you lovelies, Kitty and VB!

So did I buy anything?
Why yes, this faaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous 1950s Canadian fox cape for $20 and a pair of unworn Demonia silver wedges with their original tags attached (RRP $115) - I got them for $45.


I do hope you're all enjoying an utterly excitement-filled weekend sweeties!
Desiree xo


  1. As if the silver crinoline wasn't enough, you add a fabulous fox fur! I miss Helga too.

  2. ...sigh... I'm always lost for words when I see you. Well, specifically... superlatives. YOU are the superlative.

    As in.... you're so fabulous you're Desiree.

    ...and be still my beating heels re the wedges!

  3. Like the famous line in the movie When Harry Met Sally, "I'll wear what she's wearing"! But there's absolutely no way I could infuse these wonderful clothes with matching joie de vivre! I like The Stylist's comment - "It happens all the time." You, Kitty, and the Minis are all divine. I am gaga for your new Demonia shoes.

  4. I'm glad you got to the markets even though you missed a selling spot. I love your tights....such great colours! I knew straight away that was Kitty's leg. You girls sure know how to pose up a storm together! Xx

  5. aww these pictures are so cute!

    Harlequin tiiiggghhts, beautiful =)
    \('u')/ I love this outfit

  6. Fab, fab, fab! I love the huge silver crinoline, it looks amazing - and those tights, and that headband! You are just all-over fab.

  7. That is such a lovely day out. I love that silver crinoline, it would look so special peeping out under a circle skirt too. I wish we had blue skies like yours there! Xx

  8. Totally wondrous! What a great day and it's lovely to see you all together.

  9. Oh LAAAWD what a bunch we are!! Would be so fab if we could make this a semi-reg thang!! Good to see you looking a bit healthier too :) I didn't realise Bella made those headbands herself, how fab, and she's a diva of the future, just a superstar in waiting such a little lovely. BTW I'll be at (the new fair) Love Vintage this coming weekend, not selling myself but helping Lisa (AMV) on her stall, if you can make it in there I'll be there Fri night 5-9 pm and Saturday 10-2 pm. Love you!!!

  10. Love Love that twirly silver skirt!! and your tights are adorable!! And you all look spectacular in your flower headbands and fur and leather and color and all the wonderful things you fabulous girlies are always whipping together. I wished you lived in my town it could use some more color!! Love Heather

  11. The silver crinolines is OUTTA THIS WORLD!
    Love your colorful legs along with Kitty's and those pink boots are adorable (They look to be VB'S?!?! I WANT EM IN MY SIZE!) *heh*

    Looks as though your day was full of thrills as it should be!

  12. Your tights collection is second to none.

  13. Oh my gourd... the SHOES! They are super duper fabulous - and the SILVER CRINOLINE rocks my universe! So glad you had such splendid day - you all look GORGEOUS - and I miss our Helga too (like MAD!). Sarah xxx

  14. I'm head over heels for those shoes! They're incredible. What a great find!

  15. Ah you are a silver fox!

    And...I am on the bus tomorrow to get myself to Portland to meet HELGA!!!!!!! So exited!

  16. Oh the silver petticoat is super powers pretty!!!!!
    The shoes are just amazing and I can't wait to see the fabulos outfits you wear with them.
    You, kitty and the little poppets are all so cute. Happy happy band of fabulous lovelies.
    Miss Helga is so missed!!!!
    Love v

  17. I am absolutely in love with your skirt, and WANT, WANT your shoe. what about meeting darling Kitty???
    You and your gorgeous fashionista daughters, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    What a joy to look at all of you girls!!!

  18. That skirt with those shoes are darling!!!!!

  19. aahh you all look so happy gorgeous ;-)) dee xxx

  20. Oh Silver Lady, you look fabulous as always - as does everyone!
    How great to meet up with Kitty and VB, I love that you all got many admiring looks, and that The Stylist is perfectly used to this!
    Those zebra stripe wedges are amazing, you look VERY pleased with yourself, as well you might! xxxxx

  21. Love the silver! And that your flair for fashion & FUN is rubbing off on the next generation :O)

  22. you gorgeous thing, I bet you got loads of compliments! That fur was a total bargain, love The Stylist's wonky owl and your tutu, leggings, tights combo! You brighten up my day!

  23. Eeek! You ALL look totally and utterly fabulous! The person selling that conical bra should have given it to you, I can't think of a better bod for it to rock!! Those wedges are the find of the freaking year and the Stylist's cute owl is adorable! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  24. Holy cannoli woman, you are AWESOMESAUCE. I can't really describe what goes through my brain when I see your stellar outfits other than DGHFGHDGHZOMGSPARKLE!!1! because I'm in such awe of your colour and zaz mastery that I cannot form proper words. The layered tights and fishnets, the crinoline, Miss Camel Toe, LOVE IT ALLLL. And those silver wedges are the shit! Someday, I am going to get to Australian and (wiff your permission) I'ma find you and give you the greatest big ol' hug. And then continuously pounce on you for huggles any time you are awesome, which means you might have me clinging to ya like a koala :P

  25. Wonderful tutu! I love your leather jacket with it too xx

  26. I am in awe of this ensemble! The silver crinoline with leather jacket and the addition of colorful accessories provide mood elevation across the planet!

  27. The new sassy vamps crowns are beyond fantastic!!!

  28. Desiree, we have some sort of crazy outfit connection going on - I found a fox cape at a thrift store in April that looks exactly the same as the one you're wearing (it was $12, but it's shedding quite profusely). With our matching silver crinolines and fox capes, we could have our own carnival act, I tell ya! That is just tooooo awesome.

  29. I want this whole outfit for my very own! You look friggin amazeballs in this dazzling display of silver and color! Helga misses you too. If you want to see her pop on over to my blog, we are hanging out!!!

  30. You silver encrusted biatch!
    What an divino silver crinoline, oh that fur stole what a bargain.
    You prostis are looking scrumptious in your sexy tights.
    The little divas in the making are just to darn adorable like their Mamas.
    I could picture myselg wearing that fab bullet bra but I know who you are talking about.


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