Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Got Gangrene

Funny how the brain works ... 
Without realising, my legs went green for three days in a row and it was only after looking through pics I noticed the running theme.
I had pics taken by my wee paparazzo on two of the days ... by the third day, I think she'd gone blind.

Good catch!
Yes, a rather blindingly bright colour combo isn't it?
I bought the cotton frock a few months ago and haven't worn it much even though I adore those retina-melting colours.
It wasn't until I was leaving the house that I remembered why I hadn't worn it for ages ... every button from top to hem had popped undone by the time I reached the car door.
Oh dear, it had missed the mending pile for bigger replacement buttons, so out came the safety pins to save the day.

I don't think anyone would have noticed if I'd walked down the street with my frock flapping open anyway ... lovely Greta the Cherub copped quite an eyeful as she knelt down for her pony-leap circus routine with her tatas on show.

I'm so proud my wee cherubs aren't too shy about hula-hooping and practising their Ministry of Silly Walk routines in public (their idea, no input needed from mama).

Jacket, earrings and DIY leather gloves - thrifted
1970s frock, 1960s beauty case, cherub brooch and wool cap - various markets
Leather pony brooch - gifted by lovely Em of Vintage Sweetheart
VW Melissa mary janes - shopped by precious Suzanne of Idee Fixe

On Sunday night, we slipped out for a bite and a movie ... yes, it's school holidays so it was Ice Age 4 **sigh** so I had to make it a bit exciting by adding some much needed bling to the evening.
Oh how I would love to see a non-PG movie at the cinema, I think the last one I saw was Mic Mac about two years ago!
Talk about gangrene of the brain.

Ummmmm ... hi.

Yeah, butter wouldn't melt.

Waving the flag for my Mexi putta-sista, La Dama, who will read your future in the cards at her new Etsy shop.

Chicken nachos, they needed more chilli ... but mama never wastes her food.

Leopard-print coat - gifted by glorious Sarah Misfit
Sparkly bracelet - gifted by the scrummy Miss V of Two Squirrels Vintage
Spiked headband - from fellow BM-addict, Queenie
1970s lurex flares, Count Down t-shirt, floral headband, 1960s beauty case, suede shoes, granny bead necklace - various flea markets
Fishnet long-sleeve top - F21 sale
Earrings - Etsy

Happy 4th of July to all you American chickies out there!
Desiree xoxo


  1. You look stunning in Green Fabulous color on glad you don't have gangrene just a case of the greenies!! Cute kids!! ~Love Heather

  2. HAAA! I'm such a frickin DITZ - I was looking at your coat thinking how FAAABULOUS it was!

    Every outfit is KILLER!

    Doesn't The Stylist look a bit (HEAPS) like Dakota Fanning? She's a dead ringer! And that's a compliment because Dakota is ADORABLE and TALENTED and almost as fabulous as The Stylist, who should have her own tv show, demonstrating hula hooping, general fabulousness, straw-sucking-face-pulling and yellow-shoe-wearing.

    And as for her uber glam Mama, well, she's just divine, darling, DIVINE!

    Sarah xxx

  3. Oh the green froggie legs are super with that darling wee frock. Looking so very cute Miss Desiree!!!!
    Your wee poppets are just lovely. hula hula!!!!
    I just love the snow leopard print jacket, perfect for a stylish outing to an "Ice Age".
    Love v

  4. If we weren't both already married to other people ... I'd propse to you. Can you imagine? Double the wardrobe! :D

    Those tights are THE PERFECT shade of green.

  5. You crack me up! You know what green legs mean? They'll fall off and new growth appears! You'll be reborn in just a matter of days. REBORN!

  6. I spy some green and I LIKE it! Loving those green legs....what a delicious shade of Kermit wonder! I do love the whole outfit top to toe, the frock is awesome! A wonderful outfit for soaking up these glorious winter days. Xx

  7. Thanks for the holiday wishes. I always come here for the fireworks and the taste of freedom. Love the lurex flares and the pic of you and the stylist.

  8. Where to begin?? I saw some green lace flares the other day & thought of you immediately but now I see you already have some! Loving the Silly Walks!

  9. aahhh i can't wait to see Ice age 4 it comes here this weekend but it costs £7.00 each so its a bit to expensive so might have to wait until its on dvd i love them and so do the boys ;-) You look gorgeous your first outfit i love all the colours the green and the purples and pinks are lovely. And wow no one does evening glamour like you do you look stunning. dee xx

  10. I LOVE the colours on your flasher frock, they are stunning, and with the green legs as well - perfect!
    Eldest and I were hula hooping at a fair at the weekend, she with much more aplomb than I...
    Always love to see those green lurex flares and Sarah's snow leopard (can't believe she didn't recognise it, that girl is a faux fur fool!) Isn't it great that I have favourite pieces in OTHER people's wardrobes as well as my own?
    And also always love to see your gorgeous kiddywinks and you out and about making life more glamorous and wonderful! xxxxxxxx

  11. No doubt I will also be chomping popcorn to the sound of a woolly mammoth reinacting Titanic when it comes out here! And I've already been informed I'll be accompanying them to the latest Madagascar when that comes out...circuses baby!

    I have a denim shirt which has a habit of bursting open porno style if I so much as put my hands above my head, always have to remember a vest underneath that one!

    Particularly loving your spiked headband and t-shirt today xxx

  12. You gorgeous thing - I just wanna hop on a plane and come and sqeeze you! I think someone based that cherub's figure on my own, I knew I shouldn't've left the curtains open while nakey! mmmm Mexican food. You look ultra glam - far too glam for a PG, you need a night off with The Phoenix to see something racey at midnight xxxx

  13. Love, love, love everything, but the fat angel lady brooche is me with longer hair, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  14. I love the sparkle on that skirt. It looks really great. Your kids will grow up to be their own individuals and follow what their own rules. It's great to see kids who actually have individuality.

  15. You are such a lovely family!! That new headband is great, you are always so creative... by the way guacamole is delicious.

  16. Desiree there are too many great things going on here!!! Love the green legs and 70s dress (great pattern), fabulous necklace and coat at the cinema - and the spiked headband!! love!! - and well, fabulous pics as always. Your posts always bring a smile to my face, often a laugh out loud, sweetie!!

    Catherine x

  17. Mi reina, can you get any more fabulosa?
    You know que te adoro con todo mi corazonsote.
    I'm green with envy at yo legs amor.
    Eyein you up and down in that magnifica purple and green frock . Do you have a Mexi-cherub brroch? Love her curves.
    Bella is kicking some bro ass.:)
    Mmm those nachos look so good and goey. You know avocados are good for your skin and hair. Spikey hairband is a genius idea. Wonder what other spike ideas you got up your sleeve. I want to see Ice Age movie and throw pop corn at you guys.

    Gracias for the shot out at my humble little shop.

  18. Ha ha, Ice Age 4, VB loves Ice Age too!! But I bought her the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland yesterday, so things may well be on the's hoping!

  19. Ah, where would we be without safety pins? A while back I went to visit a friend in Montreal and decided to wear a skirt I had recently taken in because it kept falling off my butt. Apparently I did not take it in enough, and it kept somehow getting larger as the day went by. Thankfully my friend had a safety pin so I was able to continuously keep pinning it tighter haha. I still that green skirt is the shit!

  20. Pop pop pop even this crazy dress could not tame you! The whole family is looking lovely and you are right your kids seem so carefree why look at their mom!!! I love it! The nachos , your fur, your floral crowned magnificence that's started a revolution, your bigass pearls and especially you I love all of it!

  21. love your gangrene legs and that beautiful frock I'm sure the public wouldn't mind it's flashing ways! bummer about the kiddy movies but I adore that count down top and the bling!! xx

  22. If I'm having a meh day, stopping my your blog peps me right up! You are forever extraordinarily divine. And then some! :)

    I don't know where to begin, as I love absolutely everything. The coat and lurex flares have me ponying about! :D Such a beauty. XOXO

  23. your outfit is perfect!

  24. You are too fab for words in your snow leopard coat and green lurex trousers!!! It's good to see the offspring are picking up crucial skills like hula hooping and silly walks - I see a circus act in the future, and you already have an awesome costume stash!

  25. It ain't easy being green, but you wear it so well!.


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