Thursday, August 2, 2012

Not Drowning But Waving

This is what I've been up to lately.

Frowning in my sleep.
I think I should be awarded an Olympic gold medal in Deep Slumber.
The Stylist snapped this pic of me in training on the couch, after she sweetly lay her dressing gown over me during warm-ups.
If you haven't found me on FB this week, I had my account deactivated for a few days to keep the pressure down - I still love ya.
I can only hope time will give me my mojo back - eeeeeek I want it back!!

In a recent life, it seems I was capable of standing upright and getting trussed up like a cockatoo.

I'm fairly sure I was the woman who spoke about my addiction to wearing other people's old shite at a lovely gala dinner in front of 270 guests a while ago.

 Getting quizzed by the ever-gorgeous host, Anna.

Surrounded by roses - at left the scrumptious "Me-Juli", mother of The Stylist's wee bestie and beautiful Rebecca.

I met Tina who dived head-first into my show-and-tell clothes rack and came out with some road kill;).

And then I spied this beauty, Angela, so graceful in a 1960s lurex maxi!

I'm pretty sure I've been sporting a fabulously mad 1960s rabbit fur hat lately too.

I can vaguely remember making headbands.
And wearing this awesome 1970s lurex blouse from Sarah Misfit.
I even think I have a shop somewhere - oh yes, this headband is called Snow White and you can buy her here!
 Anyone remember this woman?

If anyone sees this puta, please send her home and if she resists, give her a kick up the arse, I need her!
Desiree xo


  1. Despite being completely out of it, you STILL manage to be friggen fabulous. Please re-join us soon! Xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh darling - worried now - I thought your mojo was indomitable. Have a rest - lots of Nanna Naps - I find a bit of dramatic reclining about the place, fanning myself in a fancy kimono works wonders. Wish I could take you off to a funky spa (seaweed wraps, James Brown, disco ball). Take care of yourself sweetie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    p.s. that umbrella and blue coat combo - killah!

  3. Oh no, you too, amor?? I'm so out of it I'm probably back IN and I don't even know it! I blame Al Gore.

    I suggest some Radical Fabulousness And Freaky Friendship Love... Come meet Dee and Me in Melbourne for Love Vintage in October - the planning is perking me up no end!!!

    BIG HUGS! Sarah xxx

  4. I have been out of it for ages but WE all Need you back beautiful lady xx

  5. A gold medal in deep slumber? Sorry, Des, but that's mine. All mine. Deep slumber and power napping are my specialities mainly because I'm a lazy cow. Hope you get your vavavoom back soon. xxxx

  6. I say you are on the road to recovery. It's recommended to go back and look at your most glorious moments when you are down. Soon your frown will be upside down! You can do it! But enjoy your rest.

  7. Everyone's entitled to an intermission between acts. Feel better soon--we're all looking forward to your next Act!

  8. sigh, I'm miserable at work again and you really cheer me up. So please get your mojo back ASAP (I'm sure you will) so I can live vicariously through you amazingness. That floaty gown is absolutely gorgeous, you look angelic - well nearly. So many fabulous photos and wonderful clothes! ~XXXx

  9. I really do think you are a cross between Olive from Pushing Daisies and Vivienne Westwood xxx
    I hope you feel better soon lovely.

  10. Oh darling, I'll send your mojo back express post if I come across her! I know exactly how you feel at the moment, I'm so much not myself either.

  11. I'm sorry to hear your mojo is M.I.A. I do hope it returns soon. You are far too fabulous to be feeling beige. Xx

  12. I wonder if it's something in the air... I've been feeling quite ran down lately too.
    I hope you feel better soon and come back with more amazing outrageousness!

    Much love to you xxx

  13. As someone who often would like to take to my bed and never leave, I understand the appeal of Deep Slumber, but the world needs your fabulosity! Come back to us dear lady. =) *hugs*

  14. Unexpected trips down the rabbit hole es no bueno...take care sweetie, we are here for you...

  15. When life's buggers get you down, just repeat Stewie Griffin's warning out loud "Mark my words, just when you least expect it, your uppance will come". And remember, "Victory will be mine!"

    Failing that, a good cocktail always raises my spirits. :)

    Seriously, every-one needs to rest and recharge their batteries at some point, especially in the current climate. Take the time you need and you'll come back stronger than ever.

    You're a real inspiration - take care of yourself xxx

  16. Sorry to hear you have the blahs. Take some "me time", we'll all carry on.

  17. We love you regardless, no matter what, in spite of, and just because! Life gets crazy, stop breathe and do your Yoga, I know that helps you find your center. You always make me smile and for that I think you are magic! Looking beautiful as ever in all of these fabulously "YOU" outfits!

  18. Fabulous and gorgeous. I used to take pics of the hubby sleeping. It was pretty funny. I've been wanting some fur but I never find any that I like. The blue jacket is just perfect for you.

  19. I sure hope you're feeling back to yourself soon. It's a strange feeling to be detached from ourselves even though it's only temporary. Your fans are standing by waiting to drape that medal around your lovely neck!
    Drink more water!

  20. Clearly Mojo is traveling the netherworlds gathering up new inspirations to zap you with when you awaken from your princess slumbers. The frown is because Mojo is occasionally pulling out polyester suits from the local chain store, beige ones with elastic waistbands. Who wouldn't frown at that? Your diary of fabulousness is an inspiration while you're away. Seriously, sleep is such a friend and healer. I hope you get all you need and that Mojo plants some new thrifty visions in your head.

  21. Baby you got more mojo than Flo Jo! It's just resting for a bit....all of us will be here chillin out watching the olympics and dressing like peacocks and you can join in when you feel like it you sexy beast =-)

  22. Jaysus, if I'd had to stand in front of 270 people I 'd need a year off to recharge my batteries!!!
    Sleep away, darling. The winter can't be helping. I'm used to you flaunting your delicious bod in swimmers and shorts, constant layering up is a killer despite you still rocking everything you wear!

  23. I am a recent follower of your blog. I hope you are back up to par soon!

    Lynn a.k.a. Dylan

  24. Oh my, you are human after all. What can I say, being as fab-u-lous as you are and everyday... that's tiring work. Sending you a big feather boa mink lined spangly diamante huuuuugggg and what little energy i can spare!! ha ha. I've neglected my blog & can just about manage to look presentable on a daily basis - oh how I would love to see my team's faces if I rocked up in full re splendid sartorial glamour inspired by you. I did purchase a feather cape ... think you talked me into it xxxx

  25. Ms D, there are none cooler than yourself! I lost my mojo a while back now (and in fact I just stumbled upon a photograph that proved it, gaak) so I need you to have mojo for both of us - heal, heal, heal!

  26. Oh darling beautiful inspirational Des, have a great big kip, hug your loved ones long and hard, and remember that you are fabulous, whatever the circumstances!
    I know it's hard. I know you need some rest. And then - WOW! Back you will bounce, large as life and twice as beautiful!
    YOU are The Woman who has worn all those wonderfully crazy outfits, who people want to listen to when she speaks, who so many of us are inspired by and love.
    I remember you. I could never forget you! xxxxx

  27. Oh Amorcito,
    You rest and get some beauty sleep away as long as you want. You need me to go jump on your bed I think.
    I been feeling out of it too with all my Chiari nonsense acting up.
    I know you putona self will be back in fabulosa action soon.
    I will be praying on all your wonders of outfits and gorge head flowers.

  28. Lady Inspiration!! you are and always will be a splash of color and a dash of marvelous pattern topped with some flowers and side of fur!! You don't need mojo when you have all that!! ~You are and always will be Fabulous you don't know how not to be :) ~But if you feel you need a little more sparkle or your out of fizz I pray it comes your way soon!! xx Love Heather

  29. You are too AMAZING and WONDERFUL to stay mojoless for too long. It gets to all of us sometimes. You continue to INSPIRE me donna bellisima!!!! Hope you feel better soon. Love! xx

  30. We need you! I'm worried about you. You haven't said whether it's caregiving issues, but as caregiver to someone I love with an inherited blood disease, I know I get really low during her rough periods. I forget peeps' names and run into walls. And, well, yeah, there has been a wee nervous breakdown or two, usually cured by a good night's sleep and help from family and friends. So I hope whatever storm you're braving now will calm soon, and you'll feel more like your usual radiant self and maybe even wear that road kill thingie, and some of that cool shite formerly owned by other people that probably never looked better until you wore it.

  31. Tea, sleep, bubble baths and more sleep... I highly recommend all three as a recovery plan. Sometimes you just need to stop don't you? Take care of yourself :) xxx

  32. *Hugs* from MOCONUT in Canada!!
    The bloggisphere will await for your mojo to return. Take care of yourself until then... and no dropping your pants until you return.

  33. Oh Miss Desiree you need some stillness and that sparkling mojo will come flying back to you!!!!!!
    Beautiful and creative darlings need to stop every so often to recharge to become super fabulous again.
    I find my mojo hangs out in chocolate bars quite often, it really is a naughty monster. Tee hee
    I am sending you a sparkle covered furry squirrel hug.
    Much love v

  34. How can anyone forget that woman??
    Sleep is the best pill, take your time and take care. I`m looking forward to see your special style in future!

  35. We could never forget that dazzling dame! Every so often, life co-opts our creative mojo when our energy is needed for things like caregiving, fighting off illness, coping with stress, etc. I've been ridiculously tired this week and dragging myself around like an old mule. It's hard work being feckin' fabulous!!! Get some rest, and I'm sure that the true Desiree will be arriving home soon.

  36. I'm sorry your mojo has got up and gone AWOL, I'm certain as your arse looks fine in Black Milk leggings that'll be back though! You need some rest and relaxation - feet up, cushions, cups of tea and good books

  37. I hope you feel better soon. I could use a break, as I've had a hard week. You look fabulous in the hat and love that umbrella! Wishing you a great weekend I'm sure you will get your mojo back soon. xx

  38. I remember you,you're the hot thang who makes me MOIST on a regular basis!! It frigging sux when one's mojo goegs walkabout for a while,but jeez, you've been looking delicious!Your outfit at that show thingy gives me the HORN!I would have been throwing my oanties at you if I was in the audience. In fact, I would have trhown myself onto you and thrusted about like a scottie dog on heat!GRRRRRRRRRR!
    I adore you!!!
    Love and Lustipops!

  39. So sorry to hear that you're having a difficult time, but you still look glamorous to me. I know you won't be down for long, but take good care!!!

  40. Im a bit late on commenting on this post. But i hope you start to feel brighter soon we all need time off to recharge our batteries sometimes life is hard at times. You look stunning as ever and i love your babyblue coat. Hugs, dee xxx

  41. Oh my, and you just line up amazing looks ...

  42. le scarpe,le adoro!sono fantastiche!!!
    che simpatica che sei!
    piacere di conoscerti!


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