Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Freaky Styley

Occasionally I'm tempted to do a "How-to-Wear-this-Weird-Thing-Without-Looking-Like-a-Loony-on-Day-Release" tutorial.
I don't think it's possible though, as I'm at a loss to come up with a sane formula to conform with any rules ... which are stinky anyway.
Besides, I have to be incognito as Nurse Ratchet and her hounds are always on the lookout to round me up and put me away.
I know you've had sleepless nights over The Jacket, so here 'tis, this is how I wore it out and about yesterday.

Magical fairy frock and black ring - gifted by Queen Helga
Vintage pink slip - gifted by lovely Miss V of Two Squirrels Vintage
Pink and orange sparkle necklace - gifted by her Royal Pinkness, Krista
Vintage military jacket, green heart ring, earrings, lace collar - thrifted
Headband - available from my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Beauty case, shoes (DIY glitterfication) - flea markets
Tights - eBay

And here's the result of this morning's dash out the door after rounding up homework books, making lunches, refereeing the kids fighting over the correct way to do the one-two-step shuffle, patching up a nasty gash on #3 Son from a basketball game, getting The Phoenix comfy and quelling a screeching guinea pig with delicious strawberries.
Morning all!

I couldn't resist a close up of my shiny Barbarella-robot leg wear:).
Headband - more at Sassy Vamps!
1930s onsie refashioned into top and earrings - eBay
Layered leggings - both from Black Milk
Doc Martens and black top - retail
1960s beauty case and granny beads - flea market
I think this find deserves a link to Lakota's Tah-Dah Tuesday.
All set?
Aye, aye capt'n!
Seen you soon troops:)) xo


  1. My LAWD you are spectacular! Those silver legs are exquiiiiiiiisite! The new old jacket is awful - send it to me and I'll look after it for you! I love both looks - the glitter shoes are always a have - and the floral headbands are, as always, the perfect finishing touch! Sarah xxx

  2. I love love love the gold leggings... So sexy and purrrty!
    The second look is of course my favourite :)

  3. I am in awe of those Barbarella leggings! And love love love the jacket!

  4. The first look is my fav. If I saw you out like that I would roll around at your feet for a pat. You look AMAZING!

  5. You are magnificent. It's no longer (and really, never has been) about what you wear and how you wear it. You're just truly truly one of a kind magnificent.
    ...we would follow you in to war any day!

  6. Holy crap! Those gold legging things are incredible. I love that you matched your flowery headband to the blazer, perfect! And those leopard legs are divine! Carry on!

  7. Oops, think I can feel a bit more leg licking coming on, with those gold babies, woo hoo!!!
    We must have a thrifting day soon lovey, how about Redcliffe??

  8. I pass on the leggins,haven´t got the leg for them; but WANT all the rest, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    You are a genius!!!

  9. I am so glad you went back for the jacket, you were meant to have it.

  10. See? You knew we were right, that gorgeous jacket was meant to be yours!
    And of course it goes perfectly with a frothy fairy dress or Barbarella leggings, leopard print and glitter shoes or Docs - just take your pick!
    Love the matchy-match headband in the first outfit - did you make it specially, or was it a happy coincidence?
    You are a living, breathing how-to-wear tutorial in every post, Desiree - though no one can do it as well as you! xxxxx

  11. Gawd I almost choked on my tea when I saw a close up of those golden stockings - simply marvelous, and LOVE the jacket!

  12. The jacket is spectacular!!!
    This is an amazing find and I also loved the striped one at Ta-dah Tuesday, they reminds me a lot of Vivienne Westwood designs, so british, so rock'n roll!This treasure is perfect both on the white sheer romantic frock and on the Barbarella (OMG they are fabulous!!!)leggings, amazing outfits!!
    Lots of kisses!!!!

  13. The jacket is a triumph! I've been eyeing up an orange and sky blue 1950s majorette's number in the secret lock-up room in Second To None for over a year, it's a fiver and I don't for the life of me know why I don't just get it. If I looked a quarter of how fabulous you do I'd be happy! xxxxx

  14. You look great! The garter belt//stocking combo reminds me of '60s sci fi movies.

    I think being able to pull something off involves a lot of self-confidence. You got it babe.

  15. WoAW!! I am loving this fairy military mash up. You look flipping fantastic! I have expect you to be granting wishes all day in that outfit. Your Sassy Vamps floral explosion is so juicy!!! I wann spin round and round with you!

    I love your dash and go look, my day would be instantly better if I saw just one person with half your style.

  16. Oh hello gorgeous and always amazing Miss Desiree!!!!
    Sorry I am so behind with all your fabulous posts.
    Yay the pink slip loves pllaying with you!!
    Love the soldier and plum fairy are dancing together in this perfect outfit.
    Keep making the world a freaky styley and happy place.
    Love v

  17. Oh poo, that was: playing, sorry!!!
    I been up since 4am. To many filing drawers open in my head, couldn't sleep.
    Love v

  18. I LOVE both incarnations of the Jacket's premiere voyage. One "casual," and the other a dream. Your tutorial would be remarkable. As in they'd be lots to remark upon. xo. -Bella Q

  19. That jacket is just too divine for words. You such a splediferously colourful bird. X

  20. Fab colour combinations! Thanks for your wise words the other day - hope that you can be a mum and still be fabulous x

  21. Oh! Oh. It looks amazing. So glad that jacket went to a happy home :)

  22. Amazing styling on the first outfit! and another pair of great leggings from Black Milk--garters and shine at once. It's too much!

  23. Kerist,I ahve a sore fan just thinking about dry humping you!!!
    ARGH! Need fruit NOW!
    Every detail of each outfit is pure perfection and I am panting and dribbling like a mad thing!EEEEEEEEEEEEK! You have such a knack for tossing together amazing outfits in such a casual way!There is no explainging that,it's a Goddess Given Gift!!!
    Love and Lustipops!XXXXXXXXXXXX

  24. Ahhh, more eye candy is what I say when I see your perfectomundo styling of that jacket.

  25. You always pull it together perfectly! Aren't those epaulet details faaaaannnntastic!

  26. Well this is the perfect way to wear that jacket!
    I love, love, love those robot leg wear! Where did you get those?

    Ariane xxxx

  27. You are a breath of fresh air, or perhaps a cyclone of fresh air, which is far, far better!! Bam! Your robot legs say it all. Your pairings are beyond compare. The jacket must swim in happiness on your back. Too bad militaries around the world don't wear the same uniform as you - but if they did I guess we wouldn't need a military.

  28. I love that your lot were fighting about how to do the correct one-two step shuffle! I also want to see guinea pig photos!
    I'm so glad you went back for that jacket! And that you wore it with a tutu - great minds think a like! Love the sexy suspender leggings too! booo to rules xxxx

  29. Om my gosh the jacket is freaking amaze a balls!!!!! You matched your sassyvamps head piece perfectly. Your robot leg wear is out of this world! I dunno wear you find this stuff but you rock. xxx

  30. It's official - with these two outfits you have now become my ultimate style hero. I grovel at your golden-glitter shod feet...

  31. What can I say about your outfits? Marvelous!!! I posted today about the tights I saw on your blog. Thank you for the inspiration!!!


  32. PURRRRRRRRRfection!!! The jacket, the jacket! You look so incredibly divine. SUCH. A. FOX. :D

    And your morning-dash ensemble is amazing. Heavily swooning over the Barbarella stems! Suspenders over wet look; BRILLIANT! XOXO

  33. You are incredible! I love both these outfits using the jacket, although I am partial to the jacket with the suspender leggings. Keep rocking lady! You don't need no rules!

  34. Aye , you military fairy goddess!
    I love that you matched your sassy vamps flower headbands.
    The jacket with shiny suspender tights are magnificas,no wonder all the ladies are crazy about you.


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