Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm Not Dressed Up

If someone invited me to an event requiring a dress code, I'm not sure what I'd wear.
I'm so steeped in dressing to please myself that an evening frock, tail coat, floral tiara or a tutu have simply become daily wear.
Does it make special events less special?
I have no idea ... I rarely go anywhere fancy.
Neglecting a clothing collection due to a sparse social calendar doesn't sit well with a vintage-aholic, thus my decision to wear what I love every single day, everywhere I go.
I figure if I'm lucky, I've got another 40-odd years on this planet.
That's potentially a long spell of "greige" track pants and hoodies if I fancy merely existing in a half-life.
Sod that, I'm wearing it all!
I'm gonna grow old disgracefully.

This is the striped blazer I op-shopped from Aid for the Blind ... I'm so happy with it I feel a Welcome Home Helga SQUEEEEEEEEEEE coming on!
I'm probably breaking about 379 military dress codes here - YAY!!!

Oh and due to popular demand (yes, I'm talking to you!)  and encouragement from The Phoenix, I dashed back to Aid for the Blind on Saturday, praying the red and purple regimental evening jacket was still there.

Mama's got another jacket ... which means, according to Vix's very clever rules, something has to leave my wardrobe.
I've already had a massive wardrobe clear out so I think I can spare the room for two new, awesome vintage jackets!

I felt some old-time curls, glittery shoes and shiny prosti pants were just the thing to loosen up this jolly-good-pip-pip-eh-what-blazer.

Pink rose headband - my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Spiked headband - from my FB friend, Queenie
1930s refashioned onsie into top - eBay
Leggings - Black Milk
Blazer, earrings - thrifted
Shoes, beaded collar, locket, beauty case - markets
Johnny Cash pendant - Etsy
Sunnies - shop in Fitzroy, Melbourne
I had an hour to kill while The Stylist was at ballet and got accosted by nearly every Dick, Dora and Diane on the street!
Sitting having a quiet coffee in the sunshine, two lovely women introduced themselves, shook hands with me and asked if they could take photos - they were so sweet!
They had spent a fruitful morning trawling our prolific local oppys and looked very happy with themselves:).

Then my ole mate Ike came along with a massive boom box strapped to his walker, belting out some Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
Ike is an 88-year-old engineer who fought during the WWII D-Day landings then helped rebuild post-war Berlin.
In Hanover, he met his beloved late-wife who used to dress like Carmen Miranda (I've seen the pics!).
While Ike and I chatted away happily, passers-by constantly stopped for a eyeful or a photo.
One woman walked by and said "I love your hat".
Ike snapped back, "Well I love myself" then got up and did a jig to his music.  Heheee!

And that my friends, is the moral of the story ... don't wait for special occasions to wear your favourite things, you may never get the chance.
Love your life, wear what makes you feel like a shining star, don't stop learning and most importantly ... stick it to the man!
Molti baci,
Desiree xoxox


  1. He llegado a tu blog y me gusta mucho, tu estilo ideal y me ha inspirado, besos ana.

  2. thos jackets are most awesome and i love IKE! Want to see his wife now.

  3. You're such an inspirational wench! So many arse squeezes are coming your way! I love Ike - isn't he amazing? I'm so glad you went back for the military jacket - it has a circus feel to it so it would be fab with your showgirl gear - imagine it with a tutu! I'm planning to wear my Haori jacket out and about xxxxx

  4. You are an inspiration! And take away my fear of growing old! <3 You're amazing!

  5. Truly inspirational, love your post today THANK YOU FOR BEING SOOOO DAMN FAB ... I'm wearing rhinestones as a tiny token effort on this grey Monday morning... & love Ike too!

  6. I am sooooooo glad you are breaking all the rules.
    Always fierce and WONDERFUL, ahhhhhhhh.
    Love, love, love and INSPIRATION always.

  7. I really can't find anything disgraceful with the way you look! The blazers are fantastic and as always I just love your blonde retro curls. You really do inspire me to wear my favourite things all the time, for no reason at all! xxx


    YOU, more than anyone else, have helped to free my mind to this philosophy and I could not agree more! Now, I use my Mama's Wedgwood for every day - and I think of you every time I do.

    Of course, you look amazing - the jacket is stunning and I'm SO FRICKIN GLAD you went back for the other one!

    And Mister 88 Boombox is my hero. What a champion. What a guy. Give him a saggy old man arse pinch for me.

    Sarah xxx

  9. Ahhhh Bless Ike and bless you ;-) You have just made me smile and feel all warm and cozy. I agree how heartly with you life is indeed to short love your life and love yourself and most importantly have a ball and enjoy it all. hugs, dee xxx

  10. Ike is adorable!! Love the striped jacket. Glad you had a wonderful day.

  11. I've found that if I wear a flower on my head more people talk to me. The more "normal" I look, the less interaction. Strange, huh?

  12. You look great as always. My hubby is always pointing out to me that I'm always dressed a lot nicer than the rest of his family. I told him that it doesn't hurt anyone or anything to look nice.

  13. Great advice!! and love the new jackets you found!! Especially how you paired it up cute shoes!! Love Heather

  14. I don't want this to come off as anything but a compliment, but I wanna be like you when I grow up! I LOOOOOVE your line of thinking. Dress for you--no one else! I love all the fashion risks you take as I feel that fashion wouldn't be fashion without fashion risks. This outfit in particular is a fave of mine of yours. I love the pleather pants, the zebra wedges and that great striped blazer! Well done my friend!

  15. Wise words, you fabulous wench! Never save anything for best or just dress up for a special occasion. every day you wake up alive is a cause for celebration.
    That blazer is even more gorgeous on your bod and I love Ike, wish I could think of a great comeback that quickly! xxxx

  16. you walk the walk and talk the talk, dear Desiree! inspiring with the way you wear your style! I love love love it! What a good and cheerful moral to your story. PS: the jackets are aces!

  17. I think you've met your perfect match for life inspiration and guts with Ike. You two are rockin' this blog today!
    The striped blazer fits you perfectly and I just love it over that feminine camisole. I adore you!

  18. I love thos jackets, they are astounding, but I do have a soft spot for military styling. A shop in our town centre is selling floral head dresses now. I put one on today and felt Desiree fabulous. Xx

  19. It's a perfect philosophy, Desiree - what are we waiting for, saving things for "best"? I grew up with that idea, as taught by my mum, but have happily ditched it, since it means all your favourite things end up in a cupboard, waiting for a special occasion that never comes.
    Now any old day is a special occasion! And although I get some questions as to why I am "dressed up", the response from other people is mostly positive.
    I am so pleased you got the second jacket too. You are rocking the military stripes, Capt. Des! And Ike is rocking his sombrero. And we should all rock our own socks off, every day! xxxxx

  20. AMEN SISTER! I love the sentiment in this post and you and Ike are like the best eye candy on the block. Yeah for going back for the other jacket! You are as wise as you are beautiful.

  21. what you do here is really good, I will be back soon.

  22. If you are cleaning your wardrobe Im the first on the list.... that red+purple jacket is fantastic!!!

  23. I'm so glad that you went back for the other jacket too. And I love Ike! Here's to many more street photo ops. Who knows those op shop ladies may be runnin' a blog somewhere!

  24. Oh man you are rocking that blazer amor.
    I'm so excited you went back for that glorious jacket.
    Ike is amazing and he did a jig, aye would of loved to see that and the pics of his wife.

  25. Ike's response made my day, possibly my week.

    That said, that is one sexy outfit!

  26. I love this post, and the philosophy behind it. We should wear our favourite clothes and use our 'best' china, not only for ourselves, but because of the pleasure it gives to other people. You and Ike have certainly warmed my heart and spirit today.

    You are so right, we should not stop learning, and we should certainly NEVER stop sticking it to the man!

    Wonderful post!

  27. You look fantastic!!!! Ike is the best. Em ♥

  28. Okay that blazer jacket is SERIOUSLY one of my favorite's on you!!
    *Woohoo on getting the other jacket too*
    I hate when I have to choose between two things and then I just keep thinking back to what I left behind. It like eats away at my thinking process until I have to go back and see if it is still there. *hahahaha*
    Those sparkle shoes are HOT! (I LOVE THEM)

    Ike sounds like a real character. Just seeing a photo of him brought a smile to my face. He seems like a real cool guy.

  29. It is amazing, and has also reminded me I think there is something similar hanging in a wardrobe at my parents'. I have a feeling it's an old school blazer. So glad you went back for the other one too! x

  30. HOT DAMN, that blazer looks Fracking Fantanbulous on you! I'm so glad you went back to rescue the other jacket. I also love the theme behind this post--how many times have people tried something on and it looked great, and then they said, "But where would I wear it". I've been guilty of that too. Why deprive ourselves of wearing things that make us happy just because "someone" has decreed they should reserved for a fancy occasion? Ike reminds me of a guy that used to live here in London named "Stormin' Norman" who always wore a hat covered in buttons. He loved to go to the clubs and get up and dance.

  31. This blazer is incredible and MADE FOR YOU. :D This outfit is so fierce! I'm speechless, I love it so!!! Cue Helga SQUEEEEEE!

    Ike is amazing, and this post just made me smile so BIG. :D Thank you, beautiful friend. XOXO

  32. I'm sooooooo happy that you went back for the other jacket! They're both so damn fabulous. I love your take on dressing up - why wait for a special occasion when you can make today a special occasion!

  33. Wheeee! There are no words for how much I adore that jacket. I figured a squeal would be sufficient.

  34. This is one of my favorite posts by you, ever.

    I love the idea of wearing what you want to wear, and wearing it for you, not for everyone else.


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