Sunday, July 22, 2012

You Are My Sunshine

Obviously the first thing you've noticed about this pic is the sun shining brightly from my arse.
Secondly, your eyes are immediately drawn to the mud and leaves stuck to my heels from squelching through muck after a week of torrential rain.

But it's all good, I've been spoilt with parcels of joy from two soul sisters, Curtise and Sarah Misfit.
Here, I'm wearing a spectacular sequinned bustier sent by Curtise, which is clearly sparkling with joy at escaping the confines of a Sheffield oppy and spinning across the world for an airing in Carni-Land.
This get-up caused a bit of a stir, I'm amazed at the number of women who approach me these days and say they wish they had the guts (to do what?).

I couldn't resist buying these creepy Black Milk leggings printed with Jan van Eyck's The Last Judgement painting.

Woah!  The sunny side of eternity looks a tad more appealing, they get to wear cool outfits and halos 'n shit; while the damned and disgraced get to eat each other.

Curtise also sent me this far-out Wonder Woman frock - oh man, my brain is spinning with possibilities!  

The AA lace frock from Curtise had The Stylist and I in a tizz, such soft lace and I can't wait to wear it!
Thank you Curtise, your thoughtfulness means so much to me:).

The camera's wobbling in excitement at this glorious lace jumpsuit from darling Sarah Misfit - yes, it's a completely sheer lace jumpsuit - again, the lace is sumptuous and I'm going to have quite a bit of fun styling this one:).

You know the great thing about blogger-love?  
Hot vixen, Vix, sent this gorgeous, lurex Mrs Slocombe-style blouse to Sarah who loved it but it didn't sit quite right so the darling passed it on to me - now that's love.
It fits perfectly and I've been wearing it, but damn-it no pics yet.  
Also in Sarah's parcel was a crazy-awesome pearly, shiny circus jacket, but because every Dick and Dora in the house has been wearing it, I have a spot of hot-glueing to do before I can wear it.
I love it:).
Thank you darlink!
Thank you so much for being such wonderful rays of sunshine, lovely Sarah and Curtise:) 
Cupid t-shirt, lace headscarf, star earrings, bow-tie - thrifted
Bustier - gifted by gorgeous Curtise
Leggings - Black Milk
Shoes - F21 sale
1960s beauty case - flea market
1940s men's top hat - De Mille Vintage, Melbourne
Stay sweet!
Baci, Desiree xoxo


  1. Hm, I'm just wondering what I could possibly send that would top a Wonder Woman dress and the see through black lace! I'll find something!!

    I love the Van Ecyk tights, but it is curious to me that hell is below the knees.

  2. Ha love the wonderwoman outfit I may need to borrow that for comic con next year!! That is the big comic convention here every year where everyone dresses up like super heroes! You look fantastic in those leggings & Bustier & tophat You Go Girl!! xx Heather

  3. You are certainly one Sunny Side Up gal!! And I love you for it!

  4. A sequined bustier? Get. Out. Love it and those leggings are crazy cool! I actually did not notice the mud or leaves on your heels ;-)

  5. Bloody hell - I'm not looking at the leave son your heels - I'm too busy checking out your UBER HOT ARSE!!! I love those fab leggings - the print is SUBLIME - the bustier is completely fabularsehole and I can't wait to see you in the lace jumpsuit!
    Love you more than art! Sarah xxx

  6. Ooooh, I rather love The Last Judgement on you. I didn't much like the way others have styled them on the BM page, but you look marvellous! That bustier was made for you!

  7. I think van Eyck's heaven would look much more paradisiacal with everyone dressed Desiree-style! Methinks the painting looks better on your legs than on the wall. The bustier and top hat are divine. I can feel the love shining all around here, especially the sunshine from your arse!! Quick, I need sunscreen!

  8. Isn't that funny, both Sarah and I feeling that you needed more lace and sparkle in your life?
    Good lord, Desiree, I really think you have the finest bum in the blogosphere. Look at the rays of glory shining upon its firm and peachy fabularsity! So pleased the bustier fits, I knew you would style it up with your usual wit and wisdom, and the Jugdmental leggings and top hat are inspired choices.
    Cannot WAIT to see what you do with the lace jumpsuit and Wonderwoman, you wondeful ray of sunshine! xxxxx

  9. There is no sunnier ass in the land Im sure!! I cant wait to see you in the wonder-woman frock woohooo xxx

  10. I am pretty sure your arse is smiling!

    That black lace jumpsuit... *keels over*

  11. Sparkles for everyone! Those leggings are out of this world! I wanna top hat!

  12. interesting blog, following now! I've a new post up if you get a chance to check it out!

  13. Honestly, Desiree, you're one of MY rays of sunshine. You are absolutely beautiful and original. I also love the fun and the love you share with your family. Our youngest lives with a painful inherited blood disease, and sometimes you remind me to really embrace the magic in life. Smile more, grab joy, be there during the tough times.

  14. I do love top hats sooo much, I often pick them up in shops but they are always so bloody expensive. They are so cool though, but those leggings are breathtaking! I wish I could find something so cool. Xx

  15. That is one helluva great arse, consider it slapped by me! he print on them there leggings is just impossibly fabulous and I can't think of a more gorgeous bod to wear them!
    the parcels of joy from Sarah & Curtise are amazing, I heard about the Wonderwoman frock and was dying to see it, it surpasses all expectations! xxxxxx

  16. there's just something circusy about this outfit and I like it! Maybe it's the red bustier with the top hat that's bringing these ideas to my mind :)
    Lovely presents you've got! I really jealous of the wonder woman dress, it is beautiful!!!!!

  17. Oooh... that lace lavender dress is divine!! Not to mention all your other treats! I would have a fit trying to decide what to wear first. Love your top hat!

    My first thought upon goggling at that first pic was "bitey squeezey!".I think I mean I want to bite AND squeeze that splndid rump of yours!And then go rolling, squealing and giggling all the way down the frigging DIVINE,darl!Jeez,those girls have set you up a treat!So many delights, and the bustier is so obviously perfect for you!I must find my top hat so I can be Ring Mistress alongside you!
    Aye carumba!!!
    Love and Lustipops!

    PS:that whole "o,I wish had the guts...blah blah" thing gives me the SHITS!

  19. Oh the parcels of love are filled with such happiness. I just love so many of the treasures!!!! What lovely blogging buddies.
    The wonder woman outfit has so many possibilities it's going to be SUPER!!!!!
    Love v

  20. Hot damn! Your arse is the reserection and the light! What fantastic leggings. You're into lace too! I'm obsessed with all things lace at the moment. You look stunning as usual and I can't wait to see you in the jumpsuit - soooo jealous but you'll so great I won't mind :P xxxx

  21. Jesus crotch, sunshine arse! I think you should change the name of your blog to that IMMEDIATELY!

  22. Oh man, you've had our rain! Not to worry, those awesome leggings will keep the sun shining.

    The lace frock and jumpsuit are fabulous, and I am seriously loving the lurex blouse. Looking forward to seeing you wearing it. Also, the circus jacket! I bet that is so cool!
    Annie xx

  23. The sun gloriously shines out of your nalgas (booty).
    Those religious tights are my most favorite amor.
    Especially adore the red bustier and top hat.
    Can you be my prosti ringleader?
    I did not notice any mud was to busy checking out your ass.
    You lucky biatch! Look at all the wonderful pressies! I cant wait to see you in the other circus jacket and black lace see through jumpsuit.

  24. Hello Mrs. Fabulous!! I am totally jealous of your Wonder woman costume!!

  25. Those are such fantastic leggings!!! I just love that print! And love the corset and top hat with them.

  26. I need to go Thrifting!! ... there is only one word for your look HOT !!


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