Saturday, July 7, 2012

White Knuckle Ride

You asked for it.
Here 'tis ... the 50s/60s satin brocade frock I picked up from a flea market a couple of weeks ago for two bucks.
Ain't she loverly?
Just the thing for Frock on a Friday.

 This is how I feel about missing out on a spot in tomorrow's West End Vintage and Designer Market.
When they asked for stall holders, I jumped at the chance and during the email to-ing and fro-ing, all the spaces filled up.
So I have an enormous stack of clothing and shoes ready to sell, and nowhere to go.
Poo ... there's always the August market, I just have to be quicker.

Today's prop is more than just a prop ... it's my little firecracker V6 Peugeot that The Phoenix describes as "goes off like a Saturn V rocket" - heheheeee:).
She was designed by Sergio Farina, or Pininfarina, who created some of the sexiest, curviest European cars of the 20th century.
He died at age 85 this week.  RIP Sergio, I feel blessed to have this lovely joy-toy to play with.

Frock, beauty case, granny beads - flea market
1950s wool cardigan - eBay
Headband - more in my shop, Sassy Vamps!
Pink and purple tights - Sock Dreams
Harmonica necklace - Etsy
VW Melissa Temptations - Amazon
Bangles - thrifted

Number 3 Son puts up with a lot ... after all, he's got a whopping poseur of a mama.
Molti baci,
Desiree xo


  1. You look great! I really like the cardigan pair with the dress. You could always open an Etsy store if you can't get to an actual vintage fair.

  2. What a gorgeous dress, such a bargain and looks fab with all your colourful bits. I love those shoes, I could do with them right now in this grim wet weather we're having to brighten up my day. Have a great weekend. Xx

  3. Beautiful dress, sexy rocking floral sassy vamps head gear, super fast car, dang Mama you got it all going on today. Vrooom Vroom I told you I'd race for pinks baby!

  4. You are bloody fabulous! That's a stunning frock indeed.
    Have a lovely weekend. xxxx

  5. Oh dear they put the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car! Joking of course :P you look super cute I think the shocking pink tights are the perfect pair for that dress you look FABULOUS with capital letters! have a great weekend love Heather

  6. Too bad for the market, but what an amazing photoshoot!! Faster pussycat!! You look fa/ntastic-bulous and that frock is one of my favorite from the worldwide 'frock on friday' ever!! Have a great weekend sweetheart!
    Kisses xxxx

  7. A Goddess in a space rocket! OMG! Sexy!! Love those shoes with your hot pink tights! What a score on your new frock. You must have stopped traffic all day.

  8. I love this dress, it's the sexiest ever!! you gorgeous thing!

  9. oh wow! I love that frock and cardigan ! You look so elegant <3

  10. Its a beautiful dress! I thought you were wearing with a cape at first. Love the lolly-legs!

  11. Love the photos of you behind the wheel and in that lovely bargain of a dress. I've been thinking about starting to sell some vintage...but I really don't know where to begin. As for the boy in the back seat, it's been my experience that it's best to keep the kids guessing.

  12. ha, so that's how to wear those windowpane/fishnet things.

  13. OOooh the frock is KILLER! Love the purple/pink theme - the bangles rock my world of course and yay for sexxxy cars! Number three boy should be so lucky to have such a rock and roll mama! Have a gorgeous weekend, amor! Sarah xxx

  14. Definitely Hell on Wheels, that's what you are! Love the pink and purple tights with those fab Melissa shoes! I've always been a sucker for beaded cardigans and that is a lovely one. Sorry you didn't get a place in the market - you could try posting some photos of stuff you want to get rid of on your blog; I'd love to see what you have!

  15. That brocade frock is a stunner, isn't she? Just like the hot hot hot mama wearing her! Look at No. 3 Son's little face - for God's sake, mother, WTF? I get that face too, a lot!
    Sorry about your market, might there be another one sooner? Ebay? Sell via Sassy Vamps?
    Or just do what the ever-lovely Phoenix suggested and buy another wardrobe!
    Much love, have a great weekend, you spectacular poseur! xxxxx

  16. Lol at Leo, ha ha!! He prob doesn't realise just yet how damn lucky he is to have a mama who is so fabulously HERSELF and confident with it. Love you!!

  17. P.S. now wearing the red velvet wrist warmers they are SUPERRRRRRB!!!

  18. Oh Desiree, you are a vision! That dress is fabulous, and your entire ensemble is to die for!

  19. You deserve a Nobel Prize for fabulous I am serious.

  20. That dress is amazing and love how you've piled on the accessories, bling and sparkle with it!

  21. Talk about super prosti race car driver biatch on wheels!
    I adore this silver frock, gives even more dangerous curves. Oh your heavenly Melissa bebes.
    You know your kids love your locaness.


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