Friday, July 13, 2012

Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime Is On My Side!

Yes it is!
G'day chapettes, I'm in a celebratory mood and it's a day of firsts:
It's Frock on a Friday and I dug out a 1960s pink knitted frock that has been in hiding since I bought it a few years ago.
It's a grown-up replica of the frock I wore to my brother's wedding in 1971 and yes, I was three at the time.
While in another time-warp, the world is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones' first gig.
Yep, Keef has out-lived a countless number of his peers and he's still rockin'!
Oh, and Friday the 13th is a lucky date for The Phoenix and I, so I'm feeling extra chirpy:).
I reckon a black top hat is just right for the occasion.

Pardon me ma'm, your slip is showing.
Oh really?
Wanna closer look?

1960s knitted frock, leather gloves, lace collar - thrifted
Vintage pink slip - gifted by the gorgeous Miss V of Two Squirrels Vintage
1950s mohair and fur coat, beauty case - flea markets
Hologram pendant - Original Seed
Comic tights - Sock Dreams
VW Melissa Lady Dragon Ball shoes - shopped by the superb Suzanne
Vintage men's top hat - De Mille Vintage, Melbourne 
School's out for the week and after force-feeding the little ones hot chocolate and trick-flavour jelly beans (it's true, Jelly Belly Bean Boozled's include vomit, rotten egg and dog food-flavours), I dragged them into Aid for the Blind.
It was worth it.

Someone had ditched their military uniforms and it was a toss-up between a fabulous striped blazer and a regimental dinner jacket.
I have a serious jacket/coat/cape problem so I forced myself to pick just one.
Decision time.

There are some children who'll happily slap on a huge-arse-giant-feck-off-bow at the drop of a hat, ooh and aah at the merch and snap off countless pics.
This magnificent sparkly creation simply HAD to come home with us.

While there are other's who prefer to cower under a clothes rack, rocking backwards and forwards mumbling, "make it stop".
I have no idea why this happens.

 Was I mad to leave the Home Journal's in the shop?

These amazing WWII newspapers all came home with us though, as The Phoenix and I love collecting wartime reading materials.
He was pretty stunned these significant pieces of history detailing the Blitz and Japanese surrender were only $6.
So which jacket came home with me?

I have been pining for a striped blazer since I was an egg and the fact this is a vintage military one in AWESOME colours costing only $15 (and it fits!) just made my day:).

I have a challenge for you.
I'll bet you can't stay sitting down during this song, filmed in 1968, as Mick and the lads delivered their hedonistic devil music to the mum's and dad's at home watching the telly.
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ohh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh!
Note the polite clapping and po-faces in the audience ... I would be streaking in front of the cameras at the sight of Mick tearing his shirt off and rolling on the floor!


  1. I loved the cowering under the rack picture, hehe!

    That's my absolute favourite Stones song, the Rock and Roll Circus performance is my favourite.

  2. I have been a silent lurker on your blog for a while now and I think I say, with every post, "This is my favorite outfit!" :) This time was no exception!

    So why did I post a coment this time? I have no idea. Maybe it's a Friday the 13th miracle. :)

  3. Ooh tricky choice with the jackets - I was sure you'd go for the other one though, can't believe you were disciplined enough to leave it behind. Loving your hosiery work here today too. Happy Friday 13th!

  4. Like Lakota, I had my money on the other jacket, but the striped one is a beauty.
    My boy would be the same, hiding and moaning "can we go now?" while the girls and I play and browse!
    What an eclectic mix of gorgeousness, Desiree - from your top hat to your beautiful 50s coat and pink woolly frock to your cartoon legs and your Dragon's balls! Love it all.
    And the Stylist gets an F-O Minnie Mouse bow - perfect!
    Might have to keep a look out for a top hat now, to add to my bowler...
    Have a great weekend, my lovely friend. xxxxxx

  5. Haha! The cowering pic is great! As is the pouty bow one really. Your outfit is tremendous. I especially love the tights and the adorable blue coat! It's so little-princess!

  6. Bloody hell, forgot to say thanks for the great Stones clip. Love the bemused looks on the audience's faces, even David Frost looks a little uncomfortable! xx

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh take me shopping with you, my dearest Desiree.

  8. Fuck me, an awesome outfit and The Stones playing my favorite song? Happy Friday the 13th indeed. That guitar solo alone is classic, and add Brian Jones and I want to heaven.

    Also thought you'd pick the other jacket. Your son,my husband same reaction!

  9. I am in love with this zany outfit. I love the muted colors but crazy ass prints and textures. The top hat is tops too! Happy Friday the 13th, I love your new score the jacket rules and all these wonderful pictures. I think I may have a box on 1930's undies coming you way I showed to Helga who said you would be mad for them, they were my grannies :)


  10. That blazer is just way too awesome. I have a think for professor jackets.The ones with the elbow patches. For a while I had a ton of them but hardly ever used them. It wasn't very cold most of the time in Southern California.

  11. In love with the pretty pink frock and that darling fur trimmed coat!

  12. You looked awesome in that outfit, your hair, that knitted dress and coat go so well together, then topped with that marvelous tophat too, a winning outfit. Great blazers too, loving that shop

  13. You are getting a ton of use from that white bag which I just love. I'm on the hunt for something a bit like it. I'm going to do a post one of these days entitled, ....."and a Dash of Desiree!"
    You picked my faaaavorite Stone's song here!

  14. Oh how Fun this Outfit is!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  15. Wow, it's bubbaliscious! Great addition with your shoes.
    and woah.. vomit jellybeans.. too far surely? So curious but I'd never do it!

  16. go back and get everything else! That whole shop looks amazing. he blazer is great choice. You need to go messing about on the river with that. The pink dress/blue jacket combos are great!

  17. *Oh you look like COTTON CANDY!!!!*
    I can never decide between the pink or the blue kind. I am glad you picked the striped coat as it reminds me of a circus person "STEP RIGHT UP STEP RIGHT UP"

    *lol* at the under the rack picture.

  18. Such a cute pink dress & tights! I wish I'd been shopping with you! Happy (late) Friday 13th!

  19. Amazing outfit! That dress is just incredible, and I love it with the tights & hat. I can't believe you actually managed to choose between the military jackets - they're both so awesome!

  20. I saw those awesomely fabulous tights in an earlier blog post and I found them for sale in the USA:) So, thanks for the inspiration!

  21. You thrift the most amazing items - so glad you picked the striped one!

    You are rockin' that pink frock, so glad it got outta the closet!

  22. Thank FUCK for YOU!
    I've been home a few hours,and can feeling the jet lag coma crawling over me....and you,YOU,you LUCIOUSLY SEXACIOUS beast,have perked me up no end!
    I have missed you and your fabulousness!!!!
    I feel better now I've had a Desiree fix.
    Love and Lustipops!!!

  23. You bring me such joy, I hardly know where to start! I just get so excited! :D Thank you for your sweet words, friend--I would be HONORED to start a girl band with you!!! We could make that pink shack the greatest rehearsal space in all the world! THE PINK SHACK IS A LITTLE OLD PLACE WHERE, WE CAN GET TOGETHER!!!

    You look magnificent. I do believe this top hat should be one of your trademarks in our band. :D And the dress!!! And the coat!!! Sparkling feck off bow is divine; a beauty for your little beauty!!! LOVE the striped blazer. SO FANTASTIC; can't wait to see it on you! XOXOXO

  24. i actually know your blog for years now but i stopped passing by. I still adore you, youre such a different person and your clothes are fantastic :)


  25. OMG this outfit is great! that coat is just sooo sweet!
    The stripy blazer is amazing.., I scored a navy and red school uniform balzer here, but I am saving it for when I don't live in England anymore LOL

  26. Wow you have some restraint! I bet it was hard to leave that beauty behind. I love the top hat and those tights!! I didn't even notice your boy under the clothes rack until you pointed it out ha ha. xx

  27. Allo Desiree!

    Thanks for your comments, the wedding was a splendid affair, the 2 lovebirds are in California for thir honeymoon!
    Love that royal military school jacket! Such a find!
    Those tights are incredible but you do have some pretty special tights!

    You look magnificient Desiree!

    Ariane xxx

  28. Keef would be proud of your fabularse outfit, especially that insanely fabbo hat! Loving the Stylist's big feck-off bow immensely. How cool are those 50th anniversary Stones photos? I swear they look even sexier now than they did back then, old age rocks!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  29. Ajfghfjgh this outfit is awesome *_*, and so are all of your other blog posts.. I'll be back for sure c:

    xo, L

  30. Love the dress and the pink slip (so jealous over that one!) as well as the top hat. Now you have me missing mine, I used to wear one all the time in the 80s, wonder where it went? (Probably an evil roommate stole it, boo!) The Stylist looks adorable in that bow! And yes, I think you were mad to leave the Home Journal mags -- I'm seriously foaming at the mouth and experiencing something akin to withdrawal here wishing I could get my hands on them! (I haven't found great old mags in forever.) IMO you made the right decision with the jacket! Stripey heaven! XXX Suzanne

  31. OOh - it's all so perfect - the frock and coat and tights and hat!!! I just love it all - and the sherberty colours are spectacular! I had my money on the other jacket too - but I also love the stripy number - those Home Journals sell for $20 - $25 each in vintage shops! The newspapers are amazing - I'll bet there are some screamers in there! Sarah xxx

  32. Sounds like most of us were betting on the other jacket, but the striped one rocks! I have a jacket/coat problem as well, and probably would have to have taken both of them home. Excellent "Feck off" Bow for the stylist, while your son was basically doing what most men would like to do while shopping with a woman. I do so love your outfit - it's pastel perfection, and those comic tights are soooo cooooool!!

  33. What fabulous jackets you found and I can't wait to see how the jacket looks styled by you.

    Love the fabulous fuzzy look of the pink and blue and the funny paper legs.

  34. Im so jealous !!!! I wish I had that hat find amazing treasures <3

  35. Oh mi Dios!
    I love your faulosa 1950s mohair fur coat!
    oh I so need a pink knitted dress like yours. *bows*
    Stylist Bella looks so adorable in fuck off bow.
    You look splendid I say in top hat.
    Please wear an eye patch with one of your gorgeous military clown blazers.
    Please say you do!

  36. Oh Desiree, darling, I burn for that dinner jacket! If you're back in the neighbourhood *and* it's still there *and* it's under $30 would you nab it for me? I realise there's a lot of conditionals there but I love love loveeeeee it......

    (PS. I'm a size 8....)

  37. Yesssss! I was hoping that you'd pick the striped blazer, and you did. I adore the colour combo.
    If you ever tire of that pink dress, I'd be happy to give it a good home. I just love sweater-dresses.


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