Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm Loud and I'm Proud!

"Excuse me madam, your music is VERY loud," said the woman with a face like slapped arse, in the library this morning.
"Oh I'm SO sorry, I didn't realise," replied she of the joyfully jiggling hips.
That's coz I'm old and deaf because I've been destroying my eardrums with headphones since I was 15 and anyway you should know better because if your hearing is that awesome you'd know I was actually humping a mic-stand to James Brown's I'm Black and I'm Proud, but you've chosen to ignore everyone yelling about the shit weather we're having and boasting about how many inches they got last night ... of rain that is.  Oh and you think my skirt's too short don't you, you sad bat.

It's the Phoenix's birthday today and he awoke to torrential rain, kisses, pressies, cards, breakfast in bed and a few laughs.
Not a bad way to tip into one's mid-forties eh?
I decided colour and lots of it was urgently required, so inspired have I been by the rainbow lorikeets who raid our umbrella tree flowers every afternoon.

They're so incredibly cheeky, brazen, loud and funny and frequently bash into our huge glass front doors when they get drunk on the nectar.
How can anyone be po-faced and wear grey when you have these guys living it large-style right in front of your face?

I leapt at the chance to don my gumboots for puddle-jumpling (it's true) in this very clashing get-up.

This umbrella is really not keeping anything dry.
Floral blouse - West End Vintage Market
Pink floral headband - handmade by me
Floral granny bag, child's umbrella, bracelets and rings - thrifted
Skirt - Black Milk

The poor Phoenix is still getting used to all the love and attention he gets each birthday ... he's just not accustomed to it yet.
But here he is, four minutes after being rudely awoken mind you, having a giggle over the magnificent, insanely creative handmade birthday book The Stylist patiently made for him.
It's absolutely hilarious, complete with girly quizzes about the daily routines of five-year-old pop stars (I just made that up but it's scarily close to the truth).

It also glows in the dark.
Which reminds me, I took a bathroom break while out and about this morning and found the public toilet had cool UV lighting "for the drug people" the cleaner informed me.
I'm sorry, I thought it was for the frustrated 40+ ravers who missed out on ALL the summer music festivals this year!

I spent a suspiciously long time in there with my headphones blaring.
Then I went to the library.
You know the rest.
Happy, loud Monday y'all!!
Oh, and February 2012 was Black History Month.
Desiree xoxo


  1. Happy Monday Desiree! I love my music loud too! Hugs! ~Serene

  2. You're louad and hotter than the hottest bushfire!!! ROWR!
    G would say that your skirt is just about short enough.......!!!
    Big juicy Helga snogs to you,delivered wetly by your delciously scrumptious wife(please!)!!!
    And bah humbug to the sour lemon face lady;some peeps just can't STAND a hot wnech having a great time! The most inches shes probably EVER seen would be those sagging off her chin......MEOW!
    Love and Lustipops!

  3. Rawr, hot stuff! I love you in that skirt. I also think I need to find a UV-lit bathroom, and have an impromptu rave of my own.

    Happy birthday Phoenix! I giggled at the beautiful bool The Stylist made him. It is legendary!

  4. oh so many colours, i love your rainbow umbrella, this is the only umbrealla which would made me desire that it rains ;) and you look gorgous.
    i just started to follow you via bloglogin, in the case that it is true and google friend connect will disappear!
    big kiss,mary

  5. Looking fab and beautiful as always. Happy birthday to the Phoenix. Home made cards from your children are the best ;-) have a great week, dee xx

  6. You look loud, bright & lovely just how I like you. =D
    Those birds are so pretty.
    Happy BIRTHDAY Phoenix!!! "I am 100% sure you had a awesome b day... just because of the people you got to spend it with.

    OHHHHH A UV BATHROOM... I may be crazy but I HAVE suspicions you will be returning there to take photos and listen to music. HAHAHAH

  7. Hahaha, I probably have more in common with the grumpy old thing telling you to turn the music down that you, you saucy thing. I'm always getting in a rage because of other people's headphones! Happy birthday to the Phoenix x

  8. Aren't you cute? I've never been told to turn my music down, maybe I need to crank up the volume!

    Would love some loud and cheeky lorikeets in my garden, most birds are brown here, though still extremely noisy.

    "for the drug people" made me laugh!

  9. Terrific! You've brightened my day D xx

  10. Happy Birthday Phoenix!!!

    You look spectacular, as ALWAYS, mi amor - the skirt is amazing and the boots are so cute - and as always, your floral headpiece is INSPIRATIONAL! And I love your darling brolly, no matter how ineffective!

    The last time I saw the UV lights was years ago in the loos on Flinders St station. I'm tempted to go back for a photos shoot... your uv pic is FAAABULOUS!

    Sarah xxx

  11. Oh poor library lady - maybe she was complementing you on the loudness of your music? I would imagine working front of house in a place of regulation would make you look a bit sour. Could be worse - she could spend all day letting dum-tish-dum-tish beats drive her crazy on public transport.

    Your rave toilets are great - do they not see that maybe folks would start taking the drugs so they could go play in the UV?

    Happy, Happy Birthday celebrations - I do hope there will be CAKE! and BALLOONS!! Love The Stylist's book pressie - and glow in the darkness is just so excellent.

    Magnificent pattern mixology :)

  12. Superb pattern mixing! Love the brolly and wellies, makes a pissy down day a whole lot happier!!
    Grumpy old trout, how can anyone tell you off? Must have got out of bed the wrong side.
    Sending lots of birthday love to the Phoenix! His card and crown are such fun. xxx

  13. I can't imagine living somewhere with birds AND trees like that! Life is so different in Aussie-land :D That skirt is so killer, and it looks wicked on you. UV lights are so fun, I've got two in my apartment because I am a giant dork. Or a drug person. Or a raver. OR ALL OF THEM. Haha.

  14. Ha, you always look so quirky, I love to see you wearing your Rubber Wellingtons, they are so sexy.

  15. Birthday Kisses to the sweet Phoenix!!! Nothing beats LOVE and adoration first thing in the morning!!! If it's too loud your too old!!! Shaking fist in defiance! Those rainbow lorikeets are the sweetest sight next to you and those legs for miles!!!

    Here's to anything that glows in the dark and rainbow umbrellas:)

  16. ooh, you are so fun! and who cares how loud your music is! Though annoyingly, I cannot stand loud music anymore, somehow my tolerance is going, and i'm only 30, so probably in thrity years time, that'll be my shooshing the funky ladies! ;-)

    I love me some UV lights though!

  17. love the umbrella so much...

  18. Happy Birthday to the wonderful Phoenix! I'm sure he is getting acclimatised to much adoration from you and your gorgeous offspring, who have their mama's loving nature, generosity and creativity.
    I can just picture your sexy hips a-jiggling in the library, hahaha!
    Our central library in town has a UV light in the loos (also for the drug people, who must love to read.)
    Clashing? It's smashing, love! xxxxx

  19. Dearest Desiree,
    A 'LOO-RAVE' haven't been on one of them for like...ever!
    I love UV lights & I'd like to have some at home, together with some strobes and decks would also be nice.
    I did buy a disco ball from a car boot sale some years ago but gave it to a DJ friend.
    I love those amazing rainbow lorikeets, I was just commenting on Sarah's blog how I envy the lush surrondings she has on her doorstep and I have to say same goes for you my dear...what a lovely garden. Hope the Phoenix had a corker of B'day.
    Epic print clashing by the way...flipping LOVE IT!
    Hope you are doin' grand my dear.
    Lot's of love,

  20. Deaf as a post for the same reason - happy birthday to the Pheonix and stay dry lady! Hope the weather gets better soon xx

  21. You look so clashing freaktastic you can play loud music all day.Love you micro mini,kid umbrella and colorful birds.
    Librarians need to ge laid, hahaayyy!!
    Happy Belated Birthday to Mr.Phoenix
    The stylist cute decorated card, how thoughtful and creative like her Mama.
    Luv ya

  22. Happy Birthday to The Phoenix! I love your color. You look beautiful in that :)

  23. happy birthday to Mr Phoenix!!!
    Tee hee I just love those old bags, or as we would say "she has a face like a dropped mince pie". They are just bitter and look at you and realize life is passing them by.
    The umbrella and the gum boots are just loving a splash in a puddle!!!!
    Love v

  24. Happy Birthday Phoenix! Desiree so great to hear from you on my blog. Please join Adrienne and me on April 4 for the 'How I Wear My' post, we are doing colorblocking! Just send me a picture of yourself in your colorblocked outfit and I will include it and a link to your blog in the post. XO, Jill

  25. You and your lovely family can come and give me a bit of LOUD any day, lovely!! Hope to see you at the fair this weekend.xxxxxxx.

  26. Happy bleated birthday (hang on, belated, not bleated!) to the Phoenix, glad you do birthdays like we do 'em! It's all about the party person. Love the stylist's book, the girl's a true original like her mum!


  27. Wonderful clash of patterns. Loving and WANTING your bag, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  28. Happy birthday to The Phoenix!
    There's always one isn't there? That has to find something to moan about!
    I am rather taken with your garden birds. Now, I love my robins and blackbirds, but, wow! those lorikeets are a whole different league!
    Z xx

  29. Please wish the Phoenix a belated Happy Birthday!


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