Thursday, March 8, 2012

Because We Can

I grabbed the opportunity while I had their attention.
Number Three Son and The Stylist were stuffing their faces at breakfast time and couldn't interrupt me with their mouths full.
They copped a mini rant on some of the freedoms our country enjoys this International Women's Day, thanks to our brave and spirited sisters who put their lives and reputations at risk more than 100 years ago.
I think the wee scalli-wags quite enjoyed their impromptu lesson-of-the-day!

Then I got dressed in an outfit that would have had me arrested several decades ago, or even ostracised in recent times.
I thought about how today I can play my part in empowering older women.
I can go against the grain and wear a 1930s peach ruffled negligee as a frock.
And a homemade purple rose hairband with clashing jewellery.
I don't know if the magic rubbed off on anyone, but I hope so:).

I get to hop into my beloved Penelope Pitstop and drive her maybe a wee bit too fast ... because I can.

I can bump into my best friend's partner in the street and we can have a delightful chat over a coffee without tongues wagging ... because we can.

My children live in a time when we have Queensland's first female Premier and Australia's first female Prime Minister ... because they can.

Quite often I get to wear my underwear on the outside ... because I can.

1930s rayon and lace nightie - eBay
Frida Kahlo earrings - Melbourne
Purple Amazonia Melissa shoes - Amazon
Purple rose headband - handmade
Pink and orange necklace - from the lovely Krista
Pearl necklaces - Circa Vintage, Melbourne
Bangles, floral bag and some rings - thrifted
Scrabble "D" ring - from the luscious Nelly
I hope you too can take a moment and give us gals a jolly good huzzah this Women's Day:)).
Molti baci,
Desiree xo


  1. You look gorgeous and i was interested in by what you said about it being National womens day i will google this a bit further tonight. I bought a gorgeous green 70's long nightie at the weekend and i was very tempted to wear it as day wear maybe when the warmer weather comes i just might ;-) Have a fabulous day, dee xx

  2. *Fabulous Fabulous* The outfit.. the pearls.. the flowers!
    But you know what...??? I was expecting you to drop your dress.


    A day to celebrate and run like the wind away from all the things women are 'supposed' to be :) We take so much for granted - my grandad used to bang on about it so much I wonder if we had a suffragette in the family :)

    LOVING that nightie and shoesssss!!!

  4. Oh, such a beautiful nightie! I thought it was actually a dress. Love your purple accessories too, the shoes are to DIE for!

  5. Desiree, you are awesome. Thank you for such a great post. As always you look amazing. Love those purple shoes!

  6. Your magic always rubs off on me. You are such a present to have as a friend.

  7. Stunning look - I love the purple and peach together. Keep flying the flag (or the bloomers) for fun, feisty and fabulous women! x

  8. Absolutely - we are so lucky, so privileged, so comparatively free and it is so good on International Women's Day not only to recognise and celebrate all the things we CAN do as a result, but to also acknowledge the plight of women world wide who CAN'T do any of those things. I know that today is about honouring, respecting and appreciating women's achievements, but I can't help thinking about the women who are currently cast out by their husband's family because their firstborn child is a girl...

  9. Fab post, fab frock! As always darling you look amazing! We must chat soon sweets! Sorry I've been quiet, craziness ensues...

  10. Pure magnificence, as always. You speak so beautifully for us all - thank you Desiree. And thank you for the nightie, the wonderful accessories, the floral headpieces (every single one) and those fucking spectacular shoes! And thank you just for being the funky shit!

    Sarah xxx

  11. How wonderful that were so free to do so much and have so much fun! There's great facebook app which shows you what your profile would look like in a Stereotypical 1950s way, highlighting how difficult it is for some women to get treated equallly even though we've made progress.

    Plus that peach slip deserves to be seen!

  12. NO ONE does night/underwear as outerwear like you, Desiree! That peachy number is... just peachy!
    We are lucky to be living now - but there's still some work to be done, ladies, the struggle isn't over!
    Never fear, your magic does rub off, on all of your devoted followers!
    PS. I adore the pic of you leaning back and basking in the sun - phoaarrrr!!!!! xxxxxxx

  13. Well said! Yay for wearing undies as outies too! Love the peachy number and those shoes are lush. xx

  14. Yay for being a woman born in the late Twentieth century! We've got a way to go yet but it's still fabulous to be a bird!!!
    LOve your words, your total fabulousness and of course, your banging bod in that divine underwear!
    Chicks rule! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Yeah, we're lucky aren't we, us girls?
    We do it because we can...whatever 'it' may be!
    Totally lusting after todays outfit. A real beaut!
    Z xx

  16. Great post, we take a lot for granted don't we? And the world would be a much duller place if we didn't get to see you wearing your underwear on the outside sometimes. xx

  17. Lovely lovely post and you are right on sister! So much of what we love about life others fought hard to get for us! I love that you wear your undies on the outside and your heart on your sleeve!
    Bless our Vaginas!!!!

  18. Absolutely! You look divine. We are so lucky, aren't we and us girls are bloody brill!xxxxxx

  19. You look amazing! Older women? Pshh, define old?!!! I have been having many a discussion on this topic! :) You look wonderful, and well done on grabbing the opportunity to rant! :) Zoë x

  20. huzzah huzzah huzzah indeed! lovely post, delicious colours x x x

  21. BEautiful and sexy as always !!!!! I have made few more crowns today.. the last one even has a dinosaur in it.

  22. Damn right you can! I wouldn't have guessed that this sexy number wasn't a "real" frock. It looks smashing, and I love the purple with it.

  23. Desiree you are a fabulous example for women and girls everywhere! Happy Women's Day! LOOOOOVE your shoes and the bag. Hurray for women :)

  24. You are the perfect women, because you can!!! And you do in the most fabulous way ever!!!!
    You are like a beam of pure light and love that shines for all the ladies everywhere!
    Thank you
    Much love v
    Ps the nightie is just beautiful

  25. The heels, the bag, the dress, everything is perfect!

  26. Only YOU could make these points so beautifully!!!
    FAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRK ME,I love this outfit,you inspiring womanly wench,you!Bah to "the good old days'when we would have been strung up simply for being us!Fuck 'em! Fuck IT! Go hard!
    Love and Lustipops!XXXXXXXXX

  27. That's right Women rule!
    I love it when you wear your lingerie in public. again I am drooling over your purple Melissa babies. divina purple flower headband and jewellery mash.
    Gracias for all your inspiration amor.
    luv ya


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