Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm So Hot, My Fuses are Blowing!

Aussie summers are the tourism board's best kept secret.
Last week it was 38 degrees in Tasmania and 24 here in sub-tropical Brisbane the same day.
Floods, power cuts, sweltering humidity, closed surf beaches, extreme UV danger, mosquito plagues and wild storms.

Meh!  After almost 22 years living in Oz, I consider myself a hardened Queenslander - bring it on!
These pics were taken one sweltering arvo (Aussie for afternoon) after I picked up the scalliwags from school, we grabbed something nommy, then took to the water.
It's become almost a daily routine.
We always emerge from these escapades happy, sweat-free and feeling like we've blown the cobwebs out.
These afternoons are precious and we're making the most of them before ice bergs start forming;).

Number Three Son always has time for Where's Wally?  Where's the flippin' water I say?

Frida badge and vintage dangly brooch - gifted by the goddess Helga
Headband, red hat brooch, 1960s pink lace make up bag, sunnies and bracelet - thrifted
Blue dice earrings - gift from Miss Danni-Long-Legs
Barry M green nail polish - gifted by the foxy Vix
Skirt - homemade
VW Melissa Wedges - Melissa Australia sale
Swimsuit - Black Milk

 I caught a giant, lanky squid which made delightful squealing noises and demanded ice cream.  
How could I resist?


  1. FAB- tastic!!! Envy is not good, right? But why do I want all what you have.?? Looking so hot <3 ...

  2. It's been such a weird summer - the coolest and wettest on record down here!

    You look amazing, of course, in your swimmers and I love that you and your kids have this fabulous time together.

    Sarah xxx

  3. It looks like soooo much fun! Why must I go to work tomorrow, I want to go swimming with you and the kids . . .

  4. Looking HAWT as always you sexy thang, you're so lucky living near the water!!!

  5. Love it Desiree! The cossie is gorgeous. Always good for a dip in the current weather! :)

  6. Oh I love swimming. It's so nice in summer to get in the nice cool water! I love your suit and that purse is so pretty!

  7. Oooh I wish! It looks such fun and you look so flippin' hot! I love that

  8. Oh you look drop-dead gorge as usual - the sunglasssessss are the icing on the cake. I thought that was Angelina Jolies leg - escaped from the Oscars - trying to muscle in on your hot swimsuit squid-wrangling action there lol.

    Love,love,love the tiara yum.

  9. I haven't been swimming this whole Summer! :( I really miss living on the Gold Coast, and being a ten minute drive from the beach. I love your little skirt, super cute!

  10. You're so mean, making us all jealous of your routine (and your sunglasses). Come on Summer! (although I'll have to make do with a paddling pool)


  11. Ain't you cute in your spotty skirt and cossie! I love your BM collection! And the skirt is wiggalicious!
    Z xx
    PS Thanks for pleased you liked my clutch!

  12. Enjoy it while it lasts ;-) We are just starting to get lighter nights here and the weekend we had some lovely sunshine it was really lovely. I cant wait for the better weather to come. My bestfriend lives in Tasmania. Love your peach handbag and that red coloured bangle is lovely its like a mini canvas with all those colours. Have fun, dee xx

  13. Love your swimming cossie! You must have the most amazing collection of Black Milk and VW Melissa shoes in the world!

    Your kids have the funnest mum ever! xxx

  14. sob, I want to be swimming on a hot day.

    I really love that handbag! xx

  15. Everything you wear screams uniqueness, just like you.
    I can see your children growing in front of my eyes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. We are nearly family.

  16. What a fabulous routine. Jealous. Gorgeous cossie.

  17. You are so lucky to get to play in the water and looking absolutely sizzling hot in that divine swimsuit, too. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. That relaxed looking photo of you capturing the squid is simply adorable!

    You are cool, no matter the weather, Desiree!


    Fhi x

  19. You are looking as hot as the weather, Desiree, in your fabulous swim suit. Look at those pins, they go on for EVER!
    How great to have such a cool routine after school, I'm a little envious...
    Great bag, and you look like a rather naughty sexed-up fairy princess in your pink tiara! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Oh my that swimsuit is freakin' amazing! I adore it and you are one hot mama :o) Scarlett x

  21. And you are looking as hot as ever! Love that vintage swimsuit and the polka dot skirt!

  22. I would have so much fun splashing around with you. That bathing suit is DA SHIT!!!!! Squealing, ice cream and fabulous headbands, LOVE IT ALL but you mostly!

  23. I am so glad it's you that is in charge of the main switchboard!
    If it was anyone else I would be worried.

    Your post makes me want to go swimming in the lake.. (Problem is we are currently having flurries at this moment.) I have never been one for a polar bear swim!

    Awesome shoes and <3 the handbag.

    You look pretty hot for a switchboard girl. ;)

  24. Eeeeek you look so amazing in that very cool bathing suit!
    Love love the polka dot skirt.
    Happiness to you
    Love v

  25. Enjoy your time with your kiddies,they grow up so quick.
    you look so cute in your polka dot wiggle skirt. you sexy minx bond girl.
    whats that new beauty hat creation I see?

  26. I wish I could go swimming! We're buried under now here in Canada, still. I cannot wait for warm weather *sigh* I love your nail polish colour (on hands and toes!) and that big chunky bracelet is wicked. You look awesome lady, as always.

  27. You're rockin' the suit. Can't wait until our weather is warm enough for a swim--another 3 months away!

  28. Squee! LOVE that swimsuit,loveyou out and about in it!Ah,nothing like a swim when the weather is too hot to think in!
    Gloey GLORY be you!
    Love and lustipops!

  29. I love the skirt you're wearing, so glad to find someone who can make your own creations too. In fact this whole outfit is super cute!


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