Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fabulous Forever After Party

Today I had to vote.
I had to because it's the law and if I don't, I have to pay a fine and that means less thrifting fun.
So I did what I had to do but I wasn't going to give any of the propaganda poopy fun police at the polling booth the satisfaction of knowing whose box I was going to tick.

I've decided that if I ever started a political movement, I will call it the Fabulous Forever After Party.

Don't you think this colourful metallic skirt I thrifted last week is just screaming "fabulous"?
It was too big for me so I played around with it, hacked a huge chunk out of it and viola, it's been out on the town nearly every day!

Mascot of the Fabulous Forever After Party quite simply must be Miss Camel Toe.
There's no one as fabulous as that brazen bint to represent my number one I-bear-no-shame-about-partying-in-my-brain policy.

Confetti nail polish means I am partying with my bucket of nail polishes nearly every day.
Don't buy new nail paint, just get some cheap confetti polish and you have an entirely new nail polish "wardrobe".
Party funnage!

Keeping opponents on their toes is guaranteed with a tacky pink headband covered in fabulous brooches.
The Frida badge is from Her Fabulousness Helga and gets lots of attention from an enamel parrot brooch I've had since I was 10 and a couple who clearly enjoy an after party as long as there's a red hat involved.
Have you SEEN what Her Fabulousness is wearing today?

OMG - honorary party membership or what?

Skirt, bag, headband, bangles, earrings, 1970s ring on middle finger, beads and a few brooches - thrifted
T-shirt - from Ms Minx's shop
VW Melissa Lady Dragon Ball shoes - thanks to the uncanny shopping skills of Suzanne.
Ooooooooooooooh and what have we here?

It's a parcel of freaking fabulous frilly frivolities from the gorgeous Curtise!
A 1960s lace and velvet hat, flippin' gorgeous red bloomers, bracelet and lovely coral dangly earrings!!
Oh and a reminder not to sweat the small stuff - yeah I'm not gonna clean my room either.
Unless I have to make room for After Party headquarters - oh yeah!
Vote 1 for the Fabulous Forever After Party!
Have a wonderful weekend lovelies.
Desiree xo


  1. If you and Helga were President and vice president I would sooooo vote!

  2. You know I would vote for you - AND that skirt AND those shoes AND the tshirt AND the shoes AGAIN and the hat and bloomers from Curtise! Fabulous Fabulous Fabby dabby dabulous! Sarah xxx

  3. I see you are wearing MY skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Loving those gorgeous shoes, and YOU!!!

  4. Any party with you two ladies in charge would get my vote straight away! Oh, that would be a world I'd love to live in. Loooooving that skirt!

  5. you look so amazing! i love your outfit, so colourful!

  6. OMG that pink hat... seriosuly... I'll swap you a kidney for it!

  7. Fabulous skirt and loving those shoes, you look wonderful. I can't believe you get a fine if you don't vote, bit extreme!
    Those red bloomers put my pair of plain blue ones to shame :)

  8. wow, you're looking great ;D

  9. I'd be first in line to vote for you. Love the skirt, love the shoes and I can't wait to see you in the red bloomers!

  10. I'd vote for you and I must contain my excitement at the thought of seeing you cavort in those dishy red bloomers - Wow!

    Have a fine weekend, D!

    Fhi xxx

  11. Friggin fabulous indeed! Love that loud and proud metallic skirt to bits and paired with all the other colourful accessories it looks ever better!

    Those bloomers are insane!! xxx

  12. You are forver fabulous!) The skirt is amazing! And those Vivienne Westwoods are so pretty/ Love the whole outfit - you always look like you're enjoying the life enormously, and it's amazing)))


  13. love this outfit! so much color!

  14. You are the cool awesome fun-loving great aunt that I wish I had. You are so fierce and such an inspiration!

  15. You are lookin EXTRA Blingy Des. =D
    Lovin the skirt and all the jewelry.

  16. I was so awed that you stopped by my blog, and am totally open to trying a 1940s suit. Now, where do I find one? :)

    Seriously, I've been reading your blog for a while but rarely comment because all I can think of to say, is "You make me happy," or "You look like sunshine." :D

  17. that skirt should be worn every day, it's just amazing! Curtise sent you some amazing goodies, I can see you in those red bloomers at your next Rally. xxxx

  18. Wow, that parcel got to you fast! The postie obviously knew you needed red frilly bloomers IMMEDIATELY! Looking forward to seeing you rocking those bad girls - I have a royal blue pair, just trying to pluck up the courage to wear them and show you!
    Can I join your party please? In fact, I'll manage your campaign! You are a joy, a delight and an inspiration, so you get my vote every time. Yay for metallic skirts and headbands and camel-toes. YAY for you!!!!! xxxxxxx

  19. My friend, the five months or so I was offline, I missed what you can do to fibers - and to otherwise ordinary days! LOVE THIS!!! I love this as much as I love that your country imposes a fine if you don't vote - we should do that across the pond here!

  20. Can't wait to see Curtise' bloomers on you. The tee is perfect with the new skirt!!!

  21. Oh wow I LOVE your skirt and all the rings, beautiful!

  22. Tell me you made something fabulous with the skirt off-cuts ...

    You're far too good for politics D - Fabulous Forever After Party should be a world-wide collective. Or circus.
    Or carnival.

    Sparkly nail polish is the instant answer to chipped nail polish - just slap it on over the damage and all is well with the world.

    And tidying is OK - I've found some FANTASTIC stuff in my room moving great swathes of stuff about - the good stuff sinks to the bottom :)

    You look GLORIOUS as ever and my gawd the bloomers!!! And your shoooooz!!!

  23. Blimey, those bloomers are freaking wonderful! Curtise for PM.
    Love that skirt well, actually, love the entire outfit, it might be one of my very favourite Desiree creations ever. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  24. this skirt is so decadent and the way you styled it is so unbelievably amazing!

    God we are so talented i wonder why we do not get called to style every fricking magazines on the planet, the circulation would be sky high!


  25. i love your style! i hope i'm at least half as cool when i'm your age:)

  26. Fark ME,I am SO a member of The Fabulous Forever After Party!!!! With you as pressie,I'll be prostrating myself before you regular like!! I frigging love that skirt,it befits a party Pressie such as your lucious self!!! SQUEEEEEEEE!
    And O my,what a splendid little goodie bag you got from Ms Curtise!That hat!!! Tallulah wants to give you a kidney for it,I'm pretty keen to swap my liver for it! Cn't WAIT to see you workin' those sexy bloomers!GRRRRRRR!
    Love and Lustipops! XXXXXXXX

  27. Desiree, you are amazing! You even can wear this gloriously shimmering rainbow lame-skirt and look fabulous in it. I would look just plain ridiculous in it :D
    And those Melissa Lady Dragon Ball-shoes are to-die-for, fantastic colours!

  28. Party rainbow sparkle shiny skirt!!!!!! There is only one fabulous lady who can wear all that!!!! Miss Desiree you are the most gorgeous rainbow sparkle shiny lady in the world.
    Love v

  29. oh you sexy devil! i want to be in your party too! do they allow tattoo rock stars in your party? mmmwha!

  30. I don't have to remind you but... holy crow you are amazing! Coolest. Lady. Evah. I love all the colours going on here! You look fantastic, as per usual :D

  31. Oh no!!
    I hope I'm not too late to vote for you and join your party!!
    We'll have election in few days and I'd like to have you as our City Mayor!!
    Your 'Mexican-Frida themed' headband is awesome and the whole outfit is stunning (especially the skirt ♥!)


  32. My God you look "queen-tastic" !! ... Sending you my love to you and your adorable family...

  33. Desireesita,
    You are looking shinytastic!
    Please tell me you didnt throw the amazing skirt fabric. You should make a headband with left over fab fabric.
    Eyeing that red hat mexi- couple.
    I join any pary of yours as long as there is cake hats involved.
    Luv ya

  34. You are so damn ADORABLE. I am just smitten, "SMITTEN!" I say, with this blog -xo

  35. I'm down with FFAP ya you know me:) you are a rainbow of delight in your newly fashioned skirt, I love it's majestic sparkley magic ways!!!! Let's dance baby!

  36. So I'm not the only one with a bucket of nail polish and an obsession with confetti glitter topcoat?! Phew! That rainbow metallic skirt = YES!


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