Sunday, March 11, 2012

Get Down those Hot Pants!

An hour earlier, I was prancing about like a smug thing, knowing I had a pair of green and silver lurex hot pants cookin' in my bag ...

1970s blue flares - flea market
Tribal necklace, 1970s orange plastic earrings, black metal bracelet - thrifted
Pink skull bracelet - gifted by that nebulus Krista
Red rose headband - made by me
Black VW Melissa Wedges - Melissa Australia sale
Red sunnies and beaded white ring - Fitzroy, Melbourne
Swimsuit - Black Milk

Yes I'm looking very happy with myself here, so I should, Number Three Son had given my newly-thrifted green and silver lurex shorts the thumbs up.

He loves his Lego dude necklace.

That's one very smirky smirk ... soon to be wiped off my face as you know.
Later in the evening a bit of a refashioning went on and now I have a pair of hot pants that are burning my eyeballs!

 I bought a length of thick cotton braid from a collapsing warehouse on my visit to Melbourne last year and I finally found a use for some of it.

I added the braid to the shorts to add extra width by cutting the side seams apart with my shears, sewing the braid to the raw edges and hemming the braid top and bottom.

 I removed the flacid elastic, unpicked the back seam part way down, added a button and buttonhole to the waistband and a hook and eye to the open back (not really necessary but I did it anyway).

I got that funky smokin' hot pants feelin' ... makin' me wanna dance!
I'm back!!!
Ooh, there's more greeny goodness in the latest Everybody Everywhere challenge.
Green | Everybody, Everywear
Desiree xoxo


  1. You are so clever, figuring out to do that with those shorts! I was so sad for you in the video when you found out they didn't fit. I'm glad you could fix it!

    Those high-waist flares are pretty awesome too.

  2. oh i like both, your blue highwaisted flared pants and those pretty lurex pants you totally rock. so let´s dance on the table now;)
    love and kiss,mary

  3. You should be ashamed!

    For looking so stinkingly glamour-puss-like in both of those spine-tingling outfits! Mwah! Molti baci - (Might have got that bit of language wrong, but I'm sending kisses in any language!)

    Have a fine and fun-frolid-filled week, treasure!

    Fhina x

  4. Awwww no your sad little face, so glad you got them fixed in no time they look great :) xxx

  5. Ooh those poor little failed shorts - you look so sad for them - but YAY!!! to redgoldandgreen Rasta-stylee disco-shortness transformation. Hoo RAH!!

    Now we just need video evidence of the other Mamas dying with envy when you rock on up to the school gates in them. Unless they are all glam sparkly divas like you - and then you'll have just started a trend - yayyyyy!! xxxxxx

  6. Oh I could cry for you! You looked so sad when those killer shorts didn't fit but wow, did you not make them even more fabularse with the genius addition of the braid!! You frigging rock!
    Love those Mr Barry pants, too, you gorgeous creature! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Loving Mr Barry's work!

    Also loving your hot pant adjustment, you just had to keep those beauties!

  8. Wow, they are tremendous. Well done you. xx

  9. Desiree = genius! I was so sad faced when your shorts didnt fit but then you fixed them!! You look amazing!

  10. You are so FUN!! ... I love the video :) you sexy exhibitionist !!! The shorts are AWESOME and you managed to wear them in such a clever way <3 Loooooveeeeeeee ya!!

  11. Hahaha have to love that epic fail video, not just because of that reason but because you were stripping in a car park!

    I think you have made those hot pants 100% more awesome so thumbs up for the epic fail!! :D xxx

  12. "Heaven......I'm in heaven.........I'm in heaven everytime I get to look at yoooooooooo......" sing it,sister,o YEAH! Poos to non fitting sublime lurex shorts and mega YAY to making those suckers fit! Gawd,those legs give me the HORN! You hot,HOT thang!
    I feel have a habit of doing this to me.........
    Love and Lustipops!

  13. Even your epic fails make me laugh. Nice save with the braid!

  14. Tee hee I was so excited for you, and then sad face, when the thrill of a great finds goes wrong! Then happy face for the clever lady who made those delicious shorts amazing.
    Love the flares.
    Love v

  15. OMG! I LOVE YOU! I love your accent and I love the comment "EPIC FAIL" at the end! You just make my day sister! Really need more videos! I CANNOT believe I just saw you do a strip show! LOL kissssies!

  16. The creative addition of colorful braid to the hot pants would make anyone want to dance! Especially with the jewelry that adorns your hand and wrist.

  17. I love that you are standing in the friggin parking lot changing into or trying to change into your hot pants! You crack me up lady! Loving your black milk suit and your rocking bod! Those new and improved hot pants are banging! Love your spirit and those legs!!!

  18. Desiree, I just love everything about you and your blog... you TOTALLY crack me up!!!!!!!! You look smokin in the 70s flares (and wow! I want that swimsuit!!) and then amaze us all with the refashioning of the hotpants. No fails here gorgeous girl :)))

    Catherine x

  19. Oh darling delicious Desiree - you? Epic fail? No No NO! You have made shorts heaven out of car park hell, you clever woman you!
    And Mr Barry sure made some funky trousers in his day! Barry - has any boy been called Barry in the last 50 years?
    More trouser-dropping in public places please, your public demand it!! xxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Hi Desiree,

    Thanks for dropping by, it has been a long time
    I caught up with all your posts
    I just love your sense of humor and crazyness!
    Love what you did with the shorts, that happens to me too buying something too small
    You think it will fit, sometimes you do not bother trying it on!

    Ariane xxxxx

  21. OMG those shorts are FUNKY!!! They were totally meant for you and I love what you did with them.

    Loved your video!!! =D

  22. You took awesomeness, and you quadruppled it. It's like awesomeness squared-squared! Those wicked blue flares are fantastic too, they look killer on you. I love that you just whipped your bottom off in a parking lot to (try and) put the shorts on too XD You're such a groovy lady :)

  23. You clever lurex wearing shorts prosti!
    your accent is so lovely amor.
    I need to use your skills for some dresses that are too small for me.
    blue bell bottoms are so camel toe envy. I amar that your getting naked in the car park.

  24. Fantastic hot pants save!

  25. That flare pants and green shorts are awesome! Love the way you carry your outfit. Fab and classy!

    Cathy@Celebrate Save Your Vision Month 2012 by Keeping Eyes and Vision Healthy


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