Friday, March 16, 2012

Dorothy Frocks Friday

It's been a while since I've done Frock on a Friday.
And it's been a while since this frock, named Dorothy, has been out to play.

 Dorothy chirped up from being stuck in a cupboard after meeting up with a new bag crafted by the very, very talented Nelly.

 Ain't Nelly clever?

A few details for you to have a peek at.

 Oooh and another peek!
1950s cotton frock - market stall
Scrabble ring and record bag - from the lovely Nelly's shop, Vintage Wishes
1950s velvet cocktail hat - gifted by the stunning Sasha of Astral Boutique
1930s rayon and lace knickers - eBay
Earrings - Etsy
Pin-up girl brooch - gift from the beautiful Sarah
Barry M green nail polish - gift from the funktacious Vix
Green glass necklace - De Mille Vintage, Melbourne
Bangles, red bag, other brooches - thrifted
VW Melissa Lady Dragon Heart shoes - Amazon
I hope you have a fabulous weekend lined up!
Desiree xo


  1. I love this frock on you. Fab with the Nelly bag & the shoes & sunnies. Maybe I'll run into you one day at Paddy's Cafe :)

  2. You look simply stunning, gorgeous dress and stop dead in your tracks shoes ;-) Nelly is very clever bless her great bag. You did make me smile showing your knickers in the supermarket ;-))) have a great weekend, dee xx

  3. I don't know when I've seen you look so demure! And you wear it so well! GORGEOUS! Hugs! ~Serene

  4. Here in the states you'd be "rockin' it" for St. Patty's Day tomorrow!

  5. I love dorothy, she's gorgeous and just when I was thinking you were acting all demure, think again, flashing in the household cleaning aisle!

  6. Hi sweets! You are looking super adorable in this cute lil green number. I love the lil record bag that Nelly made, so RAD! Love your pink undies, and those crazy ass ear rings, but I love you most!

  7. My goodness. I love the way you shine. You look so happy with who you are and are confident in what you wear. You are fabulous!

  8. Orange pumps with green - stunning. Loved you on Bella's blog today! Great interview of a style icon.

  9. I just found your blog via Citizen Rosebud. I'm having a great time looking at all your outfit photos. Very inspiring! I am subscribing to your blog now. :)

  10. Oh purty GREEN, my fav! I was being a voyeur (get your mind out of the gutter miss!) by checking out the goodies for sale at the market. Yeah one of my cheap thrills is hitting supermarkets and chemists when abroad, I just love the interesting things you find! Oh and those knickers are scrumptious!

  11. Gorgeous again! Loved the interview on Bella's blog.

    And I'd forgotten about Nelly's amazing record bags, I want one!

  12. I love you wear and how you wear it. Frock on!

  13. Desireesita,
    I love you in green sweet granny frock ,but love you more when you showed me your saucy chonis.I said to Buddy wait a minute I don't see any peladones (nakedness) what's going on?
    That record bag is amazing!
    please come back to me I cant stand being separated at birth from you loca.
    I am more enamorada of you..your interview was pure class.

  14. You are so daring! Love Nelly's there a DIY somewhere for it?

  15. My My Dorothy is such a spotty gorgeous frock. And you yourself are just as lovely.
    Your bag from Nelly is B@#$^en
    Love the skull and crossbone fabric.
    *Your shopping store pics always give me a giggle*
    "Grab me some rubber gloves while your in that section."

  16. Dorothy is a delight and was so happy to have a play day.
    You looks so very pretty in her, and I am sure she was just singing when you put on those amazing red shoes.
    Nelly's bag is just fabulous, clever lady.
    Love v

  17. What a gorgeous dress! You look lovely x

  18. That's such a demure little frock, I knew you'd have some naughty knicker antics going on underneath it.
    Those earrings are totally gorgeous and it's the first time I've seen one of Nelly's fabbo bags in action.
    You are too cute! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. I love Dorothy! So demure, and still so quirky & fun!

  20. Polka dots are so fun! And that last picture is such a scandal! ;)

  21. Ha ha! Love your last pic. So fun.

  22. I like the circus artist earring!

  23. Beyond pretty, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    You are pure loveliness.

  24. You always look amazing and you sure know how to have fun lady...

  25. Quite fabulous! Gosh I wish I could squish my hoofs into those shoes, they look SO good on you.

  26. Dorothy is a lovely frock, but I am all-agog at your accessories! Those orange shoes, your pins, acrobat earrings, and the bag are all just Squee-worthy!!!


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