Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ruby Tuesday

Well hello there autumn!
How lovely to see you and feel your refreshing kisses each morning.
Aren't seasonal changes so wonderful?

Not too long ago I used to tell people my favourite colour was red, until I realised with a surprise that I never wore red.
I loved green and still do.
It was the red lipstick that I couldn't live without, I just hadn't noticed.

 Last week at Vinnies I pounced on a beautiful pair of red satin brocade Chinese pyjamas.
It's more of a ruby red and so are my VW Temptations - a pinky red.
This morning it was cool enough to cover up a bit, so on went the jarmie top.


 The earrings have Joan of Arc paintings on them.

 Oh look, I only just noticed the plastic tag thingy on the collar!
I included this pic so you could get a sticky at the beautiful 1950s silk velvet cocktail hat gifted to me from the darling Sasha.

 I'm sure many of you are mystified by my double-bagging malarky.
Why is this mad woman carrying two bags like she's collecting for the bottle bin?
It all started way back here when I told the story of Rough Vera.
It's occurred to me that you might like to take a peek inside.

Vintage handbags are very, very cute.
And totally impractical.
But I have a ton of them and realised that back in the day, a lady probably only carried her coin purse, house key, car key if she had a car, list, lippie and compact.
Mine fits wallet, lipstick case, phone and business card holder.
Nothing more.

So the second bag is for crud.
The overflow of modern life such as a massive bunch of keys plus here, diary, notebook and pen, hate mail (bills), camera, sunnies, paracetamol, measuring tape and paperback.
There's usually some gum, assorted red lipsticks, receipts, sunblock, swimming goggles, rings, spare sunnies and other general swill lurking at the bottom.

Red top (part of a set), green granny bag, bangles - thrifted
Glass bead bracelet - gifted by the beautiful, tripod-happy Curtise
Pink skull bracelet - handmade by my fave pink lady, Krista
1950s silk velvet hat - gifted by lovely Sasha
Leggings - Black Milk
Leopard bag - Dandelion Vintage
Red VW Melissa Temptations II - Amazon
Sunnies - Fitzroy, Melbourne
I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing the golden rainbow skirt refashion and don't worry I have certainly not thrown out the left over fabric.
I see a Helga and Sarah feck-off bow on the horizon:)).
Molti baci,
Desiree xo


  1. I almost always carry two bags!

    And these photos do not say autumn to me, they say the height of summer! lucky you!

  2. I also almost always carry two bags, however, both are big and unwieldy! (spelling?)

    I also always have a red pair of shoes on hand - I adore red shoes and they make me think 'There's no place like home', when I click my heels in them!

    My latest (wearing them in currently) are from Fly London, or London Fly - I'm not that good with labels!

    You sparkle with electricity, Desiree! Ciao, Bella!

    Fhi x

  3. Fabulous as always - those SHOOOOES rock my world - if I ever get back into heels these are the ONLY shoes for me!

    My lawd you have the longest legs in the world - and I know I've said it before but honestly, Black Milk should be paying YOU to look so good in their goods.

    Love your hat, all the accessories and your beautific smile.

    Sarah xxx

  4. I have made the same discovery! I LOVE red, but hardly have ANY red garments! CRAZY! And I simply MUST get a pair of red heels!! You look GORGEOUS!!! ~Serene

  5. Ace leopard bag. Ace Melissas. ACE velvet hat.

    I've nabbed a couple of those tops from The Salvos of late, too (blue one & red one). :)

  6. Looking spectacular as usual D :))

    I love those oriental things - but being something of a Lardy Lady (TM) they just don't work with my frontage. I'm not complaining mind, as my extra baggage looks rather sublime in the right garment (I'm all about accentuating the positive lol).

    I'm now thinking I can do the double-bagging with one of my dinky evening bags (squillions of them gathering dust) worn across the body stylee on a nice long chain strap or cord (hmmmm). With one of my more capable portmanteau for the junk. I wish I travelled as light as you do D - I look like a dress-up hunchback most of the time :)

  7. It still looks beautifully sunny in Brisbane, but are the temperatures coming down a bit?
    You look gorgeous as always, Desiree, and red suits you beautifully. What a good idea to use the PJ top as day wear (why is that not a surpise, Ms Under/Nightwear-as-Daywear Queen?!
    Love it all, especially that little leopard bag, delicious velvet headpiece, and your amazing legs in those leggings - hot hot hot! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Those leggings are incredible! I wasn't sure of them when I saw them on the Black Milk website, but after seeing them on you I'm sold! Sarah is right, they should definitely be paying you.

  9. amazing outfit - will you be wearing the outfit bottoms out too? you should. I popped over to your Rough Vera post and loved your Jean Harlow outfit!

  10. Wah those leggings look wicked on you! You have killer gams, lady! :D You know, this double bagging might work for me. I have one sackish purse in which I carry everything but I'm constantly digging through it like its a bottomless black hole and not finding whatever it is I need, like my wallet at the checkout... If the 'important' things are in one purse and the junk is in the other, I could be saving lots of time... and using more purses. GENIUS.

  11. Love those red shoes there yummy. Your bags are gorgeous i sometimes take 2 bags as well depends on where im going. Have fun, dee xx

  12. Fabulous! I love pairing shorts with tights. It gives you a little wind coverage and extends the wear of your wardrobe. I've been playing to make myself a brocade Chinese top like yours. It's on my "To Sew" list.

  13. Your shoes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I am mad about those shoes, and YOU, of course.

  14. wow, you're lookin' stunnin' and very attractive!
    I really adore inspiration mood that you express via your outfit!



  15. That top doesn't look like jammies, it looks so cute on you I love it.
    I used to wear the HELL out of red. My closet was Red, Black & White pretty much... I think I wore red so much in my teen years that I don't own much of it anymore and have brought in more of my favorite color... Green and some yellow and blue too obviously I have more colors of clothes... But I think the majority is the colors above.
    Heck I really love that leopard bag and your green one always grabs my attention.
    Love your peekaboo leggings! You are one sexy Mama.

  16. You hot little minx! Those leggings could only be worn by you, I agree with Sarah, Black Milk need to pay you to wear their stuff, you look way better than any of the chicks on their website!
    Those Joan of Arc earrings are freaking fabulous, you're just a walking work of art! xxxx

  17. You had me at jammies! I think I could wear that top to work :)

    I have some vintage bags from my aunts that I carry to the theater because they only hold lipstick, a smart phone, and my ID. But I love them dearly.

    You look so elegant. I'm jealous of your ability to make leggings look so chic. But I live in the southern U.S., and am perhaps biased against them by all the horrific legging sightings at Walmart...;P

  18. PJ top? Seriously? I love it, it's gorgeous, as are you.

    I agree on the two bags thing, although tend to try and have a man with pockets as an optional extra.


  19. I'd love to wear a pajama top all day long. Appreciate the peak inside your bag. Sounds to me like the vintage one contains the absolute essentials. And the other, the one full of hate mail, you might forget somewhere strategically.

  20. I also love vintage bags and have noticed the very same thing: they are impractically small. So most of the time I also carry two bags, the second bag is just fabric tote, but it's a great idea to have pretty grannybag instead. I love that green striped velvet on yours!

  21. How gorgeous and fantastic you are!!

  22. You beautiful loquita, love how you paired up those cute shorts with tights. eyeing you see through parts.
    You know you converted me into a two bag whore.those Joah of Arc earrings are divinos.

  23. Those red shoes are wicked, love the buckle on the side!
    I am just head over heels in love with those shoes girl!

    Ariane xxxxx

  24. A crud bag, I love that term, and will use it! Xx

  25. You look great. And the shoes awesome!



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