Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Baddest of Them All?

Irresistible.  Diva.  Luscious.  Safe.  Scary.  Show-off ... some of the words to describe what this print-of-prints means to me.
So when I found the Mother-of-All-1970s-Bell-Bottom-Pants on eBay, my primal instincts kicked in and I went for the kill.
Straight for the throat.

None of these pics are of me.
I simply don't exist.
It's all about these darling Fredericks of Hollywood super-pants.

I had no say in today's poses.
The pants made me do it.

It's not my fault the baker nearly lost his load when I walked down the street this morning ... oooh err!!

 As if 70s leopard-print bell-bottoms aren't enough ... these also sparkle!
Klimt demonstrates what happens when such pants are worn ... you get your cheeks sucked on.

1970s bell-bottoms - from Heliotrope's eBay store
Sequin beret, 1970s sheer blouse, tribal necklaces, earrings, sunnies, rings, bangles - all thrifted
Leopard-print bow-tie on hand - from belle of the ball, Helga
Green velvet wedges - Nine West sale
Papua New Guinean basket - flea market
Swimsuit - Black Milk
Don't fight the fever baby, it's a jungle out there!
Desiree xoxo


  1. Meoooowww!!! The baker had no chance.. those are awesome trousers and I love them with that Klimt swimsuit and the sheer blouse - you are seventies sexiness personified!

  2. Look at you!!! All catlike and gorgeous! But I'm really sweating bullets over that NECKLACE!!! The honkin' big one....LOVE it! Hugs! ~Serene

  3. you are such a marvelous creature

  4. Only YOU could carry these off and the Klimt is perfect with them!

  5. Wow. So purrrfect. Seriously amazing pair of pants! And you styled them in such a cool way. You are amazing!


  6. My Lord!! Thank God you didn't walk past a mechanic shop... Some guy could have got a car dropped on him!

    Those pants are Feirce and you are FINE!!

  7. Ohhhh DAYUM! Wow those pants are badass! Lovin your shoes too :) and I'm coming right over now to steal your bag!

  8. Oh the power of the Super-pants! They are FANTASTIC - now go and buy the LAUREL (Escada) Paisley Blazer Jacket, NWOT. It is crying out - crying out I tell you - to be worn with a flower headband and other clashy-clashy prints.

    It is! Can you not hear it?

  9. they are simply fabulous! you just had to get them!!

  10. Im not suprised the baker nearly dropped his load you look amazing those pants are fab and so you ;-) Love your little basket bag that is adorable. dee xx

  11. I adore you, and I want your necklace, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. I love how unique and colourful you are... and the way you're not scared to be yourself. Cool post!

  13. this might just be one of my favorite outfits on you ever! you look amazingly stunning!!

  14. OH MAH GAH! Those pants! I keep saying it but... you blow my mind! I just want to run up to you and pounce and give you a great big hug and shower you with compliments you are just so damned AWESOME. I mean, the pants are bitchin', but you're damned awesome not because of them (altho rocking them helps) but just 'cause you're awesome in general :D Yep :D *runs off*

  15. Holy sweet mother of all leopards! These pants are HOT!!!!!! You look shut the front door FABULOUS!!!!SO here in the US we have Victorias Secret and Fredricks of Hollywood when I was younger we had a saying about the stuff from FOH....way trashier and way hotter!!!!

  16. Never mind the baker - I just about dropped my load, you sexacious feline of a woman! Could your arse look any more perfect than clad in sparkly leopard print? I think not!
    You are a force of wild nature, darling Desiree, and quite simply fabulous in every way! xxxxxxx

  17. A fashion K.O.! Could those leopard pants be any more of a statement? I love them!

  18. Hahaha... you are a master posing my dear !!!

  19. Wow. I feel positively speechless, run over by fabulousness!! Maybe when I grow up I'll be able to growl like that! In the meantime, I'll purr, meow and rub your leopard-clad leg in absolute adoration!

  20. They are freakin' AMAZEBALLS! I really can't say anything else, I'm stunned by their fabulousness.

  21. Oh goodness, fabulous in every way!!

  22. OMG! FAB photos!! I had those pants for quite a while...couldn't believe they didn't sell right away. Now I know why...they were waiting for YOU to come along! You look amazing!

  23. Klimt + leopard bell bottoms + you = I've never seen so much beauty in my whole life, I'm overwhelmed by delight!

  24. Oh you leopard shiny pantalon Goddess!in love with your poses.
    I'm lost for words amor. love your new Black Milth..Milk bathing suit.

  25. How the feck did I miss this!!!!???
    I freaking love those pants so much I may have to make my own. That sequin beret and Klimt swimsuit and that amazing necklace are just totally and utterly wonderful but they'd be nothing without you and your hot bod inside them. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  26. That's not ALL that could get sucked on when you're looking so frigging SPUNKLICIOUSLY SEXACIOUS!
    Fredericks of Hollywood,no less?!
    Bloody HELL,what a score!Elephant flares!WOWZA!Love'em.I quite understand how you couldn't fight the fabulousness of the poses......

    Love and Lustipops!

  27. When you decide those fabulous trousers need a new home, I think you know where to send them... if you know what's good for you (Sleeping with the fishes comes to mind...) Heehee!

  28. This ensemble is flawless! Positively gorgeous! I'm having so much fun looking through each and every one of your marvelous posts. :D I'm so inspired!


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