Thursday, March 15, 2012

Don't Be a Drag, Just Be a Queen!

I took one look at this little number on eBay and thought "Well helloooooooooo dolly, you need a body in you baby!"
So I helped out this poor, lonely 1950s circus costume by making an offer the seller couldn't refuse.
I think our home is becoming a sanctuary for ex-performance costumes.

I clicked my shiny green heels and she made it to her new home all the way from the US of A - land of fabulous vintage carni-girl dreams.
'Cept I ain't no gal.
Mi una donna!

Now that's a leap of love.

Spingle, spangle, sparkly, flicky, twirly dreams ... you can live them out at any age.

The Stylist and I pounced on two kids beaded tiaras at the op-shop a couple of weeks ago.
I've covered mine in brooches picked up from oppys or craft stalls.
Now I've been getting women, of all ages I'm happy to say, stopping me in the street and asking where they can get one.

You just make it happen baby!

I feel a bit of a pony ride coming on.
Or maybe a shimmy up and down the silk ropes.
Don't even try to resist the urge to shimmy.

Next challenge: to style this baby for public consumption.
The best part about wearing anything not intended for a life away from the stage is snapping on the creative switch, diving into my wardrobe and letting the clothes fly ... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
1950s costume - eBay
Tiara - handmade
VW Melissa 3-Straps - Amazon
Desiree xx


  1. Jaysus.I'm all weak at the knees.
    That costume,and you,are SEXACIOUS!
    Yeah,work it,gal,work it nice for Mama Helgaaaaaaaaaa
    Love and Lustipops!

  2. I must check out US ebay more often You can carry these things of so well tho.
    That domain name you got how about you start an FB shop with that name and start selling all your cute crafty bits people are lusting after?xx

  3. The only thing missing from this post is you diving off some trapeze! My gosh golly woman you are too hot for daytime which is just perfect for me:) Your head gear with the beaded tiaras and lil mementos is especially sweet!
    I love you beautiful circus girl!

  4. SCREAM!!!
    *Fancy Circus music plays*

    DEAR heck Des you look exquisite.
    That is such a gorgeous costume it was surely meant to be yours.

    <3 IT!!

  5. Some girls just wanna have fun, but you do it better than Cindy ever did!!

    Can I borrow your shoes?

  6. You are a true siren. Loving your tiara, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. Feck me ..that is wonderful!That was made for you, girl. You have put a smileon my face as I go off to work.xxxxx

  8. Maybe I'm still dreaming but that 50's circus costume is something that belongs to my most coveted fantasies!
    Can't wait to see it styled for the streets, even if it already looks amazing with your lovely tiara and Melissa's!


  9. WOW you look amazing what a gorgeous little bit of history. Red is soooooo you colour to. Have a fun with it, dee xx

  10. Oh HELLO!!!! She is one very happy Dolly!!!!
    Her best act was still to come, across the seas with the most amazing lady!!!
    I just can't wait to see her next performance!!!
    Please send me a ticket.
    Love v

  11. This is PERFECT! I have been searchign for a trapeze costume for years! May I ask what searches you used to find such a gem? xx It suits you to a tee!

  12. FUCK YEAH! You look absolutely awesome in that costume. Circus wear really becomes you! I love the va-va-voom of it!

  13. Ab-so-lute-lee freakin' fab-u-lous!
    Z xx

  14. I bet your galactic universe tights would look killer with this! Or your velvet bell bottoms over top! GOD I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOU DO. It's gonna be brilliant. I <3 you, you lovely lady!

  15.'s amazing! So glad you got it because it just belongs with you!!!

  16. Amazing! I've added you to my 'Gypsies, Caravans, Circus and Carnival' board on Pinterest and believe me you are in good company!
    When I finally learn archery I'll be shooting an apple off the top of your head! xx

    ***To those I follow and who follow me - is my blog appearing on your dashboard? Blogger appears to be losing some blogs I follow!**

  17. You divine woman! That costume is bloody gorgeous and had your name on it. How brilliant is the fit, too.
    You are way too sexy and I want to come over and smack that sweet arse of yours. xxxxx

  18. Good Lord, Desiree, every time I look at you, you've got just a little bit more fabulous!
    That costume was made for you, and you look stunning in it.
    You make it happen all right!
    Kissesandshimmies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. Oh wow this is just fabulous! I've been looking for a costume like this for years but sadly acrobats and circus performers don't tend to come in my size :P

  20. Oh yes!! shake baby but don't break it!
    I am amando all your circusy wild costumes. I need to join your circus de amor. look at that creative tiara,adore all the pics and junk on your head.

  21. Desiree--You have having an effect on me. Today, I thrifted a purple lurex leotard...for I don't know what reason!

  22. Oh woooooww!!!!! The circus queen... AMAZING

  23. Oh my goodness! I love circus outfits and yours is gorgeous! When I was a kid I used to watch these circus programs on tv and dream about living in circus and wearing those glittery fancy outfits the women in circus did.

    Rhia from

    PS. Thank you so much for mentioning me on your Citizen Rosebud interview, I am honoured!


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