Monday, February 13, 2012

Dead Ants are Good Ants

I gave them run of the house for close on three years.
I was fair, patient, rather bemused, yet believed they would just move on one day.
But no, the day a sparky informed us it was "the ant plague" that had caused a blow out of the house's entire socket power, it was time to say "Guys, you gonna DIE".
So the executioner was called in and we have peace at last.

In other breaking news, I'm wearing a fabulous 1970s cotton maxi skirt I purchased from the big-hearted, beautiful Nelly.
Perfect for the sweltering summer days we're having.
The embroidery is mesmerising and it was the deep frill that took my heart away.
Soooooooo ... I'm happy coz, no fecking bitey ants infesting every nook and cranny and I finally have a frilled maxi skirt to swirl around in!

I've had this 1970s Australiana kitsch beaded handbag for a few years but it's been hidden away and I forgot about it until I bought a 1940s sideboard to take the dressing table/wardrobe overflow.

The wood veneer of one of the doors has a wee chip in it but I think the fabularsehole vintage carnivale costume is distraction enough to hide it until I daub it with some poo-brown stain.
Is my ploy working?

 There's even a mirror so one check out one's awesome dance moves from the kitchen!

 Spot the dead biatch.

Laser gun and 1970s James Bond Hot Wheels car ... remember it was an amphibious Lotus?

Gratuitous purple chola slut bra peekaboo shot especially for my beautiful Mexi Queen La Dama.
1970s embroidered maxi skirt - purchased from Nelly's shop, Vintage Wishes
Hologram eye necklace - by Liv of Original Seed
Crappy purple tank top - from under my pillow
Red rose headband - handmade
1970s beaded bag, beaded necklaces and bangles - thrifted
Leather bangles - gift from the delish Erica Louise
Blue dice earrings - gift from Miss Danni-Long-Legs
Red VW Melissa Wings - Amazon

Nelly squirrelled in a couple of cheeky pressies - this perfect "D" Scrabble ring (2 points!) and cane bangle ... so sweet:).
I hope your week goes off with a massive bang my gorgeousnesses!
Desiree xo


  1. I love your dressing table. Choc-a-bloc with fabulous stuff!

    I desperately need an old school circus costume.

  2. Oh how cool is that beaded handbag? I loves it baby! Have a great week. X

  3. Skirt looks fabularsehole on you darling xx

  4. The handbag is precious. As well as the delicious mention of La Dama- now I need to head over to her blog and refresh myself there, stat! xo.

  5. Wonderful stuff! I love the skirt. Our Nelly has some lovely things for sale.
    You've put a big smile on my face as always.xx

  6. You make me do cartwheels across the hall!!! Love your frilly flower maxi, to the MAX! Your dressing table is fit for the queen you are!!!!Yeah for dead ants, they can eat up your entire home from the inside out. You have in sired me yet again Desiree, I have made up some flower headbands in your honor, I shall model my favorite tomorrow :)
    BIG KISSES you smoking hot mama!

  7. Yeah, you can't mess around with ants. At my house, we Napalm the crap out of them -- which is not exactly like us! Love your bangles and beads! And now I know the secret for distracting attention from neglected home repairs! (*heads out in search of circus outfit*)

  8. Bloody ants - how dare they mess with the electrics?! Sometimes you have to get tough!
    Loving Nelly's maxi skirt, the embroidery is gorgeous, and like you, I adore the frill.
    Fabulous beaded bag too.
    Your sideboard looks amazing festooned with all your fripperies and tranklements. Not that I am bothering to look really, because your distraction policy has worked a treat and I can't take my eyes of YOU looking all Cirque du Soleil!
    Thank you for brightening up my day, Desiree! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. I also hate ants. Looking at that dressing table is like an I Spy for awesome vintage accessories, wow! The headdresses, the baubles! Flawless, as per usual.

  10. Poor little ants, did you play some Ant Music to send them off in style?
    I fricking love that Mexican vine maxi and the kangaroo bag, talk about a multi cultural outfit. Fabularse indeed! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. I think you were very brave living with a whole load of ants for so long im not a lover of them i have to say. Your cabinet is gorgeous and so is your maxi skirt. dee xx

  12. Spotted the dead biatch straight away and I am really envious of your model James Bond car, the Lotus is the coolest. You have amazing style and I love the maxi skirt.

  13. ooOoOoOOO Do I ever love that Maxi & also that sideboard is rather lovely.
    Australian beaded bag (FREAKIN AWESOME)

    Oh God save the Ants! *poor evil critters* Thank Goodness they were not biting ants *eaaak*

  14. So many hats and bangles! I love the scrabble ring and made a few for myself, my first DIY of the year.

  15. Ohhhh look at all the SPARKLIES! I love your ode to La Dama, and that skirt is so pretty. That bag is just crazy I love it

  16. I had ants in my apartment last year, and I'm so worried when winter ends that they will take over again. I'm fretting the return of warmth and possibly ants, so yay for you no longer having the wee buggers! That maxi skirt is great, and I think the sideboard looks great, nick or not.

  17. I adorar your Mexi Maxi skirt all you need is a little burro.
    damn ants!! I cant stand ants.
    I am totally eyeing all your hats.
    Australian bag is so big good enough to fit in all your headbands and fab stuff. love perving at you in your purple chola bra amor.

  18. So long ants! It's definitely time to go when they start messing with your electricals!

    Your maxi is GORGESOU! I am currently quite OBSESSED with all things Mexican. Your headpiece and Melissas are the PERFECT compliment and your purple lace bra? Well, your milkshakes brings me to your yard. Oh yes.

    That cabinet is FAAABULOUS and all of those hats make me a little swoony!

    Sarah xxx

  19. Your outfit posts never fail to make me smile! Don't ever change, you gorgeous lady.

  20. Well done on the ant front :) and I totally am in love with that skirt, its gooorrrrrgeoussss!!


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